HOW WE SEE GOD – Peggie Dunn

God is not a complicated God. He is vast, deep, mysterious at times, but never complicated nor confusing.

Mankind does an exceptional job of complicating and confusing many times over what God meant for simplicity and joy of peace in Him.

Our confusion and complicated ways do not come from God but from the enemy.  Scripture tells us that God is not the author of confusion but of peace (1Cor 14:33).

That leaves the enemy (satan, evil principalities) to be the author of confusion and complication in both the physical (or natural) and the spirit.

Intimate God

God is not an aloof God ‘distancing’ Himself from us.   He is a God of intimacy; of love. After all, He dwells in us through Spirit Christ and we live and move and have our BEING in Him. GOD IS LOVE. He is God of ALL; at the same time, He is a One on one, Personal God in Spirit, in voice, in a whisper, an encounter, an action and most of all in intimacy with us in LOVE and Enlightenment of Him.  It pleases Him, brings Him joy, I believe, when we are living in covenant with Him. This should also bring us true joy.

I realize there are those who are not aware of God or may be aware but their thoughts focus elsewhere.  Some choose not to believe He IS.  Some choose to believe to a point and perhaps grow from that point and some come to the encounter with God in Christ that brings them right into His throne room.   That throne room, He teaches us, is embedded deeply within us, in our hearts (natural and spirit); for the Kingdom of God is in us. (Luke 17:21). God inhabits us as Holy Spirit.  He desires fellowship with us One on one as well as universally.

Kingdom God

God is a Vast, never ending, Holy Spirit God.  He is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient …  everywhere, all powerful, all knowing.  Thus His Kingdom is in us as a spiritual domain while His Kingdom also is Universal and over the heavens.  The never ending Kingdom of God on Earth spoken of in Daniel 2  is in progress, being set up by the Clouds of  sons/daughters of God moving in Holy Boldness Spirit.

We may not see it fully in the complexity and confusion of existing darkness in the world but His Kingdom is here and expanding by and in those completely surrendered in love to God.  It SHALL manifest ~ complete with King Jesus the Head and the kings and priests in alignment, the governance of love and Light with the Peace of God on Earth ~ all in it’s appointed time.

 Faithful God

You’re probably wondering about now where is the simplicity of God’s peace and joy I was referring to at the beginning of this writing.

It’s found in pure Love and trust of God which gives us peace like we’ve never known both physical and spiritual and joy indescribable.

We realize peace and Joy when we see God in Truth, in Trust, in  Faith, in His Intimacy of Love which gives us the ease of mind that surpasses our understanding. Making it possible for one to rest confidently and feel secure in God in Christ. We see God is Faithful; thus we rest with joy in Him while we feel His Peace and Love.

Father God

God is Spirit.  Creator of all.  His vastness and depth are  portions of the mystery of God I mentioned.  A simple, and one of the most important things to remember is God, in His vastness and eternity, IS LOVE.  He is Lover of all and lover of each and everyone of us.  He loves, cares, protects and comforts while He is directing, enlightening, and providing for us.   He even watches over the sparrow and fully clothes the flowers in their beauty.  “He knows the number of hairs on our head”.  Our Father knows us better than we know ourselves.

So yes, He is a Vast, Almighty God of All and at the same time He IS a Personal God,  Who draws us unto Him into His throne room;  that ALL might know Him and His intense and passionate Love.  That love and passion moves one’s heart and spirit into the simplicity of God’s peace and joy.

Able God

We don’t know all there is to know about our God.  He is a many faceted God. What we are to understand is that He makes His way with us so easy once we stop trying to figure Him out  or rationalize all we know or don’t know about Him.

We try at times to do things our way or contrary to God’s way, when all we need do is surrender all to our Father in Christ. He’s more than able to walk us through all of life and to bring us closer to Him while moving in us and  expressing  Himself through us.

Sometimes things are not always as we wish them to be even in God’s Way. The thing is, with God, whatever we experience is for a redeeming purpose in or around us.  God provides in our best interest.  When we don’t see God’s purpose at the time; perhaps later, we do see what God was doing and realize it was to our benefit maybe in the natural,  always in the spirit.

Occasional God

We short change ourselves when we call upon God in Christ only when there is trouble on the horizon.  It would be unspeakable gain for us to commune with our Loving Father God without ceasing.

God is Present.  His arms are open, always, to bring us into joy, peace and gladness of spirit. He is a Patient God. He so desires for us to enjoy the blessings in Him.

How we see God matters.

Jesus said, “Have I been so long with you, Phillip, and yet you do not know me?  Anyone who has seen Me has seen The Father.” John 14:9.

Peace and Joy

Peggie Dunn


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