You probably know full well that God is speaking to the people of the world to surrender our self-willed and self-ruled life to be filled with His life of pure holy love. Today He is speaking to me personally and I believe to many of His children to come alive now in the boldness of joy in His unconditional love.


We, the children of God, are being called in this season to throw off from us layers of traditionally felt needs to conform to systems and customs of acting in a mild-mannered neutral sort of way of relating to one another and to God.

God’s love in us is passionate!

It is to be released through us to one another and to the world around us with great passion.

I was hit by shocks of shaking by God recently as I went to bed and tossed about in my sleep. God was making me aware of my lack of boldness in expressing the release of the passion of His unconditional love to the world around me.


As human beings we all need love.

I recently saw some old film of Chinese people pressed together in a cave hiding from the government to worship and praise God for hours on end. Their passion of love poured out of them in joy unspeakable as they gathered for hours in God’s presence of love.

Also, at another time in the video there was a clip of a personal testimony from a Chinese woman overcome with great tears of love and joy as she spoke about experiencing the love of God for the first time in her life.

This reminded me of my first experience with the reality of the love of God for me. My eyes filled with tears and my body heaved with great sobs of love. I could not continue driving and had to pull over off the road.

Hearing in the depth of my heart from the radio preacher of the love of God for me consumed my life. The preacher led me in a prayer of giving my life to Christ Jesus who loved me so much that he died for me and rose again to redeem my lost life.

It has been a journey of massive change over a lifetime as a heritage of wild-west life without the love of God from past generations was washed away and replaced with the pure holy love of God.

The world suffers in strife and conflicts in every facet of life while waiting for the flood of the outpouring of the real love of God to bring peace and good life.


Religion and society have established mostly unspoken false rules that limit our bold expression of the joy and the love of God to the people around us. Praise, worship, and the outpouring of the life of God are not acceptable in the false rules of “political correctness” in most situations of natural life in the world today.

Though we may not agree with them, these false narratives of behavior have affected us subconsciously in all areas of our lives including our Christian gatherings.

Religion’s denominational impressions have established taboos or rules that may not be spoken but have affected our ability to be free to express the love of God in public.

We may often restrain the leading and urges of Spirit God to say and do things that would bless others because of our subconscious fears regarding acceptance or maybe crossing some line.

In the scope of the massive need for the experience of the love of God to bring life to the world, the holy boldness and joy of the Lord is going to explode out of us and into the world around us.

Some of us must cast aside our priestly robes of religious social order and limitations to release all that the love of God is doing and saying into this love-starved world.


The love of God is highly contagious and will become viral as we awaken to the overcoming all-consuming fiery love of God pouring into us and out of us to the world around us. The purity and sheer joy of the light of God’s love pouring out from heaven into His people is the manifest presence of God with us.

“Love has been perfected (matured) among us in this: that we may have boldness in the day of judgment; because as He is, so are we in this world.” 1 John 4:17.

The passionate outpouring of the grownup pure holy love of God is the life of Christ in us by the Holy Spirit flowing out of us to the world around us bringing forth the work of King Jesus establishing His kingdom of light and love on earth.


In the midst of darkness flooding the earth, the light and love of God is pouring out into the hearts and lives of His people in the world bringing forth the kingdom of God as it is in heaven to earth.

The glorious rule of unfettered and unhindered love ruling in the hearts and lives of mankind and all of the creation of God is the kingdom of God on earth.

Only the power and the wisdom of the love of God boldly poured out from the Spirit within the mature humble people of God who love not their lives to the death, but love God with their whole hearts can change the world to “as it is in heaven.”

Ron McGatlin


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