What a beautiful day.  Look and see it.  Listen and hear it.  Feel the freedom given by God in Christ Jesus.  Bask in His Love, His Light.  Experience His Peace and Joy. Be glad in God and savor the time communing with Him then turn your attention toward others.

All of these blessings and gifts are ours to have and to share in today’s World and on this Planet Earth.  To elaborate on these statements is my pleasure.  Perhaps best explained by a personal example.

I am in my home, in a small rural town in America.  My windows are open to let nature’s air and the outdoors in for my pleasure in the early morning.   I love this time of year when weather permits more outside time to enjoy.  At this writing temps outside are pleasant.

On a beautiful sunshine day, I look and see Nature, the birds, different families of them. I watch their activities. I listen to their singing in harmonious sounds to their Creator and to the certain sounds they trumpet out in a language all their own calling out to other birds.

I see various forest animals come forth in the yard in their own timing from a small strip of woods bordering my back yard. Some graze in my yard and scoot back into hiding upon being startled at unusual noises. I sit on my back deck and observe their habits, the care they give their family, and training their young to go out on their own. God’s plans in the works. His Garden of Eden beginnings in this day on Earth. What a beautiful day when I look and see .. God.  Even as I watch a small mother duck lead her soft yellow ducklings into the strip of woods headed toward a creek that runs through it. Oh yes! The creek, another source of various sounds at day’s end and as night falls. I listen and hear .. God.

In this beautiful day, I listen and hear the sounds of vehicles driving by, I hear mowers and trimmers shaping the yards to look their best.  I hear and see neighbors chatting as one who is taking a walk stops to chat with another who is putting her special touches to the yard’s lovely appearance. All this with the background music of my wind chimes swaying to the breezes of the day.

I see as I look, gorgeous blooming bushes, with earlier noting of the spring flowers in bloom. I see and smell the freshly mown grass, the occasional scent of wild flowers edging my forest strip. All colors aglow.

On this beautiful day, such a wonderful way to enjoy God’s freedom in Christ and the close feeling of His magnificent love and brilliantly displayed beauty.  A day filled with God’s Presence.

Let me add that when it rains or in grey skies, the day continues to be beautiful with its sights and sounds. The birds sing just as hardily in the grey clouds and rain as in the sunny day.  Nature shows forth it’s beauty of the moment and in the midst of it I see ..  God.

Our connection in God’s realm

Where are you to experience all you describe, one might ask.

The answer is simple and twofold.

FIRST, I am spiritually where evil and chaos or even unrest and fear do not exist. That’s not saying these do not exist on this planet and in America, as for the time, they do. Just saying I am where none of these can succeed in any attempts to steal, kill, or destroy my good pleasure, my joy, my peace,  my love of God.  God is Faithful.

Secondly, I am of the state of mind that ”seeks first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and all these things are added to me”.(Matthew 6:33). I am aware that it is ‘not I but Christ in me’ and my oneness with God through Jesus Christ , my oneness with Him and with all in Him, which I sometimes call God’s Network.  We all exist in that Network..

Heaven on Earth

My point in expressing this writing in the way I have is to image in small ways how Heaven and Earth are coming together. The Kingdom of Heaven both in the Natural and in the Spirit exists here just as we exist and live both in the Natural (Physical) and in the Spirit. As Jesus said in Luke 17:20-21, “The Kingdom of God is within you”.  Thus we, God’s Body (Family or Bride) on Earth, manifest God’s Kingdom on Earth through Christ.

In all its beauty and harmony, the Kingdom of God is at hand or (on Earth). (Matthew 3:2)

God is moving in our presence, among us, whether recognized or not. ‘The dwelling place of God is with man’. (Rev 21). All things will become new as God completes His plan and continues to move to reveal and expose the evil and chaos that the powers of darkness have orchestrated to attempt to bring forth the devil’s rule over this planet Earth. But God is orchestrating His Eternal plan for Earth and heaven. Our Father God does not lose.

Look, see God, His glorious Beauty. Listen, hear God,  the songs in the air,  the harmony of Gods alignment in bringing forth His Kingdom of Heaven on Earth through His Family, His Body of Christ on Earth.

God’s Glory

I realize that my descriptions given in regard to all the surroundings  that are  my personal joy and pleasure do not compare with God’s big picture of His Kingdom on Earth. Yet In their natural habitat they have their place in God’s love, His harmony, his beauty and light and in God’s glory.

‘Love God with all of your being, love your neighbor’, shine the light of God’s glory as you express Him. And ”be thankful for ALL things.”

Let us turn our focus toward God in Christ. Let us give the enemy no fuel by entertaining his treacherous ways and he will diminish and be dealt with by God in Christ.  The enemy cannot stand against God’s love, nor His light of Glory. This is the Day of the LORD.

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.” (Isaiah 60:1)

And GOD said,  “But as truly as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the Glory of the Lord”.  (Daniel 14:21)

Blessings and joy in the Lord,

Peggie Dunn

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