“Upon further review and examination, PVHMC has decided to approve all requests for religious exemption that it has received to date,” the statement read, adding that PVH “understands that the California and Los Angeles County public health orders identify an exemption from mandatory vaccination based upon an employee’s religious beliefs.”

Raymond Wolfe : Sep 21, 2021  LifeSiteNews.com

(Pomona, CA) — [LifeSiteNews.com] Hospitals are backtracking on hundreds of previously denied religious exemption requests for COVID vaccine mandates as healthcare workers fight back against compulsory vaccination. (Image: Pixabay)

After threats of legal action, Los Angeles-area Pomona Valley Hospital (PVH) reversed a decision made earlier this month to reject around 200 requests for vaccination exemptions filed by nurses and other staff, The Epoch Times reported.

The PVH had granted a blanket denial to the requests, asking employees to provide more details about their religious beliefs than required by the hospital’s exemption request form.

“We received your COVID-19 vaccine religious exemption request. After thorough review of your request, we are informing you that the Hospital has concluded that the request should be denied on the grounds that it does not establish a sufficient basis for granting an exemption from the vaccination requirement,” read a rejection email collectively sent to 200 PVH employees on August 31.

The letter gave staff until three days before the Labor Day holiday to supply additional information about their applications. The group of unvaccinated employees, who stressed that their personal religious beliefs compelled them to avoid currently available COVID-19 vaccines, hired an attorney in response, according to The Epoch TimesContinue reading here.

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