I just feel so strongly that like President Trump, we CANNOT concede!
I was rummaging through my journals, things I’ve written over the last few years, etc. that I have in this folder in a drawer. I was actually on a sort of mission looking for something else, when, as the Holy Spirit is so good at doing, He orchestrated my “rummaging” so that I would happen upon this older prophetic word that one of my sister’s shared with me almost 20 years ago! It was written in 1965 by this guy Stanley Frodsham, which probably doesn’t even matter (sorry Stanley), but was obviously was used of the Lord to get this word out (you can find it by searching on his name). It’s extremely powerful AND timely, but that’s not even the principle reason why I’m writing this… The hard copy version that my sister gave me included this note by a Nita Johnson that reads (and re-typing here from the hard-copy):
“I trust that you will let this word speak deeply to you. Pride is going to be a terrible monster in the days ahead. So blinding will his attack be that if you have not allowed the Lord to do a deep work of humility in your heart before you are submitted to attack, you will not be able to stand. In fact, you won’t even know that you have been hit before you fall. How might you judge whether or not you may need this surgery?
  1. Can you receive correction without getting angry or offended?
  2. How do you see yourself in conjunction with others in the Church?
  3. Are your thought, needs, desires, and ideas more important than another?
  4. Do you get jealous when God uses someone else more than you?
  5. Do you feel you are superior to others?
If you must answer any of the questions with a yes, you are in trouble. Please receive the warning and let the Lord do a deep, intense work I your heart now. I say this with love. Do not set your eyes upon any man, myself included. We are all frail human vessels of earth. None of us deserves to share the glory that God will bestow upon us. Yet in His righteousness He will nevertheless bestow it for the blessing of His people. Keep your eyes wholly upon Jesus. He will be the only One who will have the power to get you home to heaven in safety.”
I hadn’t really heard of her, or if I had in the past, I didn’t remember her, so looked her up (breadcrumbs…), and found that she’s quite a prophetic voice herself, and has been for a long time! I was led to her website where I found this posting from July with an update in September: https://worldforjesus.org/article/word-of-the-lord-for-the-2020-election/. It has to be one of the most direct, compelling and jarring pieces I’ve read to-date. As I was reading through this “vision”, which was actually given to Ricci Wilson, I just started (again) crying out to the Lord Jehovah for our nation – for America – and His mercy and His will for her and His people…
I realize this is from July, but the leading is not coincidence or mistaken. Actually to either word. There is also a word/vision that’s out there by Terry Bennett from a while ago now too, actually December 2001 a lot of which resonates with the general warnings in both Stanley’s and Ricci’s words and visions, but with a timeframe also attached of between 2022 and 2028. They all point to scripture… warnings that our Lord has repeatedly given to His Church along with His prophetic voices always acting as His mouthpieces to urge His people to pray and to stand. He NEEDS us to be participants in action He will take on our behalf and for His glory, which means PRAYER. Continual, obedient, call-to-action prayer. “Pray without ceasing” prayer, as well as deep-diving into and staying immersed in scripture. I know there have been many pleas, words, postings, etc. out there, and we’re all tired, but as a sister and a friend, I am pleading for all of us to continue to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in this do-or-die fight with our God for our, His country.
One last thing… Terry Bennett said that the vision he received was given to him by an angel of the Lord over three to four days, at the end of which Terry asked him the same question Scrooge asked the spirit of Christmas future if the things he shared with him were things that would be, or if they were things that could be altered. He, Terry, said that the angel replied with the same response that was given to the character Scrooge – “If these things remain unaltered, this is what will happen.”
Time is of the essence. There are literally weeks left in the countdown, BUT GOD. Yes, God is God, and His hand is outstretched still… Amen.
Blessings, and nothing but love in Him my brothers and sisters
Claudia Monroe

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