“Just looking back on it, it was the same pattern—just kids who are really struggling, kids who were very alone and isolated, maybe they didn’t have a welcoming family life. They just got caught up in these communities online and just started interpreting their emotional pain through the same lens together.” -Helena Kerschner

Milton Quintanilla : Apr 29, 2021  Christian Headlines

[ChristianHeadlines.com] A de-transitioned woman once identified as a transgender man stressed that gender dysphoria should be seen as a mental health issue rather than a physical condition to be treated by permanently altering one’s body. (Image: via Christian Post)

According to The Christian Post, 22-year-old Helena Kerschner, who has since de-transitioned back to a woman after identifying as a transgender man, shared her story last Friday at the Q 2021 Culture Summit with the Center for Faith, Sexuality, and Gender President Preston Sprinkle…

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