The antichrist spirit has ruled with an increasing strength and power and the church slept.

This massive fraud has awakened us from our comfortable non confrontation bed, standing us (the true saints) up from our slumber, now moving us to battle.

Many who know little of spiritual warfare are finding themselves in deep fervent prayer (for the first time ever) as God has pulled the blinders off for us to see our part in battling this powerful spirit trying to take control our country.

Yes, saints, we are in a real fight. Want to know more, join us on Facebook at Issacharin Post. See prophetic words and the events connected to those very words.

It is time for Joel’s Army to form and function under the headship of Jesus our Lord. It is time to step up into His Function, utilizing God’s tools of warfare.

The devil did not expect such a reaction from a body with enormous power (who has never used it). I’m positive in saying the enemy is worried, as the passive, uninvolved, do nothing Church is “WOKE” and unwilling to be robbed, bullied, and killed any longer.

Now we come together in unity, we ban together in prayer and pull down these strongholds who’ve choked the life out of us for years.

Victory is ours. “The Kingdom of God is forcefully advancing and the violent TAKE IT BY FORCE.” Violent Intercessors focus to hear prayer instructions; get their orders and go to work functioning as one, under His leadership and Power.

WE WIN! This election will be overturned – guaranteed; and in the process, this specific event will connect the Body worldwide as nothing the earth has seen since Christ!

Clay Sikes
Issacharin Post

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