In a circle no one is first and no one is last. No one is the audience or on the stage. All faces are visible to one another and no one is only looking at the back of others heads. What one feels or says is available to everyone. A circle becomes one body and when each person holds hands with the people next to them, they are all joined together.

Like a circle, love is a great equalizer. Love does not esteem one greater than another and never turns its back on anyone.

For intimate or close communion, the circle has some size limitations. In a crowd gathering there will be more than one circle with an inner circle and an outer circle or any number of circles in between to fill the room. The larger the gathering the less visible or natural communion is possible.


Only having everyone hearing and singing the same words at the same time can develop intimate oneness in a large gathering.

Melody and rhythm in singing words of love can unite a large crowd of individuals into a common circle of love.  Spirit Love transfers well by music. Spirit God’s love can be transferred to masses of people by singing God’s love songs together bringing pure love and oneness into the crowds of people.

Love seeks closeness and smaller groups within a large crowd will experience love between one another and yet still remain in the love flow of the crowd. Spirit God is love and will fill the inner circle and the larger gatherings as all participate in the songs deep and sincere melody, rhythm and words of Spirit God.

Praise songs for God lifts the souls of the group by the Spirit into all consuming love with God and one another. The presence of Spirit God fills the room or the stadium or the fields or the nations through the Spirit song of God’s love.


Music and song from another spirit can consume the people with evil lust, unlove or hatred of demonic darkness. It may have first been fine music from the minds of man without God in seemingly harmless melody and rhythm. However, without God, even “good” music and song will be taken over by evil spirits that lead toward fleshly romance, lust, greed, coveting, and eventually violence, hatred and death. The world will be won or lost through the media of music, words, and vision. All evil work of the devil grows through circles of evil mind crafting with evil music, words and visions.


The psalmist ministry is blending speaking Spirit Love as song and speech into one heaven style living word. The beauty of holiness is blossoming into the glorious fruit of Spirit Love.

This is new language of the aroma of heaven’s essence remembered in every heart of the people of God from before we came to this earth. Without known language Spirit love is received and given from one to another completing the circle of life on earth from life in heaven.

This is the pure gold clear as crystal of the top of the mountain of God that is above all mountains. This is the mountain of God that waters the plains and the valleys of this world with Spirit Love that fills the fruitful plains and luscious valleys with the glorious fruit of God’s family life on earth to the glory of God.

Ron McGatlin

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