I walked into a church service that I went to Sunday morning and sat in the back as has been my custom for a few weeks, but it didn’t dawn on me that for years I always sat in the front row or second row in most services that I went to in the past. And the other thing that did not dawn on me was that, many years back I had had a dream of going into a church service and being ushered into the same back row. In the dream, I went into this church that looked just like or similar to the church I went to Sunday and was ushered into the back. When I was ushered in I said to the usher in the dream. “Why do I have to sit in the back now?” He then said….”WATCH!”

Suddenly these young people 30 and under began to stand up one at a time and prophesy, sing, preach, dance etc… As I watched, this was the most amazing display of the anointing and power that I had ever seen! And the Decon then said …”IT IS YOUR TIME TO GET BEHIND THEM! Then suddenly, I looked and saw this sweet saint of God who had come to my Bible studies and intercession in the 80’s and who had passed away many years before. We called her Sister Neal and if no one else showed up, she was always there no matter what! So when I looked across the aisle in this dream, to my left, she was sitting there and she looked at these young people and then gave me the thumbs up! I knew by the Spirit that she was saying that what we had prayed for so many years there in that church was now coming to pass! I also had the knowing in this dream that God was saying that, He was going to join three generations’ prayers, even the ones of our grandfather’s and mother’s, to accomplish what was about to happen!


So this past Sunday as I walked into the sanctuary and sat in the back the Spirit began to be poured out and I noticed all of the young people who were leading worship and speaking were super anointed of God! Then suddenly the Pastor began to move in the Spirit and said for all of those 25 and under to come forward and for many of us seasoned ministers to come and get behind them and a true moving of the Spirit came forth! I said all that to say this! Suddenly I was back in my dream from many years ago and God said THIS IS THAT!!

He then said this…

“First, I am pouring out my Spirit on the young people of your day! The anointing will be so powerful, it will be other worldly! Do not think I have passed your generation by, because this will be the fruit of your labor and you will see it in your time! You have prayed and thought that you never would see it but you kept on being faithful and believing what I showed you so long ago! The prayers of the saints in heaven are ever before me and those that died in faith will have their share of the reward for they are looking over the balcony of heaven, in anticipation of what I am about to do on the earth! The prayers of your mothers and Fathers and your prayers along with those two generations are causing The prayer bowls to be filled to overflowing and I am about to tip them in your favor for the greatest outpouring of my Spirit the world has ever known and the latter house shall be greater than the former house in your day!” Did I not say that “I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh and your sons and daughters shall prophesy?”


Joel 2:28 “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:”

The first word for dreams as in “Your old men shall dream, dreams means in Hebrew “ your old men will revisit their dreams!” “So suddenly, I am about to bring my people to places on earth that when they get there, it will be as if they have walked into their old dreams! Dreams of the past decades will suddenly become reality! Did I not say before it springs forth shall you not know it? And again, I do nothing until I tell my servants the prophets! Yes, you will walk into your dreams in this season and think, ‘I have been here before’ but then you will remember that I showed it to you in a dream and in a vision! I have been downloading the future into many for some time now, to bring forth my purposes for such a time as this and this is that time of fulfillment! So get ready my people for it is the time that you will walk into the dreams of your youth!

Arise, Shine! Jo Ellen Stevens
TCIC Ministries https://dstevens7.wixsite.com/tcic

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