This morning after breakfast I sat in my big chair in the living room to lean back and commune with God for a short time. He began to show me things in substance of words, visions and thoughts about His way of rule and change in this word.

The following is some of the things we talked about.


Much of that which we and the church have been doing in the past is now changing rapidly. It is coming down with Babylon.

The New Jerusalem Bride of Christ, Kingdom of God people are arising on earth to speak the word of the truth of the rule of God coming forth on earth as it is in heaven.

The fire of love and passion of God are overwhelming the placid head-in-the-sand religious concepts that said in affect, “lock yourselves in your buildings and let the world of business and government do what it will. Seek to get people to join with us within the walls of the church structure.”

We are waking up to the reality that we must get involved in all matters of life and bring forth the light and love of God into the hearts and lives of every child, young person and adult alive on earth.

We are the world and we must be set on fire for God and His beautiful life of LOVE, POWER and WISDOM ruling and reigning with Christ Jesus, our Lord and King of this world. We must say and do what God is saying and doing.


The public center of the kingdom of God is moving from the separated domain of religious church to the practical reality of the production of life in business.

The Babylonian style and order of business is being dissolved and replaced by the New Jerusalem style of life in business and ministry in the world.

From God’s perspective, His ultimate purpose for ministry and for business is the same. God’s purpose for both is to meet the needs of mankind and the world around us. In God’s plan, both ministry and business serve God by serving His people and the world with the spiritual and physical needs of life on earth.

The difference in business and ministry is one of focus. Ministry focuses more on spirit and soul needs. Business focuses more on physical or natural needs. However, there is much overlap in that business is involved in meeting emotional and mental needs and ministry is often involved in meeting physical needs such as feeding the poor and caring for the family, etc. Both are needed to fulfill the workings of God and the needs of His people on earth.

If we think about this, it becomes apparent that there is no real difference in the operational principals of either.


The core of the current worldwide transformation is from the ways of Babylon to the ways of New Jerusalem. Currently in the world, and especially in the western world, the prevailing mindset has been from Babylon.

Babylon is a counterfeit system of man’s intellectual effort to govern his life and the world without God. It is about the glory of man as his own god. It is covertly the work of darkness from the devil posing as light.    

New Jerusalem is the true rule of God’s light. It is about the glory of God. It is the work of Christ in mankind by the Holy Spirit bringing the light and love of God on earth.


The patterns of life in the kingdom of God are coming down from heaven into the hearts of the chosen people of God now on earth.

God is with His people on earth within by the Spirit and in manifest presence with the people of the city of God.

The city is corporate order of life and gatherings whether two or three or many thousands are assembled in the name of Jesus, under the banner and auspice of Christ Jesus. The people of New Jerusalem are gathered and assembled in the name of Jesus in the order of the Father’s kingdom to do the business of heaven on earth.


God’s New Jerusalem FAMILY PATTERN coming down to earth from heaven is the relational order of all assembled groups starting with the Spirit Family of Father God, Son Christ Jesus and Bride/Wife bringing forth many sons and daughters growing into maturity.  The top level of family is in heaven and on earth. Mankind is the Bride/Wife that completes the family of Father God in heaven.

Father and Christ Jesus are in heaven and on earth in the Bride/Wife to fill the earth with God’s people ruling and reigning with Him on earth to the glory of God.

The pattern of God’s family on earth is pictured for us in the natural family of father/husband and wife/mother and children growing into maturity. The kingdom order of the basic family on earth is clearly given in the Bible. It is also the only truly successful pattern for all business, ministry and all other corporate groups and gatherings.

A thumbnail view of Kingdom Family Pattern on earth:

(Please be aware that this is not about men and women but it is about relational structure of governance in the world including family, business, government, and any kingdom gathering on earth. It is about the marriage offices of husband, wife and children and not unmarried individuals or non-kingdom of God fallen-world people or structures.)

Husband/father is the head of the wife and must provide unconditional tangible love, guidance and protection to the wife and children.

He must be intimately connected to Father God through Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit to have unconditional love, wise guidance, strength and courage from God. There is no other source for unconditional love, true wisdom, strength and courage available to the husband/father. God’s love in the father flows abundant life to the family. (Ephesians 5:25-32)

Wife/mother must respect and honor her husband and receive guidance from the husband in training the children in the love and wisdom of God for life.

The wife/mother is especially equipped to nurture and gently provide the sensitive loving care for the babies and young children. As children grow, they become more directly trained by their father who is especially equipped to prepare them for life and serving God on earth.

The children are able to see and experience the love of their father for their mother. They also see the responsive respect and honor their mother has for their father. As they mature, they have no problem knowing God and His love for them and they know how to respond with honor and respect to God.


In business or government or some other structure the Husband/Father would be the CEO, founder, owner, entrepreneur, king, prime minister, president or whatever. The wife/mother would be the second level of management. The children would be employees, workers, especially those that are growing into management, subjects of the kingdom, citizens of the city or whatever.

The only truly successful model for organized structures for all life is the God given Family Pattern. All other models will eventually fail though they may seem to prosper in the short range in some cases.

There are many minor variations to fit the many variants of the nature of the activity involved. However, the basic kingdom Family Pattern is the only fully successful pattern of governance at all levels in the kingdom of God. 

It is very important to understand that we are moving from the Babylonian  9 But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and harmful lusts which drown men in destruction and perdition.Pattern to the New Jerusalem Pattern.

For an in depth biblical understanding of the Kingdom Family Pattern see HEAVENLY FAMILY PATTERN (#019) in the KINGDOM GROWTH GUIDES available to download book in PDF free on

For more illustrative teaching see THE KINGDOM FAMILY PATTERN Chapter 17 in “OVERCOMING LIFE ON A SMALL PLANET” free download book in PDF on


Ron McGatlin

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