What I’m about to post I want to first give a disclaimer! This is not about any one person or apostle or prophet, and not based on any situation of the past few days or weeks! It is solely about the kingdom of God, and what I have been seeking the Lord about and others that have spoken confirming words! It is a call for alignment & adjustment!
In this event of a great shift and transition that the body of Christ has been in this year and the timing of the Ekklesia coming into this New Era, we are all compelled to adjust our hearts and minds as we yield to the Holy Spirit’s call to come back into alignment with His kingdom.
As In every move of God, there are always many new things that begin to emerge as He reveals new and fresh revelation and insight into His plan and purposes! That sense of new beginnings and leaving the old can bring a temporary feeling of discomfort and confusion. It’s not suppose to bring us into stress or fear, but to lead us on a new course and to a new commission for the for this time!!
So, of course, many are hearing new sounds and strategies for the coming year and what Holy Spirit Is saying now. Apostles have come to the forefront like never before in this century with prophets who are seeing and speaking many things for the next ten years or so!
One of the problems is many times we filter these new things to what we have seen and done in the past. We immediately want to bring administration and organization to what we’re seeing and doing, because that’s what we’ve always done. This New Era requires “waiting upon the LORD, & humbling ourselves under the mighty hand of God!”
For example, we really don’t just need more apostolic networks that focus on performance and gifts, or more ministry alliance’s because we see the need for Unity! Unity doesn’t come through just common agreement or like-minded faith or fellowship! Unity comes through the corporate Spirit of Christ bringing us into a “oneness” through Authenic and transparent relationships!
New wine must be put into new and (fresh) wine skins! (Matt. 9:17b). Before we form a new association of any kind, we need brokenness and humility before the Lord. Before we form a network with our best friends or ministry associates, we need to lay our agendas and plans on the altar before the Father! He will organically inspire and inspect the right relationships that are based on pure hearts and right motives!
Another example is where I will leave it tonight, is the planning for “apostolic councils” and strategies! Yes, are they needed and should we have them? I believe yes, but we must come together for the right reasons and His assignments.
We need targeted and strategic synergy of true apostolic fathers and elders in regions to not only bring healing and wholeness to the body, but to admonish and nurture through correction and instruction in righteousness. (I. Tim. 3:15; 2 Tim. 3:16,17)
Finally, we must have councils that are based upon covenant & communion, and not unilateral apostolic commissions because many are being called to the apostolic! We have many “apostles” who may be apostles in their own metron, but many of them function more accurately as “corporate prophets” who may bring vision but not necessarily direction or structure. Apostles and prophets together bring foundation and revelation for strategy and synergy! (Eph. 2:20)
Are their “prophetic apostles?” Maybe, but I think more accurately there are many “apostolic Prophets!” These prophets are sent into certain cities and regions with the word of the Lord, but not to bring structure or commissioning to all that are called. For many are called, but few are chosen! (Matt. 20:16b). Out of the chosen comes those that are commissioned! (I. Tim. 4:14, 5:17).
I believe in the coming year and decade we will begin to see true and seasoned apostles and prophets coming together, first in the true spirit of counsel and the Spirit of the LORD, and then, through the communion and fellowship of apostolic teaching and prayers! (Acts 2:42)
I’m praying and decreeing these things to come forth, in Christ Jesus name! Much love and prayers for edification and encouragement! Amen!
Jim Becton



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