Will you and I enter the fullness of the greatest life that God Almighty has for us in this life now?

What is the greatest assignment that God can accomplish in and through your life now?

What and where is God transitioning and transforming you to be?

Will you become a change agent to transform this world?

Will you and I be the spark that ignites the explosion of the glory of the kingdom of God on earth?

How much can God do with one totally committed person?

How much more can He do with two or three fully surrendered people in agreement?

As we pause and allow these questions and others to enter our hearts and minds, let us lay aside our natural answers with their limitations and allow Spirit God to implant His answers into our hearts.

Really: Take the time now or later to meditate these questions and hear God’s input on His answers for you and for those you are connected with in Spirit.


We, the God seeking people, have exhausted ourselves in attempting to make things right and better in the world, our nations, families, and our personal lives.

Have we been attempting to build a God-like house of our own making and to our own satisfaction with our God-given tools and blessings? Have we come up short of the perfect way of God and failed to grow into the fullness of the mature supernatural grace empowerment of the pure holy love of God in Christ by the Holy Spirit?

In recent times, the roots of our mixture of a self-focused form of godliness have opened the door to the culture of a deceived generation trained in darkness against the truth of God.

Now, in this day, there has been a strong offensive to retake the government and the culture from the generation of darkness. Much if not most of our attempt to make wrong things right in this current deceived generation has erroneously been using the same tools that the evil inflamed culture is using.

We have fought fire with fire and met evil violent threats with the same tools. We were wrong in believing that we could stop the enemy flood of words of fire and brimstone by attacking the enemy with fire and brimstone of our own making.

Our zealousness of harsh strivings for national and self-protection from enemy takeover was mixed with our pseudo godliness. The inevitable failure of this erroneous tactic has left us in some degree of shock and despair.

We in America and the world are now being broken and made ready to awaken to our folly and turn from it to the reality of the love of God and His great mercy.

By the empowerment of God’s grace, we are now becoming ready to surrender ourselves to the humble reality of His kingdom of the pure holy love of God.


All of this change is caused by the kingdom of God in Christ Jesus the King now coming forth on earth. This is the storm that is clearing the land for the kingdom of God coming forth on earth.

The huge storms of destruction are not the fullness of kingdom but only the beginning of the manifesting glory of God. It is not the end but the beginning of the rule Christ with a rod of iron. (Revelation 2:27, 12:5, 19:15) (Psalm 2).

It is the removal of the evil darkness and the religious mixtures to make room for the glorious fulness of the invading righteousness, peace, and joy of the real kingdom.

In a true kingdom every living person is submitted to the king. There is no democracy in the sovereign rule of a king within all of the territory of the kingdom. The subjects of a kingdom do not have a vote in the governance of the kingdom.

However, in a kingdom, there is protocol and order of access for prayer humbly submitting your needs or desires to the king for his consideration. Yet, it is always entirely up to the king to decide that which is or is not to be done.

If indeed the request is aligned with the will and desire of the king and the king decrees action to be taken, then the entire power of his kingdom is applied to bring it to pass.

What does it really mean to submit to the kingdom of God, and how do we do it?

All must bow to, submit to, surrender to, King Jesus and His kingdom, the kingdom of God on earth.

There is nothing prideful or aggressive in the kingdom of God.

The kingdom of God enters our lives and the world through the beautiful gate of surrender, total submission, and trust in the King and His kingdom rule.

Jesus came from heaven to become as a man and demonstrated the kingdom life as He taught the way and the word of the kingdom. His message was that the kingdom of heaven, kingdom of God, has now come to earth, repent (turn, change your thinking) to align with the new reality that the kingdom is at hand.

His method was to proclaim and demonstrate the kingdom by speaking and doing only what He heard and saw the Father saying and doing in perfect alignment with Father God.

Jesus humbled Himself even to the cross demonstrating perfect alignment with the perfect love of Father God.


Jesus went about doing good. He healed the sick, cast out demons, cleansed the lepers, raised the dead. He walked on the water and quieted the storm with a word and much more.

Jesus shows us and teaches us the source of releasing the supernatural works of God. He completely depended on Father God for His entire life and all that He said and did in this world. He did or said nothing apart from that which Father God was saying or doing.

Jesus never fought back or rendered evil for evil and taught us to do the same.


Perfect love, faith, hope (positive expectation), fullness of power, wisdom, righteousness, peace, and joy are the meat of the children of God who totally walk in the kingdom of God, in God, and God in them. This is the life of Christ Jesus now being fully formed in the mature sons and daughters of God.

Some Characteristics of the Kingdom Life of Power:

  • Jesus taught: Love your enemies,
  • Bless those who curse you,
  • Do good to those that hate you,
  • Turn the other cheek,
  • Go the extra mile,
  • Pray for those that spitefully use you and persecute you,
  • If they take your tunic, give them your cloak also,
  • First be reconciled to your brother,
  • Agree with your adversary quickly,
  • And much more.

The King has all power to protect and defend the humble, peaceful sons and daughters of his kingdom.

In a true kingdom every living person is submitted to the king. There is no democracy in the sovereign rule of a king within all of the territory of the kingdom.

What does it really mean to submit to the kingdom of God, and how do we do it?

There is nothing prideful or aggressive in the kingdom of God.

Losing our prideful and needy past life of aggressively seeking to take care of ourselves is only possible as we meet the overwhelming, all-consuming, passionate LOVE of God and the majesty of His glorious kingdom reality of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit of God within us and among us.


Our cross is the end of the pride-filled existence of seeking to be my own little king in my own little kingdom. There is never enough in our little king lifestyle. No matter how much we acquire or how many great things we accomplish, it is never enough, and it always leaves us empty in the end.

Experiencing the love in the presence of our glorious all-powerful God removes all fear and all need of being our own king and makes it reasonable to take up our cross of the crucifixion of our own old life to receive the fullness of the glory of the resurrected life of Christ Jesus in us by the Holy Spirit.


Within and beyond the cleansing fire storms, there is arising from the ashes a generation of men and women filled with the love, power, and wisdom of King Jesus fully abiding within them.

This kingdom generation walks in the righteousness, peace, and joy of the Spirit of God continuously. They collectively are the fullness of the Body of Christ Jesus, the King and Lord on earth from heaven.

The world has waited groaning for thousands of years for that which is now coming forth on earth. (Romans 8:18-22).

Close your natural eyes and open your spiritual eyes into the Spirit realm of the eternal purposes of God Almighty. Can you see the generation arising as a great light in the midst of great darkness covering the earth? (Isaiah 60:1-2).

Multitudes are coming forth into the light out of darkness overcoming the world and dispelling the darkness, removing the shroud off the people of God, removing the heavy burden of self-government and every weight and hindrance of humanism’s unbelief and doubt, reestablishing the lost love connection of oneness with God, and being reestablished as true and faithful living sons and daughters of God without limitations.


The glory of God filling lives and covering the world is the living substance of the love of God. God is love that is everlasting life of peace and joy without measure. The substance of love overcomes all disease, all sickness, all evil of every sort is defeated in the pure holy love of God filling and flowing from the core of the being of God Almighty.

Love fulfills all law and establishes perfect alignment with the perfect design of God in heaven for all of His creation.

The perfect love of Christ Jesus now abiding in the new generation of sons and daughters of God is the beautiful gate of the kingdom of heaven on earth. It is the perfect pearl, the hidden treasure, the New Jerusalem, the perfected Bride, the fullness of the marriage of the Lamb to His Bride.

Ron McGatlin

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