This past weekend in Charlotte was WILD.

They threatened to arrest us, but we didn’t back down and LIVES. WERE. CHANGED.

Watch highlights of the revival, and join the movement!!

The heart of the Let Us Worship movement has always been to bring worship to the people.

When governments across the country used the Covid-19 pandemic as justification for shuttering churches and stifling the ability to worship, we jumped into action. 

I have been fined by the government, sent summons, and been threatened with arrest, but I have not backed down, For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 

Join the Let Us Worship movement, and watch what God is doing in hearts all across our nation>>> JOIN US

This past weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina, we faced the threat of arrest, but we didn’t back down, worshiped like crazy, and saw God move!!

Watch highlights of the revival 

We are not meant to operate in a spirit of fear, but to fearlessly and boldly PROCLAIM THE GOSPEL

One thing we’ve seen countless times throughout the last year and a half — THE GREATER THE RESISTANCE, THE GREATER THE BREAKTHROUGH!!

One thing is clear — Charlotte saw breakthrough!!


Til all hear,

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