People of God are awakening to the reality of eternity intricately involved in our lives now in this life of existence in time.

There is becoming awareness of an eternal reality affecting the scope of life in this existence of time and space. Supernatural Spirit eternity flows from the ethos of heavenly Creator into the world of created existence in time, space, and matter.

Within God’s people there is an open door into the throne of the eternal Creator.

Mankind is the interface between the Eternal Creator Spirit God and the natural physical created world.

Man is the only created natural species on earth given the ability to relate to both the Eternal Creator and His living creation of Planet Earth and all that is on it including all matter, energy, spirit, time, and space.

Mankind’s original creation in the image of God and filled with the breath (Spirit) of God is God’s original and only plan for His people then, now, and forever. We were originally designed as eternal God in human earthly bodies. We were created children of the living God to rule and reign with Him on earth to show forth His glory to all creation. (Gen ch 1 & 2).


This is the season of the seventh millennium since Adam and the third millennium since the birth, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, and return of Christ Jesus to his disciples in the Holy Spirit. (John 14:15-21) (Acts 2).

At Pentecost, Christ Jesus returned as promised in the Holy Spirit to His disciples and to all of mankind that will believe. In this season, the maturing body of Christ is returning to the Spirit seed and roots of the greater fullness of becoming one with eternal Spirit life from heaven now on earth.

God’s people are awakening to the unseen eternal Spirit realm from which flows all creation in the heavens and on earth. Spirit eyes and ears are opening to the unfathomable riches of the ultimate love and wisdom of life beyond time and space into realms of unseen Spirit reality. (Rom 11:33) (Eph 1:15-22).

Life in Christ Jesus can now be viewed as an eternal life having a natural experience as an instrument of God bringing forth His plan and purposes on Planet Earth.

God’s people are having a true eternal Spirit romance of pure holy love relationship experience with God that is changing and transforming life on earth to as it is in heaven.

Will you enter the narrow but open Gate into the vast expansion of awareness of eternal Spirit reality in oneness with God?

Narrow is the way that leads to this Spirit life and not all will find it. (Mat 7:13-14).

Are you sensing the nearness of the eternal gate of Spirit life into the unlimited vastness of eternal love, wisdom, and power of life in God now and forever?

Can you feel His pure love drawing you away from the limited life of the fallen world into the glory of heaven filling your being with eternity?

Entering this narrow gate is the beginning of living God’s desire for you and me. It is the end of life as we have known it, and the Spirit transition into the design and intent of God’s life in us to transform our world to the kingdom of God, Garden of Eden life, on Planet Earth. (Mat 10:39, Mat 19-29).



That which is seen is not made from that which is visible. All that is seen in the natural is created from the unseen Spirit realm of God. (Heb 11: 3).

That which is first Spirit, unseen with the natural eye, becomes the natural that is seen in this world. In the Spirit we can know God’s plan and by the Spirit speak it into existence in the natural world with Spirit language of God. (Mat 21:21).

The love, power, and wisdom of God in heaven issues out in unseen waves of creative Spirit energy, design, and power to create on earth that which is seen in the Spirit.

Holy angels are sent to aid the process of recreating the world into the patterns of God’s purpose from heaven into the natural world. (Rev 7:1-3).

Only a redeemed and restored mankind in whom Christ dwells by the Holy Spirit of God can and will appropriate the works of Christ Jesus to transform this world to the kingdom of our God. Mankind cannot do this without God in Christ Jesus, and God will not do this without the agreement and cooperation of redeemed mankind.


As the natural wind is unseen but brings great change to the world, so it is that the unseen Spirit is bringing drastic change in the world. (John 3:8).

Natural wind can blow warm moist breezes to increase production of growth and provision in natural life.

However, the wind can also blow in bitter cold and deep snow freezing all unprotected life.

A small fire can become a massive destructive force dissolving everything is its path when a strong wind blows upon it.

The warm tropical rain shower can become a huge hurricane or cyclone with great destructive force when the winds increase within it.

A spark of heavenly light and life can turn nations to God when a strong wind of God’s Spirit blows upon it.

Heavenly fire of the love of God can cover the earth by the wind of the Spirit of God blowing upon the willing servants of God who are on fire with the love and glory of the living Spirit God Almighty.

The wind of God is Spirit God in Christ Jesus, the same Christ Jesus who abides in His people as we abide in Him. (Luke 8:24-25).

The potential power to call forth Spirit wind upon the earth is within His people.

At the same time the wisdom of God also dwells with us in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit to accurately know how to call forth the Spirit wind to blow in exactly the right place and time.

The same Spirit wind that blows the life of God on earth blows the destruction of evil.

The wind of God blowing the fire of God brings LIFE to the people and the things of God. The same wind at the same time is death to all who stand against the will and way of the plan of God.

The light of God that is life to His people is darkness and death to those who choose to reject Christ Jesus and are led by the evil spirit of anti-Christ who seeks only to steal, kill, and destroy the name of God and His people from the world.

In the time of the blowing of the eternal wind of God, there is no middle or neutral ground. Those who are not with God in Christ Jesus are against Him and His people. To esteem and follow any other god is to stand against the one true God of all creation.

The one true God spoke, in Spirit language, the existence of all creation and continues to cause it to consist from the Spirit realm into the natural realm.

All matter of which all things seen are made emanates from God as Spirit energy coded with design information that becomes matter from which all things are formed and continue to exist in various states of life or dormancy.


All science when searched to its final end as far as natural man can see disappears into the unseen Spirit realm of God. At that point it is called a mystery. Mysteries of God can only be understood in the Spirit by the Spirit of God in man.

As I was writing this I was shown a vision of a wooden tray that appeared to be crudely hand carved from one piece of wood. The tray was filled with all kinds of fruits. It was as if they were arranged in some form of sequence from left to right. The first fruits on the left were common and well-known fruits. Toward the right end of the tray, they were progressively less common and more exotic. The right end of the tray was empty. A hand appeared that was placing more fruit on the right end of the tray. I could not see clearly the fruit in the hand that was being placed on the tray.

I asked the meaning and heard, “I am placing the mysteries of My life in the hearts of My chosen people to create the final state of My being perfectly manifest in My Sons who present My fullness of perfected love and peace on earth.”

God is revealing and depositing more of the fruit of His eternal Spirit life into His people. Many fruitful sons and daughters of God are coming forth on earth in the Spirit of Christ to bring the supernatural heavenly reality of the life and ways of God to rule and reign in the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. (Heb 2:10) (Mat:6-10).

Beyond all that we could ask or think is the fruit of His Spirit provision for all who love Him with their whole heart.

“But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, the hidden wisdom which God ordained before the ages for our glory. But as it is written: ‘Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.’ But God has revealed them to us through His Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God. 11 For what man knows the things of a man except the spirit of the man which is in him? Even so no one knows the things of God except the Spirit of God.” 1 Cor 2:7, 9-11.

Ron McGatlin

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