“God is Connecting the Dots in Your Life!”
Jay West, Bellevue, Nebraska

God has a way of connecting the dots, and often the dots don’t even exist until after the points of connection have been made.

Connecting the Dots

Why are connect-the-dot books so intriguing? It is because once the dots are connected, a picture emerges that reveals a beautiful, fun and artistic flair.

I heard the Lord say that He is bringing new acquaintances together to establish new friendships, so that new alignments can be formed, and then new assignments can be released.

Here is a quick personal story to illustrate this. About eight years ago, I planted a local church. Then, after my wife went to be with the Lord this last January, God began to speak to me about a new assignment. After several months of praying and discerning, I ordained my son and another young man in our congregation to co-pastor the church. While I remained as the overseer of the church, I did not want to keep on attending and have members still approaching me for advice, counsel or prayer while bypassing the two new pastors. So I set out to find a new local church to attend in the area.

A Brand New Position

In October, I visited King of Kings Church in Omaha, which is one of our larger churches in the city. I thought I was incognito in that I did not complete a visitors information card or even speak to anyone there that I knew. I had previously ministered at this church on several occasions, but that was with the former senior pastor.

So, while I was pretty familiar with the vision, doctrine and overall emphasis of the church, I had not met the new senior pastor. That next week, the new senior pastor reached out to me through social media and invited me for a “get-acquainted” coffee. (Photo via Unsplash)

This meeting was followed by several more meetings, bringing in more staff members. The end result was that they created a brand new ministry job and position that had not previously existed, and also produced a salary to accompany the position, while still allowing me the freedom to travel and speak around the nation, host my television shows and meet and pray with political leaders.

New Teams and New Streams

The day I visited the church, they were not looking to hire anyone and I was not applying, but God had a different idea. He began to connect the dots to create this new position in the area of prayer ministry, including hosting healing services, offering prophetic seminars and being asked to preach, teach and minister with a great deal of freedom. And with over 100 employees, this was definitely a new team in a new stream, orchestrated and developed by the Lord.

In the last few weeks, I have run into several people who’ve been experiencing similar connections—meeting new people who initially were just acquaintances but then became friends, then great friends, and with whom they now flow together, making pictures from dots that have not existed. These are creative miracles that God is orchestrating, just as a master painter creates a beautiful painting on a blank canvas.

Don’t Discount the Unseen Dots

The reality of this is that God created the earth, which was without form and void, by bringing light and promoting life into a lifeless object. Jesus follows that same pattern and takes what was dead and makes it alive. Dry bones begin to live. Dead bodies are raised. Sick bodies are made well. Lame people walk. Blind people see. Water turns into wine. Dry stream beds become flowing rivers. Servants become kings. Ordinary people become anointed. Powerless churches experience revival. Cities are transformed. Nations become righteous. The Kingdom expands and advances. God is glorified! (Photo via Unsplash)

Don’t discount the unseen dots with the new invitation to meet someone, especially someone not in your camp, or in your stream…be open to this possibility from God.

Where the Miracle Happens

2 Chronicles 16:9 declares, “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him…” Now couple that with Psalm 32:8, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye.” Draw closer to God and He will draw closer to you. Get so close to God that you can see the dot in His eyes, and He will direct you to those whom you need to meet.

Practice Acts 17:28: “…in Him we live and move and have our being…” Wait on the Lord to connect you to the new person who will add so much value to your life, and you will do the same to their life. That’s where the miracle happens. That’s where the supernatural alignment happens and that is where the powerful and anointed assignment begins. That’s where the dots begin to emerge.

Jay West
Kingdom Encounters

Email: anointed2go@cox.net
Website: www.kingdomencounters.net www.anointed2go.com

Pastor Jay West has ministered in over 1,800 churches in 65 different denominations along with many schools and marketplace locations. He frequently spends time with business, medical, educational and political leaders including governors, congressman, and senators. Jay moves in healing seeing over 7,000 people healed in a very low-key and unhyped way, plus he gets many accurate words of knowledge. Jay is the founder and apostolic overseer of a church in Omaha, Nebraska called Kingdom Encounters. Jay is an author, having published five books, including “Downloads from Heaven,” “Willing to Yield,” “Kingdom Encounters“, “Well, Well, Well” and “The Adventures of Poodle Lou.” Jay also co-hosts two television shows including Caring Community and also Super Natural Ministry available on You Tube, ROQU, Apple TV. Amazon Fire, and Best Life TV Network.

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