The fact that anti-American history has been taught in our schools is undeniable. No longer confined to the four walls of a schoolroom, we have visible evidence of the spirit of lawlessness in our streets, resulting from our schools teaching Marxist ideology…

Nancy Huff-IFA Contributing Writer : Oct 1, 2020  Intercessors For America

[] Lord, we will be careful and watch ourselves closely so that we will not forget the things our eyes have seen or let them slip from our hearts as long as we live. We will teach them to our children and their children after them. -Deu. 4:9. (Image: Pixabay)

President Trump explicitly stated his intentions to restore a love for America through the teaching of American history from a patriotic perspective. On Thursday, September 17, 2020, the President the first White House Conference on American History. He said, “We must clear away the twisted web of lies in our schools and classrooms and teach our children the magnificent truth about our country.”

President Trump’s declaration on American history made a political impact and he drew a spiritual line in the sand when he said, “We are here today to declare that we will never submit to tyranny. We will reclaim our history and our country for citizens of every race, color, religion, and creed.

Immediately those who dominate the current version of this country’s history in our public schools flung a barrage of hateful accusations at the President, denying the problem of inaccurate history even exists in our schools. David Jackson, writing for USA Today, said, “Trump is failing his own test of history in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, an economic crisis, climate change, and the most compelling call for racial justice in generations.” USA Today’s article accused President Trump of being a dictator and following in Putin’s footsteps.

One spiritually significant proclamation instigated by William Wilberforce was issued in 1787. England was in a time of moral decadence with overfilled debtors’ prisons, massive child labor, rampant prostitution, and legal slavery. Wilberforce convinced King George III to issue a Proclamation for the Encouragement of Piety and Virtue to be read to every congregation in England on the same Sunday. As a result, England eradicated slavery and experienced a revival of morals.

The fact that anti-American history has been taught in our schools is undeniable. No longer confined to the four walls of a schoolroom, we have visible evidence of the spirit of lawlessness in our streets, resulting from our schools teaching Marxist ideology. We face a history desert in our schools, not just by the omission of history in the past, but also because our colleges are not training qualified history teachers to fill our classrooms. In  2000, the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) conducted a report, Losing America’s Memory. They found that college seniors at fifty-five of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the nation had a blatant ignorance of American history. Eighty-one percent of seniors from the top 55 colleges and universities received a grade of  D or F. They could not identify Valley Forge, or words from the Gettysburg Address, or even the basic principles of the U.S. Constitution.

Along with President Trump’s Proclamation, he also announced that he would soon sign an Executive Order establishing a national commission to promote patriotic education, called the 1776 Commission.

The President has done his part, and now it is up to the intercessors to pray into this transformation. We must honor the President’s line in the sand and engage in the spiritual warfare needed to win this battle. We are at a tipping point in our educational system. A call to prayer has been issued. Being spiritually alert, we recognize the urgency of the moment. It is time to enter into a spiritual battle to instill within our future generations a sense of destiny for our nation.

The task ahead will not be easy; for over 50 years, the leftists have dominated our classrooms and taken advantage of the history and civics vacuum in our curricula. Their doctrine, entrenched in the minds of our students, will require declarations and prayers that are not for the casual intercessor. The President has opened up the way for us, and now it is up to God’s people to take on the task to see that the tide turned, and our teachers, once again, teaching history that includes our Judeo-Christian values.

Today, we proclaim a reversal of the curse of lack of knowledge of America’s history among our students. We declare a turn-around in our schools. Our children will learn God’s ways and the ways He has saved this nation and brought us prosperity and peace. We declare His goodness over our land.

About the Author: Nancy Huff is an educator with a mission to equip Believers to pray strategically for the Cultural Mountain of Education. She has authored Taking the Mountain of Education: A Strategic Prayer Guide to Transform America’s Schools. She leads prayer groups to pray at key educational locations across the U.S. Currently; Nancy serves as the Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network (HAPN) Lead Prayer Coordinator for the Mountain of Education. For additional information Click Here.

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