Powerful words are being spoken concerning the moving of God and the coming of His Kingdom.
Where do we stand in this today?! 


I believe our Father God is sounding His Voice .. in the Written Word of course .. but also through His sons and daughters.. as the Living word. Just as King Jesus was The Living Expression or Word of God, The Father.

His Holy Spirit is in us living ~ moving ~ and being God’s Voice today in the Kingdom of God. His Light and Love is going forth as we live and move and have our being in Him. (Acts 17:28).

Because we are His offspring… We are His expression ~ His reflection .. His Voice. He speaks in and through us in our world.

Let us not leave out the positive “voice” of our acts of love and light in our daily walk.

I believe there is another way God is sounding His Voice ..  Through Trumpets (men/women) of ministries sounding an alert today. To awaken mankind in America as well as the entire World.

Meanwhile events that we see and read about every day are changing our lives. Even threatening and causing death to lives ..  Pandemic .. Lock downs.. Severe weather events and tragedies .. Chaos .. evil ..  Changing our lives in seemingly every direction .. changing America.

Wake up calls  ..  Are we hearing them?!  Perhaps a taste of judgement of God .. “That no one should perish for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:1) .. nor miss encountering the love of Christ.. Nor miss reigning with Him in His Kingdom on Earth.


I have said all this to say .. If we are weary .. frustrated .. depressed .. even bored .. We should take heart, stand .. and know God is moving in it all. He is moving in the setting up of His Kingdom on Earth. He is moving to expose and reveal evil spirits of darkness.

He is speaking as He moves .. Through His offspring .. His maturing sons and daughters .. saying to be encouraged .. telling us He is living in us through His Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus.  He is here in us .. And at the same time God is everywhere .. There is not a place nor state of being where He is not present.  He may not be recognized by all but that’s another aspect .. another chosen path.

His Love deep in one’s heart and spirit brings not only joy and peace but also boldness to our world. His Love draws us to abide in the Spirit realm .. where He imparts His Divine Nature unto us.


I realize this sounds all well and good to read but how to apply it in one’s life is .. perhaps you’re thinking .. not so easy.

I can only tell you from my standpoint.. I am intimate with the Lord. He is my Way of Life.. To me that means Trusting Him in ALL things as well as thanking Him in ALL things.. It means the spirit of depression has no room in this house(me) … it means no spirit of fear is entertained by me.

I have more enlightening things to think about like the beauty of God’s creation in nature.. The birds that sing and puff up their colors in the wind.. just one example… the Spirit of Life in Christ my domain.. the state of being .. as I am created to be…  Love and Light.

The Spirit of Joy strengthens and energizes us to live in this world .. And helps us to see as our Father sees and to do as our Father does.

Spring is just around the corner with its array of beauty in flowering nature.. Winter giving way to the arrival of Spring .. waking the sleeping life from their dens …. And the warmth of sunshine rising to give us all a breath of fresh air …  while moving through the day supplies energy to us.. Whether it be exercise of some degree or walking .. moving about in your surroundings .. In these times particularly.. It is good to move to keep your energy engaged..  It clears the mind to think on good things in Spirit .. To focus on our High Tower .. God The Father.


Words are powerful..  What we say is what we have because we believe what we are saying .. positive or negative .. Good or bad.. We speak things into our lives and even into the lives of others .. (Mark 11:22-25) ..  We speak (create) happenings over us .. Words are powerful as well as our thoughts ..   we create our days with our thoughts and words in making our choices of the day ~ whether positive or negative ..  Think about it.

I say this .. but I also tell you in all that I write today .. I am still learning .. Still maturing .. God is still enlightening and maturing this offspring .. I am grateful and joyfully delighted.

The Joy of the Lord is OUR Strength .. To be focused on Him .. To entertain Him and live in Him daily .. To feed on Him until He becomes our mind of Christ .. And we see with spiritual eyes and hear with spiritual ears and we awaken to His Spirit in us .. and when we begin to awaken to the knowledge in us of the Kingdom of God within us. (Luke 17:21).

We will realize not only who we are as One with God in Christ Jesus but we will know that we know that we are His reflection of Love and Light here in this World.  We are HIS living Word on Earth. To the Glory of God.

“But seek you FIRST the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33

Peggie Dunn

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