The crowd was just a portion of those who participated in Prayer March 2020. More than 3.8 million people watched online from 57 countries, and others across America shared how they would be praying from their own homes on Saturday.

Tiffany Jothen : Sep 28, 2020

airlift“The Lord was moved by prayer for the land.” -2 Samuel 24:25, NASB

[] When Duane and Becky Cadotte got on the metro for the ride to the Lincoln Memorial Saturday, everyone around them had Prayer March lanyards on. All were headed to the same place to pray. (Image: BGEA)

“God’s presence is here,” Duane said from the steps of the memorial, moments before the Washington Prayer March with Franklin Graham got underway.

>>WATCH: A replay of Prayer March 2020

The Vietnam veteran from North Carolina asked Christ into his life on a New Jersey boardwalk in his early 20s. Since then, he’s seen his faith grow—and his country take a downward turn in its commitment to God.

Quoting his pastor, he said, “We deserve judgment, but we need mercy.”

Since 2016, Franklin Graham has led numerous calls for prayer across America through the Decision America Tour. First, in each state capital, then across dozens more cities, most recently in Florida this past January.

Franklin Graham leads prayer at the Washington Monument, one of seven stops on the 1.8-mile Prayer March.

“Father, our country is in trouble, and we need Your help,” he said Saturday. “I think we’re at a crucial point in this country. We’re that close to losing our nation.”

“You have poured out your blessing on us, but God, we have not been faithful to You,” she prayed. “Would You hear? Would You forgive? Would You heal?”

Karen Brown and Victor Santos stood nearby. They met on a bus for the drive down from Pennsylvania.

COVID-19 has kept a large part of the population isolated over past months, they said, and welcomed the chance to gather with others in prayer.

airliftBrown called it “empowering” to see so many unafraid to express their reliance on God—especially at a time Christians may feel like they’re standing alone in their faith. (Image: BGEA)

“I feel like there’s been an active effort to present division in our country,” she said. Meanwhile, she added, freedom of speech is getting “trampled on.”

Santos—who was saved at a Billy Graham Crusade in New York decades ago—appreciates Franklin Graham’s initiative in calling people together to cry out to God.

“None of us would be out here if we didn’t believe God answers prayer,” he said.

When the Prayer March ended, thousands lingered at the Capitol, in no rush to get back to their homes, cars and hotels. Some clung to each other in prayer, just as millions around the country are clinging to God’s promise to heal, if only we will humble ourselves before Him.

“If My people who are called by My name humble themselves, and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” -2 Chronicles 7:14

The Prayer March paused at seven stops for focused prayer, led by various speakers. It began at the Lincoln Memorial, then moved to the WWII Memorial, Washington Monument, White House and National Museum of African American History and Culture, before heading to the National Archives and finishing at the US Capitol.

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