Pease bring & encourage corporate prayer by Flashpoint Army, & ask every prophet/intercessor/leader/ministry you know to pray fervently & consistently for our nation from today thru till 21st May.

Australians start voting 9th may until the final & main voting Day 21st May.

What used to be considered to be our conservative political party is the existing govt, & they’re pro-abortion, pro- mandates, pro-critical race theory, pro- gender fluidity & pro one world govt agendas, & theyve also been selling our land & infrastructure to China for years, so its essential that both our Major Parties, plus “the Green” party lose power & influence this election & be exposed for their evil.

The 2 main opposing political parties which always work together are the “Labor Party” & “the Greens”, & they are extreme Left socialists with VERY evil agendas.

Thru-out Australian history either Liberal or Labor have always been the govt (with Labor working with the evil ‘Greens Party’ in the past 3decades).

We finally now have 10 very small political parties who are fighting for freedom against the main woke parties, but most Australians are unaware that most of them even exist because some are very new & they all (except one) have no money & no main media coverage.

The only new freedom party that has lots of money because its backed by a billionaire is the “United Australian Party & would be good but it’s not as conservative as we ideally need. But the “One Nation” Party has been around for decades & is the best & most conservative party & the leader (Pauline Hanson) has suffered massive slander & the most persecution of any of them by far.

She is against abortion as well as against all the other evils, & has the most experience from yrs of having to stand & fight against the system & evil.

She’s held a senate seat for years, but has had very limited influence, though her voice has been able to speak into the govt, but they’ve mostly ignored & mocked her & her party, but we need her Party & other Freedom parties to get far more senate seats, plus far more Federal Parliament seats to stand against woke agendas, mandates & govt overreach of power & ignoring our Constitution.

The vast majority of Australians have always voted for the 2 major Parties & when not happy with one have sadly just stayed with them or swapped to the other evil major party or voted for the Greens, or for an Independent, but Independents now are just covert leftists.

PLEASE PRAY.  We need a change of heart & mind (awakening) & esp for now for these elections.  Australia doesnt have nearly enough Christians, & so very few are in Govt & political parties, though there are more in the freedom parties trying to rise up.

Sadly, because our present Prime Minister is known to be our first supposedly true outwardly spoken Christian Prime Minister (who is also the first Pentecostal Christian Prime Minister ever) plus he is also very confident & seems far more stable than other leaders, so unfortunately most Christians have automatically voted for him & still have intended to do so as they’re totally unaware he supports abortion & many woke One World Govt agendas. They’ve blindly assumed covid mandates/ injections/lockdowns must be good & supported by God because they were accommodated by our so-called ‘Christian’ prime minister as leader of our so-called ‘conservative’ party, which is now very FAR from being conservative.

We desperately need prayer that the smaller ‘freedom’ parties get in, especially “One Nation Party’ which is conservative & against abortion, “wokism”, gender fluidity, & against selling even more of our land & infrastructure to China, etc.

They have been thru hell for decades, esp the leader Pauline Hanson as she has fought against evil, & suffered greatly for her persistence. Some sincere Christians who used to be in ruling Govt positions have left their govt positions because they were ignored & couldn’t stand the corruption, & have instead now become members of her political party, & other small freedom parties because they want freedom & not one world govt agendas, even though many aren’t Christians.

Some Christians & other freedom & Constitution loving Aust people began & are supporting freedom parties now, but we need a rapid intense shift in the heavenly realm so the freedom parties can be known & not be blocked by main stream media anymore so people don’t even know they exist.

We can change a lot in this nation simply by the major parties not getting enough seats in Federal government which will give us what is called a ‘hung parliament’ meaning the Federal Ministers from smaller parties will gain far more power & can stop & change things more.

We also need far more freedom & Christian senators (I think we only have 3 now), plus we need to get less ‘Greens’ party senators & less of them in federal seats because they are the most evil of all & they’ve previously acquired more seats in govt every election for many years.

When people are unhappy with the 2 major political parties, they need to change to the smaller ‘freedom’ parties instead of turning to the “greens” party like theyve done in previous decades. because theyve unknowingly been giving more power to the most extreme leftist party because they wrongly think they are going to help the environment by doing so.

Please Decree AWAKENING & REFORMATTING for our Nation & an immediate change in the mindsets of the voters, & awareness of corruption & ability for freedom Parties to become known, & for “One Nation”. One Nation has the best chance because they are already known & have 1 Senator in already & would also do the most good for Gods Kingdom, but all freedom parties would help save this nation by gaining more influence & power in these Govt elections within these next 17days.


Sincerely in Christ,
Sue Whitney

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