How do we as believers deal with the current onslaught of darkness and evil attacking and overcoming masses of people in the once God honoring nations of the world?

The intervention of God is inevitable to change the mountains of satanic influence into mountains of the love of God. He is now preparing a people worthy to carry the love, power and wisdom of God into the mountains of influence and authority in this world.

As a good friend and I were praying for God to move however necessary to change our nation and the world and to show us our part in this great tumultuous transition season, God began to reveal our next step in our part of the process.

In a nut shell our part involves falling in love with God in our homes. The love of God in our family worshiping God with all our hearts and strength expressing our love for God and one another in our homes. The home becoming the center of love, prayer, worship and praise with music, song and dancing in the presence of God is our next part.

Even in times of oppression, political failures and international disasters of cataclysmic proportions the home and family gatherings are to be our refuge and place of positive expectation and presentation of the kingdom of God.

In the God worshiping homes the seed people of the fullness of the kingdom are being prepared.


Through God’s leading, connecting to other families coming together in pure holy love to worship and praise God and share a meal together in a home. Families coming together to full out worship and praise with music, song and dancing in the presence of God in the homes is the gathering in the name of Jesus that assembles us in the love of God.

This is not a rebirth of the old house church movement. It is not church; it is homes of love expressed in full out worship and praise of God.

City wide corporate gatherings to proclaim the kingdom of God, to worship and praise God with music, song, and dancing in a rented hall or an empty warehouse or store front building or in the streets or the park or stadiums or wherever God leads are the powerful expression of God’s love and power that changes the city, the state and eventually the world.

This is the way of God that replaces the church systems of the past.

All gatherings whether home or citywide are led by the Holy Spirit in the presence of God in Christ Jesus and will not be the same every time. Each gathering is a unique event of God’s working in and among the people.

The word of God will be alive in all gatherings. God led preaching, teaching or sharing prophetically will function as God leads and touches different people to speak.

Prayer ministry to the needs of the people will be directed by God as He touches different ones to minister in prayer and prophecy or however.

Again, the gatherings will not all be the same from day to day and all or any part of these works of God and anything else that God desires may be present in the gatherings.

Experiencing the love of God in the presence of God in the home and city gatherings can connect us into the love of God that will heal much of our inner striving and needs.

However, trying hard in our natural strength will only make us very tired and worn out.


When we first observe God’s purity and holiness, we may feel that we must struggle harder to live in His way.

As we strive with our human strength to live in God’s way, our human self-nature may keep on calling to us and demanding that we participate in some impure or unholy activity. These old ways and our striving to accomplish the purity and holiness of the way of God may cause internal stress and discouragement.

Many may find themselves repeatedly losing the internal battle for purity and holiness. This results in frequent episodes of guilt and shame leading to repentance again and again. This can eventually lead to hardening of our hearts as we begin to believe that purity and holiness is not really the way of God. Matthew 13:14-15, John 12:40.


We may have been often told that we must be more committed to God. Many if not most people interpret that to mean striving harder to stay on God’s way and strive harder to discipline ourselves against the desires of the flesh.

Commitment can have several meanings depending on how it is used. One is from an external source such as being committed to prison or some other thing by an outside source of authority. Another meaning is from an internal source or self-commitment such as committing ourself into a mental hospital or some other situation.

In either case a force of discipline is required that is never pleasant or easy.

As children grow into adolescence their will and inner strengths grow stronger and natural desires become more intense as a need for developing their own decision-making processes. Many may feel overcome in striving to align with the way of God’s purity and holiness. This internal strife can result in turning away for the way of God as they have known it, or in self-deformation and/or suicide.

Neither external nor internal forced commitment is the preferred way of God.


Striving to make and keep commitment is not the way of God. God is love! Being in love with God ends the hard striving. Love relationship with God changes everything about our will and desires.

The joy of being in love with our all-powerful, all-knowing, all-present and all-loving God so fills our life and meets our every need that we willingly give Him our entire life. We are willing volunteers embracing the joy and total freedom of our life, becoming a living sacrifice to live in the purity and holiness of being consumed in the fire of His love forever. Psalm 110:3, Romans 12:1, Hebrews 12:28-29.

All of our natural needs are met by the perfect provision of His way of life. We want for nothing. We desire with our whole heart to please the one who loves us. We live to please Him by the power of His life in us and in so doing we become love to the world around us.


God’s way of love begins in the home not in a religious church building. Making the church gathering the center of God’s way in our lives relegates the home and family to second place or lower spiritual priority and begins to divide worship and praise and other expressions of love and communion with God from the rest of our lives.

Children growing up learn to dress differently and act differently when in church meetings. Things that are permissible at home may not be allowed at church. The whole Sunday school and church experience is different and set apart in their minds and hearts from their daily lives.

They may grow up seeing life, family, business and government as different or outside the spiritual works of the church and the way of God.

Moving from church as center of God for the family to the home as center of God’s love expressed in worship and praise and then coming together with other families in the home to share worship, praise, prayer and a meal helps to set the pattern of God in all of life. The kingdom of God encompasses all of our lives including education, business, entertainment, government and all other facets or parts of life.

The love and worship of God filling our lives eventually brings all areas of life and governance in this world to become the kingdom of God on earth.

The love and attributes of God in us causes us to be the best that we can be, the best family, the best husband or wife, the best father and mother, and in the community the best teacher, farmer, carpenter, doctor, mechanic or whatever our part is in meeting the needs of mankind and the world around us. We become the best that we can be at bringing the order of God’s love into the world.


Assembling in the name of Jesus to pray, worship, praise with music, song and dancing to share the love and ways of God is the natural spiritual highlight of life as the corporate anointing of God in Christ lifts and draws mankind into the joy of being in love with God. All the world is prospered by the presence of God within His great army of sons and daughters becoming the true Bride of God in Christ.

And it all begins in the family home. The kingdom of God begins in the homes of the people of God, and it ends with the whole earth filled with the love and glory of God.

“Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Luke 12:32.

Ron McGatlin

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