Natural life in this world exists in relationship. Relationship with our surroundings, the atmosphere, all that we see, feel, taste, touch, and hear all consists as life in the world. If we do not relate to any of these things, we are dead to life in this world.

Spiritual life in God exists in relationship. Relationship with Spirit God in the Spirit or heavenly realm exists in spiritual senses. Spiritual senses are similar to the five natural senses but are also supernatural or far greater than natural senses. We can see and hear or know things by spiritual senses that we do not see or hear or know with natural senses. If none of the spiritual senses are active, we are dead to life in the Spirit.

The natural or temporal life is a pattern, type, or replica of the Spirit realm. It is modeled from the pre-existing Spirit realm of Spirit God.

Human beings are the only known species of creation that were created to have full relationship in the Spirit realm and in the natural realm. That means to be fully alive in the Spirit or heavenly realm and in the natural or earthly realm.

Being relationally connected into both the Spirit realm and the natural realm, mankind is uniquely designed to know the will, purposes, and plans of God from heaven and working with God bring them forth on Planet Earth. Above all the other creatures only man was given dominion to bring God’s order to all created things on earth.


The sin of disobedience separated man from God, and death entered the world. Death is separation from God. Mankind could no longer bring the light and life of God’s perfect order to the world. Darkness of death or separation from the life and order of God took over the rule of this world.

Christ Jesus at the cross atoned for the sin of man and, by His resurrected life after the death on the cross, He took captivity captive and set all who will believe and receive free from the death of separation from God. Through the crucifixion and resurrected life of Christ Jesus, man can be restored to life in intimate relationship with God.

Mankind was restored to have dominion in the world, to restore the life of God in Christ Jesus to the governance of this world.

God’s plan was and is now to establish His KINGDOM through redeemed mankind by Christ Jesus in the Holy Spirit.


Unfortunately, the church separated itself from the governance of the world and thereby allowed death to reign in the world by separating the governance of the world from the life of God. The kingdom of God was to overcome the world by the love, power, and wisdom of God in Christ within the people by the Holy Spirit.

The rule of the resurrected life of Christ Jesus upon the world was locked up in buildings and systems apart from the world.

That which should have been the kingdom of God ruling the world became a church system separating itself from the world and thereby left the world in the grasp of the death of separation from God.

The governance of this world was left in the hands of Satan, the ruler of darkness. Though Satan and darkness were defeated at the cross and the power of the life of Christ returned in the Holy Spirit to restore the life and light of God in all the world, the deceived church systems pulled back and separated itself from the rule of the world.

The powers of darkness further enticed the religious church systems to break apart into many competing denominations. False doctrines of demons and some erroneous intellectual interpretations of scripture became traditions of the church systems mixed with the truth of the word of God. Thus, the kingdom of God that Jesus proclaimed and demonstrated was stolen from the world.

The darkness of death now reigns on earth and must be taken down and replaced by the light and life of God.


The gospel “good news” of the kingdom of God is the worst news ever to the kingdoms of evil darkness.

The church systems of mixture are now failing before our eyes. At the same time the world systems of evil darkness are being exposed by the light and love of the invading kingdom of God.

As the kingdom of light is beginning to arise in the people of God the darkness knows its end is at hand. In fear and panic the deceived rulers of darkness are going all out threatening or attempting to eradicate anything of God and Christ Jesus from the face of the earth.

The church systems of mixture and the evil world systems are both now coming down.

The all-powerful confrontation of the intervention of God is the fire of His glory dissolving all that is not of God on earth. Only that which is upon the Rock (standing strong on the firm foundation of Christ Jesus) and covered in the cleft of the Rock (protected in Christ Jesus) will remain.


The withdrawn and somewhat misguided church systems were the result of the preliminary work of preparing a people to re-establish the kingdom of God on earth. For two millennia, after Christ Jesus re-introduced the kingdom, the world has been moving toward the “Day of the Lord” when the fullness of kingdom would come forth on earth.

Revelation of the written word of God has been opening to believers in Christ in layers of truth. Each layer exposing false traditions that are removed and fresh truth and light of the kingdom of God are restored in the hearts and lives of God’s people.

In recent centuries the power of God was poured out in seasons of revival and restoration in outpourings of the Holy Spirit. God did not have truly mature holy people on which to pour out His Spirit and glory upon. He chose to pour out the outpourings of Holy Spirit upon flesh. (Joel 2:28) (Acts 2:16-20).

Some of the people of the church of mixture received the outpouring of Holy Spirit with miracles of healing, deliverance, and other powerful manifestations. This was done to show the people that the power and presence of God were real and available to change the world. This began a major turn toward purity and holiness over time. As the impure underlying mixture of flesh was exposed and the hard season of truly seeking the real kingdom of God came forth.


Apostles and prophets are sent from God to re-establish the word of the gospel of the pure holy kingdom of the love of God. The work of apostles and prophets is required to replace the erroneous traditions and doctrines of demons that had hidden the truth of the real kingdom of God from the church.

The real gospel of the kingdom as Jesus proclaimed it and demonstrated is now again being heard across the world. The reality of the fullness of the kingdom of God is beginning to come forth in the world.

The devil and all powers of darkness see what is happening and know that the world is being lost to them and their end of killing, stealing, and destroying is rapidly coming to an end. In great fear and wild panic, the powers of darkness are roaring with all that they have in an attempt to stop the kingdom of God from reclaiming the governance of God in Christ Jesus in this world.


Peace I bring to you in the ultimate power of My face of glory of the light of the fire of purging, cleansing, and destroying the darkness of your souls, hearts and minds. All who return to Me in MY only begotten Son are My Sons to arise in the light of My glory to restore My life into the order of this My world.

Of the great temples of human darkness not one stone shall be left upon another. My light of pure holy love will purge every shadow of darkness of the evil from every crack and crevice in which it hides. The great wall of separation “death” that has excluded My people from ruling and reigning with Christ on earth will crumble like the walls of Jericho.

Their great minds of evil darkness will fail and wicked rulers will be as food for fouls of the air. Death will be defeated and will destroy itself.

All who turn to Me in true repentance will be instantly transformed from darkness to light, from death to life, and shall lead the armies of light into victory of the reality of My kingdom ruling and reigning in My pure never-ending love.

Fear not and do not dread the changes before you. Know the wicked and wickedness is perishing and not a hair of the head of the glory children who retake this world will perish.

Righteousness shall prevail, vengeance is mind and the fruit of it is sweet in your mouth and soundness in your stomach. Fire and glory will no longer cause fear within you. Yet, the wicked will be paralyzed with the fear of the glory of the face of my righteous judgments now upon them and all the evil that darkness has built.

Rest in peace in the midst of the fiery battle. Fight the good fight of faith from the foundation of victory. Know that I am with you always and will never leave you nor forsake you. Victory is mine, says the Lord.

Arise now in My strength. Arise and shine for the glory of the Lord is upon you! You have returned to Me and I have returned to you, says the Lord God Almighty!

Ron McGatlin

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