Today I am feeling the leading of Holy Spirit to write to you to encourage you in your faith, to strengthen you in your commitment to Father, Son and Holy Spirit and to empower you to realize your purpose and destiny in God!

I know from my own life experience the struggles we face as Christians; the battles we fight between our flesh and our spirit, between good and evil and between the natural and the supernatural!  The journey in moving from living by worldly standards in our flesh to living by Godly standards in the Spirit can be long, trying and at times tedious!

Hopefully you realize this transition cannot be accomplished in the flesh.  From beginning to end the supernatural power of Heaven is required.  And above all else the love of Father God is our ultimate weapon in this very real battle!

No matter where you are in your Christian walk let me encourage you today you have not arrived!  You are not at the end of your growth journey!  Your transition process will continue as long as you live!

So, what is our level of commitment to God?  What is our level of maturity in God? We can rate ourselves of course, but what really matters is what Heaven’s opinion is?  We can deceive ourselves, but we cannot deceive Heaven!  Remember John 8:32?  “You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.”

So, Heaven’s opinion is always truth and it will ultimately set us free if we receive it!  Heaven’s truth is life and power to our transition, so are you, or are you not a son/daughter of the Most High God?  If you are, you are in a place of privilege in the human experience!  You are no longer just another human being!  Now you are a supernatural human being!

You have blood-bought access to Father Himself because you are His child!  You have a place of privilege in His heart!  Sadly, many of us live day to day far below the place of privilege and opportunity we have being a child of God!

Do you realize the difference between conceptual knowledge and experiential knowledge?

Well take for instance the Scripture that says, “God is love.”  You read it and because the Bible says it, you believe it.  That, to me, is conceptual knowledge.  What impact does that have on my life?  Obviously, that impact will vary person to person.

When we decide to believe something a level of power comes with it, right?  Whether good or bad, true or false there is a level of power that comes with deciding to believe something.

Now if you add experience to your conceptual knowledge, your belief is empowered!  It becomes more a part of you.  It usually moves from just being head knowledge to being heart knowledge. I realize that this works with both good and evil, but for our purpose just take the Scripture I mentioned above.  “God is love.”  You accept it as truth and you choose to believe it.  That’s good and that’s a positive step forward, but I can tell you from personal experience that conceptual knowledge that God is love doesn’t hold a candle to experiencing Father’s love for yourself!

The overwhelming transitional power that floods a person’s heart when Father’s unconditional love comes in is indescribable!  It must be personally experienced!

So…faith established on conceptual knowledge has a weak foundation apart from experience that corresponds to the subject at hand.  Remember this, love empowers our faith!  Galatians 5:6.

Sadly, many of us in the family of God are living without this experience.  So in reality we are living with love hunger and love hunger is a powerful, negative force within us!

Love hunger empowers our flesh, it empowers sin and it can give satan a foothold to manipulate and/or torment us as long as our love hunger remains!

You see, Father designed mankind to function properly empowered by His love!  When we don’t have it, we have a void in our love tank!  We are not fulfilled, we are not complete, we are somehow not satisfied and it’s because we are missing to some degree an essential part of God’s design for a human life to function properly according to Him!  For Gerri and I we have come to see love hunger as the root of all evil!

So, how strong is your faith in God?  How much do you trust Him? How much control are you willing to give Him in your life?

Gerri has shared that she was initially afraid to give Him too much control because she was sure He would send her to Africa to live in a grass hut with a dirt floor! She didn’t trust Him with her future yet!

So, have you considered lately your level of faith in or trust in Father?  Are you in any way concerned or afraid that if you yield too much of your life to Him that He will mess up your plans or maybe ask more of you than you are prepared to give?  If so, it would seem that worldly living is more important to you than Kingdom living!

This is all evidence of a lack of personal, intimate love relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  If you would dare to pursue Him diligently until you find Him and experience the power of His love for you, your fear will dissolve and your faith and trust in Him will soar to the Heavens!

Please get this.  He is not out there somewhere and hard to find!  He is as close as your breath, waiting for you with the power of His unconditional love and ready to impart new life in you as you fellowship together!

Now, what’s to hold you back?  If you are born again, you are here to represent the King and His Kingdom!  You have a testimony; therefore, you have a ministry!

The most important aspect of your ministry is Father’s love!  Receive and give.  Receive and give.  Receive and give Heaven’s treasures and lives will be changed and praise and worship for God will increase and you will be richly blessed to be known as His son/daughter!

Thank you for your prayerful support for us.  You are essential to our success!

May Father’s love overflow and overwhelm you and yours and bring you peace in Jesus’ name! Amen.

Roger and Geri Taylor


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