THE LOVE OF GOD – Peggie Dunn

We have all grown weary of hearing bad news and seeing reports from varying sources that paint images of violence and sad times existing today in this world and in America.

That’s why to know God is life and breath in combating this dark shadowed, evil enemy. To know God is to Love Him and to know Christ in us is the Hope of Glory not only for us, but to share with others in our daily lives.

We hear Love, Love, Love, and Love and Light echoed throughout God’s family. That is because GOD IS LOVE and exudes his love over His creation through Christ Jesus, Love’s Pure Light.  We hear Peace and Joy voiced as well; which are among the fruits of the Spirit in God’s Love and Light.

God said in Joel 2:28 that He will pour out His Spirit on ALL flesh. This in context is speaking of  the last days and quoted again in Acts 2:17.

These ARE the last days of the church age as we have known it and of the Age in which we have previously been living.  Change has occurred.  Things are different.  Evil has worked it’s way into America.  It is concentrating in every aspect of life, with the idea of ruling over all. BUT GOD!!! (I like that phrase). BUT GOD DOES NOT LOSE.

In God’s Love and His Light, all weapons and tools of the enemy fail to prevail against God’s family. That’s not saying that it will not cause some difficulty, or challenges, even dark moments.

However, God’s sons and daughters are saturated in the Father’s Spirit and Love and in His Strength, and are His vessels or vehicles, carrying His very “atoms” and spirits of Love and Light into the world.

God’s family carries the voice, the message, God’s truth, God’s love, the expression of our Father God, and His acts of affection, that others may SEE the Christ Spirit and that they may HEAR His voice,  that they may believe and encounter Christ Jesus.

Jesus said “If you have seen Me, you have seen My Father.” John 14:9.

Having said this, let me encourage you by saying God is faithful.  He loves us with a passion.

When we encounter God in Christ, falling in love with Him, we are lifted up through the day in Spirit, no matter what that day may bring.

Our love for Him and His love for us is an eternal, one on one, as well as a family covenant; a betrothal of marriage, confirmed in the knowledge that WE ARE ONE with GOD in CHRIST JESUS; thus we sup with Him.

Wait Upon The Lord

We are not meant to walk in fear or worry, but rather in the ANOINTING of our Lord.  We sometimes grow tired of waiting but if you know The Lord you know He does not get in a hurry.  Throughout the scriptures we read “wait, wait upon The Lord.  God tells us in Isaiah 40:31 that in waiting upon

Him (Trusting Him) our strength will be renewed. His timing is perfect; not a moment too soon and never a moment late. Our spirit never tires of waiting on the Lord, though our physical being might.

He works all things out for our good because we are His and He knows we love Him. Yes, God knows that you and I love Him. He knows the very moment something will work best for us; God’s best for our benefit.

Let me say that waiting does not mean to sit back and do nothing. On the contrary, we are to ” trust and not doubt”, we are to believe Father, we are to “thank Him in ALL things”, stay finely attuned to Him in Christ, so as to hear Him.  We are to walk in the spirit and not grow weary in waiting.  We are to declare the Righteousness of the Lord.

We are not too old or too young.. 

God lets us know that AGE is no consideration to Him. We might think we’re too old. No where will you find that.  On the contrary.

Psalm 92:12-15 tells us that the righteous shall flourish like a palm tree and grow like a cedar in Lebanon.. (14) they SHALL BEAR FRUIT in old age; they shall be FRESH and FLOURISHING to declare the Lord is upright. Age, young to old can always bear fruit and flourish in the Lord as in getting His Love and Light out into our world, in having His heart for others.

We are His expression whether alone or among others. Remember Abraham and Sarah, Remember Moses was 80 years old when he led the Israelites out of Egypt. Same God today. Age is not considered by Him.

One advantage of the old. We have lived many decades with challenges scattered throughout.  God is not in a hurry He takes His time in allowing one to learn. The results in gaining Godly knowledge is patience. It’s best to wait upon the Lord. His timing is perfect.

His Kingdom And Manifestations

The Kingdom of God is here. It is here in His family, in His truth, and strength. It is growing and expanding in Love, in Light, in Strength, in Peace, in Joy, in us and on this Earth as it is in Heaven. It is born of Spirit, manifesting through the natural, through God’s family in Christ Jesus. Holy Spirit of God confirms, “the Kingdom of God is within you”. HIS Words!! God is aligning all things to agree in Him.

Light is and will continue to reveal and dispel the darkness of evil. Love is and will continue to dispel anger. Peace of God is and will continue to keep our minds in Christ. The Joy of the Lord is and will continue to be our strength. All to God’s glory.

God is moving in all we see taking place. We may not see it in the natural but the Light is here. We may not see it but love is here.

We may not see it with the natural eye, but the Kingdom of God is manifesting on Earth in and through “bone of his bone”, in Spirit saturated, Love filled sons and daughters, His Body on Earth, His bride. Wait, Wait upon the Lord.  Love Him and trust Him. God’s got it.

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” Romans 12:13.

For “We know that ALL things work together for good to those who love God, and are called according to HIS purpose.” Romans 8:28.

Remember: ‘He chose us’ John 15:16.

Love and Peace

Peggie Dunn


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