A midnight word: December 31 and January 1, 2020 – 2021: 7 days of drastic winds.
The Lord spoke to me that the first 6 days of January will being drastic conflicting winds to this nation.
The lord told me he is about to expose the Judas’s in the white house in the Republican party leadership and in many of those who are part of his ministry counsel fully.
God is exposing them and bringing their true hearts and agendas into the light.
The Lord is going to cause a great shake up in those around the President this week. Look for some big changes the President is going to make. The Lord is sounding the alarm in the White House, “WHO IS ON THE LORD’S SIDE!”
The media says he is “surrounding himself with loyalist” the Deep State and Democrat Party and the RIN0’s are having a fit because they think President Trump is doing this, but God is doing this.
If every single Republican office holder does not stand for this president now when they all know this election was not done legally, it will expose the true hearts of those you have voted for.
The cowards and compromisers around him must be removed so the warriors politically and spiritually can come to his aid as Aaron and Hur who lifted up Moses arms for battle.
The true warriors are rising up that are ready to stand for this nation. They are not standing up for just a man to be President, but they are standing up because “they see what is coming” if the outcome goes the other way for this nation.
The Lord is sending President Trump the warriors, the fearless ones that won’t back down now and also on January 6, 2020.
When I pray over VP Pence, I have such a disturbance in my spirit that some demonic forces are trying to get him to make the wrong decision and give in instead of fight.
He is being told to “fight in a nice way” and if you lose you lose, not understanding the Kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent are to seize it by force.”
The spirit of Jezebelic compromise through nice speaking people are trying to tell him to back down and not stand for righteousness and fight in 2024.
By then it will be to late to redeem the time God tried to give us in this election to get ready.
The weapons of our warfare are mighty through God to the tearing down of strongholds.
The hardest thing to do in Congress, in the Senate and in the administration is to stand up and fight fully. If you lose you lose, but compromising to keep the Senate or a political seat is the way of Cowards.
That is what Senate Majority Leader is telling the other Republican Senators not to pick a fight here or they could lose the Senate.
That is the voice of the spirit of Jezebel speaking, compromise and save yourself with no regard to what is happening in the nation to bow down to the globalist, China and the other OWO want to bring to our land.
He and the leaders of the Republican party are more interested in “keeping” their own personal power, while they give away our rights and power to the enemy.
This God sees. Beloved God is intervening in this big time. He is lifting up the skirts of those who have the Judas Spirit and those who are pretending to be for God and this country when in fact they are in it for money, their own power and not the good of the American people.
This next 6 days are going to be the most critical days for our nation. Our nation, the church is in the balance and God is weighing our nation and his church on His scales of justice.
Who is on the Lord’s side is going to be fully made plain in the next 6 days. Get ready for some people are not ready to see or believe how darkness has entrenched our nation in every sphere of influence beyond what we have ever known.
God allowed President Trump to be our President to shine the light into the darkness. What most people hate about him are the tools God used to show what is the Democrats heart, the media, sports, big tech, the deep state.
They hate him so much and God is using their hatred to expose the hearts of the elites and the hearts of this nation for us to see to repent and return to God.
He is using this to expose the hearts of his people concerning many’s blindness in understanding and seeing why God used such a “different” type of man to lead our nation.
A man that loves this nation to give up his fortune, get paid nothing just to make America a light on the Hill again. What did he get for that, 4 years of hatred and the enemy through the left to destroy him, his family and everyone who supports him.
The Democratic party, Rinos, global elites steals, kills destroys everyone and everything in their way of absolute power and control over the people.
Do we know anyone else that has come to kill, steal and destroy spoken of in the Bible? How about Satan. Satan is merciless and so are those who are now about to lead this nation away from God to Satan and one world order if they are given full power to govern.
What will the Christians say when they see their candidate be the instrument of China, the Globalist, the elites to fundamentally transform this nation from being a sheep nation under God to a goat nation against God?
Is that what they voted for and agreed with? Did they agree with party that rigged and stolen this election?
Did they agree with a corrupted illegal and stolen election rigged by the Devil the their working through people?
How will they give an account of their choice and vote for a man that wants abortion on demand, infanticide, refund Planned parenthood, give tax dollars for woman can have abortions?
I don’t know what they will say to the Lord in that day that could justify such a choice.
This election is still not over. God is arranging things to bring everything in darkness into the light. The enemy is already trying to discredit God’s warriors that are fighting for Trump and our nation.
The more they persecute and belittle God’s warriors, the more God is going to intensify their hearts with pure holy love filled with power, authority and dominion to overcome them.
This next end times epic battle is going to be waged on the direction this nation will go. It is in the balance.
Beloved, God will give a person, a people, a nation over to what they want as a judgment against them.
Israel was not satisfied with manna God provided and they sinned against God and cried out God was unfair and they wanted meat.
They complained over and over and God gave them wanted wanted and sent quail for them to eat.
As they are it a great sickness came upon them and thousands instantly died who ate it. God gave them what they wanted.
Do we really want God to give us what we want apart from his choice for us? I guess we will soon see!
God is looking at each heart to see those who are genuine and desire him and his kingdom above all things from those who don’t.
The time of the separation of the sheep from the goat nations is here. The time of the separation of the wheat from the tares is now.
Will God’s house be full? Will He find a true resting place to rest and release His glory into to take full dominion over the earth as Kings and Priests to our God?
To those that are seeing Him as the King of Glory and hearing His voice like a war trumpet and rightly responding to him are going to be made pillars in the Temple of God.
God is rising up personal physical warriors to be around the President. God is removing the hypocrites, pretenders and Judas’s around him in the political, in the administration in the counsel of church leaders around him.
To things are going to happen for our President in the next 6 days, the liars, the cowards, the pretenders of those who said they were for him are going to be exposed for who they really are. God is going to expose them and remove them from their place of power.
Second, God is going to put a team of political and spiritual warriors around him to stand for what is right and what this nation truly voted for on November 3, 2020.
The deception in this last election is going to be exposed to the nation. Many are going to desert him that should stand for him.
Yet God is going to “his loyal ones” around our President and His family.
His loyal ones will become Joel’s army of might men. These royals one will be translated into his royal ones, his royal guardsman to be with him and him to them in Kingdom power and authority.
These loyal ones will have no agenda or allegiance to anyone but God. They will be loyal in their assignments to help raise up my royals ones ready to enter the marriage supper of the Lamb with Jesus.
Let us be ready tonight and tomorrow there will be a release of God’s apprehending love to place us in the new ground of 2021, and the next 6 days are critical to pray for our President, our nation, and our own lives.
Get ready Saints 2021 is going to start a new year like we have never seen before. The time of God’s glory to be seen is going to be revealed as the darkness tries to swallow up our nation.
Get ready warriors of God to become the end time army of the lord. 2021 will bring all things together for that end. The time has come. The time is now. Get ready!

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