A Last Minute Red Sea Experience

On November 4th The LORD said it would be “… a last minute, Red Sea experience.”

From this I gathered, when man’s ways were exhausted, when man’s courts could do no more, the issue would then be moved to God’s Court.

In this court, all done in darkness, every secret maneuver and cheating tactic will be reviewed; the prosecutor of injustice will ‘expose all’ and ask the judge of judges to render a verdict.

The verdict will be massive exposure of all done in darkness; the verdict requires justice, a term that has seemed lost on the ears of Christians, but a term that will come alive in this new era of ‘The Kingdom.’

The evil that has seemed to triumph for years will soon see ‘My Great Wall,’ a wall so high and thick that no guilty party will get over or through it.

When this is done, no human can claim credit; all will know the hand of God acted.

Clarion Call

To the outside world there exists a perceived reality of how things are.

With those who see beyond, there often exists a reality far different.  Those who see, and to some extent live, in another realm while existing in the outside, perception is much greater.

Two types of deep perception exists — one from darkness (satanic), one from light (Jesus).  Darkness has ruled this country and its systems for many years, creating bondage and slavery with those who’ve never suspected they are victims.

The enemy of our soul knows that those who make the best slaves are those that don’t know they are.

Most of us are victims of systems designed to make us serve — The Fed, Big Pharma, Big Government, Media, Religion, Financial Systems to mention a few.

There is a day ahead in which Daniel 7 and Revelation 12 times will appear, where all we’ve known will change — a day The LORD will make His presence and rule on the earth known.

Even now men, women, and children are being prepared for just such a day.

Much will begin on the heels of this Election, and many who’ve been years in preparation will appear.  As a well-trained Army, they will move about this earth on the ancient paths, adhering to the ancient ways of the Ancient of Days.

They will move and function as one; a powerful Army never seen before, nor to be seen again.

The Head (Jesus) will connect to The Body (Remnant), as Kingdom Government will rule all seven mountains of culture creating the greatest revival known to earth.

Even now those ‘called out’ ones know; they know something massive is happening, building, they sense it, feel it, pray for it; know in the depths of their being they are part of the greatest move of God upon His earth.

The Army of God is forming and those with ‘inside’ knowledge are not affected by what they see and hear on the outside.

They are connecting from inside knowledge for the biggest outdoor show on earth — Our God making his presence known to earth!

The Awakening Train Is Roaring

Listen closely, do you hear that sound?

The train of ‘awakening’ is roaring down the tracks.  God is electing to use an Election to ‘awaken’ His people, as the Trump train blows its whistle (trumpet) in city after city.

Many who accepted defeat are being ‘awakened’ in their spirit that something mighty is happening — saying to themselves, “Maybe this thing is not over yet; just maybe God is truly in this as the prophets have said all along.”

This feels like a new season, but much beyond; a new era — The Church Age has made its last gasp, as now we breath spiritual air of the Kingdom Age — new government, new light, new energy, new purpose, and many new faces.

Many hidden, those trained through years of difficulties, trial, and discouragement, are coming out of their dark place, as God reveals new leaders who carry Kingdom Age anointings.

They are passengers on this train of awakening, now traveling all over this nation at the same time.

We are birthing, and birth is a painful, bloody process.  Much uncertainty and opportunity for fear fills the air; but let us reveal to The LORD (who watches) the heart of Joshua and Caleb.

Let us not “see ourselves as grasshoppers” and fail in the most important moment in spiritual and natural history.

Multiple times in the first Chapter of Joshua we’re told “to be of good courage;” this, the key to crossing over, and yes, to cross over we too must show our trust in God and to be of good courage.


Clay Sikes

Clay SikesClay Sikes  ~ Lighthouse Prophecy.



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