China, China


How did you Fair?

You thought to Rule the nations with a wink and a snare.


Oh – How the mighty have fallen!

Oh how the Deception runs deep….

Below the filthy river bed of Wealth

Purchased on the backs of my fleeced sheep!


Did you think the Eye of Heaven would look the other way?

Did you feel the just beating of your chest, thru cruel manipulation could carry you into Harbors safe to Stay?????




I tell you oh little king

Thy Maker has ought against thee!

The maker of Noses and Nations

Does not wink at manipulation

To gain for self….



I am the Potter

The Seas are mine and it’s sands

Watch now what I will do ~

For my Love and Heart towards Man.


You Have made yourself high

But I will bring you Low

All those that gathered with you to destroy

Will Know †


There is A GOD in Heaven

Who has created ALL THINGS AND MORe



Look Carefully ~


For I stand at Your Door.


Joann Scoca


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