God has been preparing His people, for this notable hour of history, to be the containers and dispensers of His life and His goodness. He has been pouring in the treasures of His Word and soaking us in the anointing of His life in preparation for our appointment in the presence of the King. Everyone has an appointment with the King. Everything we have been through, thus far, has been preparation for this divine appointment.

For those of you who have been diligent to work with the Holy Spirit in fashioning the ministry He has assigned to you, and who have persevered through the trials of birthing your assigned portion, God calls you faithful!

Learning to Live in Rest

Very soon, we will be entering a Shmita year on the Jewish Calendar, which begins on Rosh Hashanah 5782, and falls on September 6th at sundown on the Gregorian calendar. God created the Shmita to be a Sabbath year of rest for the people and the land. Every seventh year, God ordained a time of rest, forgiveness of debts and the release of slaves from captivity. Obedience required the faithful to know that God would provide supernaturally during this time. (Photo via Unsplash)

Living in rest is a walk of faith! Obedience to God’s commands releases the blessings of God. Obedience to God’s ordinance for the Shmita allows Him to release supernatural signs and wonders on behalf of His people. We are now heading into an appointed – and very supernatural – year of divine miracles, where we cease from our labors and from striving, and God will rise to His place of Lordship in our lives and over the affairs of this world.

The Day of Rest that is upon us falls in a year represented by the number two in both the Jewish year, 5782, and Gregorian year, 2022. The number two in Hebrew is Bet and its form denotes a house or a container. Some Jewish scholars understand the number two to be the mirror of the number one. Two also signifies the principle of two witnesses.

Open Doors That No One Can Shut

In the season ahead, we will see a people coming into conformity to the mirror image of God, as they enter union and rest in Him. We will see God bear witness to His work in man, where He alone determines the matter and the outcome. In the year of two, God will align Isaiah 22:22 with its counterpart of Revelation 3:7-8, to place open doors before His faithful servants that no one can shut, and to shut doors that no one can open.

“I know your works. See, I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it; for you have a little strength, have kept My word, and have not denied My name.” (Revelation 3:8)

This is a word for many people who have preserved through the trials, and who will now see doors opening before them as God goes ahead to prepare their way! For the Lord is now rising in His people to begin to build His House according to His design. He is about to release His builders and open great and effective doors to get the work done. (Photo via Pixabay)

“The nations will fear the name of the LORD, all the kings of the earth will revere Your glory. For the LORD will rebuild Zion and appear in His glory.” (Psalm 102:15-16)

God is on the throne!

Faith Marie Baczko, Executive Director
Headstone Ministries International | Schools of The Last Wine

Email: contact@headstoneministries.com
Website: www.headstoneministries.com

Faith Marie Baczko is the president of Headstone International Ministries and HWAM – Headstone Women’s Apostolic Network. Faith is an apostolic, prophetic teacher and author, bringing significant revelation to mobilize, equip and strengthen the Body of Christ for this momentous hour of history. She carries key insights into the profound significance of Israel’s place in the purposes of God for the time of the summing up of all things in Christ. She models a life that inspires others to live undistracted and rigorously devoted to passionately pursuing Christ. Faith is an international speaker, and through her ministry and work in South America, she has garnered enduring relationships with pastors and leaders, united in passion for truth that is the foundation of revival. Her books are also available in Spanish.

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