The beauty of life is that in human terms we live a miracle every day.

We wake to the morning,

Birds singing praises to their Maker,

Our heart beating methodically,

Inhaling the fresh breath of Spring,

Which is just beginning to blossom,

We move about in preparation for our day,

And some of us watch a care taker move about,

in preparing us carefully and lovingly for our day,

All while we live and move and have our being in God through Christ. 

What a beautiful miracle,

To be alive to the joy of the Lord.


A Detailed Miracle

It is a miracle to see God in all of Nature,

And His fine weaving of detail throughout,

It is a miracle that we are of God the Father who creates in absolute detail,

Our body operates in intricate detail each part depending on another,

Each function of the body depending on all its parts to go about daily living and being,

The human brain a miracle within itself,

Controlling our movements by sending ‘messages’ to the muscles,

The heart pumping energy and life through the body network,

What a miracle we are in human assessment,

While, To God we are a normal superhuman perfect creation.

How is that?! You might ask,

Let’s look,

Psalm 139:13-16 tells us that God formed our inward parts, Knitted us together in our mother’s womb,

Praises to Him that we are fearfully (passionately and reverently) and wonderfully (unique and set apart) made. 

“Wonderful are his works,

That my soul knows well.”

And Jeremiah 1:5 says “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.” 

God formed us to come into being into this world,

A perfect spirit in flesh, unique,

An offspring of Gods Love,

With purpose and that purpose fueled by the power, love,

and sound mind God has given us.

We knew Him Before

We knew Him before the foundation of the World,

We were created OUT of Him as HE CHOSE us IN HIM (Ephesians 1:4).

Then, He FORMED us in the womb,  

A super miracle as we see it,

While to God,

A move of Love and His Word formed and empowered by Him, 

I realize as I write this that not all are in the same ‘place’ or ‘state of mind’ spiritually. We each are where we are until God awakens us to another encounter moving us closer to Him.

Drawing us unto Him,

That we might have full remembrance of our identity in Him in Christ Jesus.  

 May we glean from this writing what resonates with our spirit. God will take care of storing what does not resonate today.


Dark Entities:

And then there are dark evil entities controlling human minds at the moment.    

God reminds me that there are those who know Him not.

See Him not,

 Yet and a time and they SHALL!!! 

What a beautiful thought from God, 

A Miracle on the horizon.

God’s Kingdom on Earth is purposed to show forth God’s love and Light,

For just such a wonderful miracle taking place,

As we live in this world,

In this America..

We see tremendous changes,

Confusion, Evil, Tensions,

Some beginning to ease,

Others escalating where Miracles are needed,

In our personal world when we dwell,

In the Spirit Realm in Christ,

We abide under the shadow of Father God daily,

Where evil cannot enter, 

Thus, we live in the Joy of His Love,

 And peace no matter the circumstances,

All this in the beauty of miracles.


And then there is this Miracle

“For God sent not His Son into the World to,

Condemn the World; but that the WORLD,

THROUGH HIM, might be saved.” ~ John 3:17.  

Blessings and Joy,
Peggie Dunn

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