What if you found out that you had potential access to a most powerful tool that will enable and empower you to do or be anything?

What if you found the way to a perfect Garden of Eden environment of perfect peace and joy, a place of plenty with no lack of any good thing?

God is revealing secrets that are keys that open access to the foundational realities of Spirit natural unification of God in man ruling and reigning on earth as in heaven.

The world has seen only glimpses and pieces of this heaven and earth unification. Christ Jesus, Yeshua in the first century and Adam in the Garden of Eden are biblical accounts or seeds of the heaven and earth unification or oneness that God has planned and desires for you and me now.

STOP! DO NOT READ THIS LIGHTLY! Read again and meditate the two questions above and let your thoughts ponder a life of being literally one with God, in perfect unity with Spirit God of heaven now on earth. Please make the time to hear with the ear in your heart what God has for us now.

Can it be true? Is there a life for me and you of unlimited love, power, and wisdom that can change the world to “as it is in heaven?”


As a human being made in the image of God and a descendant of Adam, you have within your humanity marvelous supernatural natural tools and equipment designed to execute the rule of heaven on earth.

Mankind was created as Sons of God to be his administrators and caretakers of His marvelous creation of the beautiful Planet Earth. With direct connection to God, Adam was able to manage life on earth under the authority of and in covenant with Father God.

Christ Jesus, Yeshua came to restore the covenant between Father God and mankind that Adam had lost when he sinned against God and his plan.

Today on Planet Earth mankind must choose to accept the work of restoration of Christ Jesus in order to be fully reconnected in Christ to Father God by the Holy Spirit.

As mankind daily walks in the new covenant by loving, honoring, and obeying God, our supernatural natural tools and equipment can again function properly to realign the world with heaven.


A human being is the highest creation of all of God’s creation whether terrestrial or celestial. There is no creation other than man that is created both as Spirit God and natural physical creation. Sons are the products of the Father. They carry the DNA of the Father blended with the DNA of the mother.

Father God is the Father of man, and the mother is the original perfect creation of earth (dust). Heaven and earth became one in man. Male and female, He made them. Spirit and material creation are the parents of the God/man or Adam, the original human being.

That was all lost when the God/man, Adam, sinned. Instantly death entered! The God/man became man/man or actually devil/man. The Spirit of man became the spirit of man.

Immediately mankind in Adam and Eve went from the life in the Garden of Eden to the struggles of hell on earth. Death (separation from God) reigned on earth from the fall of Adam to the cross and the resurrection of Christ.


In His love for man and the world, God chose a man (Abram) with a willing heart to be changed and set Abram on a journey of becoming nations. Abram was changed to Abraham. An avenue of connection opened through God’s covenant with Abraham to become the father of many nations including the covenant nation of Israel.

Abraham had two sons one (Ishmael) by Hagar that was of man’s plan and another son by Sarah (Isaac) that was God’s plan. (Genesis 22:9).

Isaac was the true son of covenant from God to become the linage for the then future nation to produce the last ADAM, the Messiah, Yeshua, Christ Jesus, Savior, Son of God, Lord of all, King of kings.

Christ Jesus came to earth to establish a New Covenant greater than the old covenant with Abraham. (Genesis Chapters 15-17).

Without earthly father, by the seed of God, born of a virgin the new God/man came to bring forth many sons of God to redeem and restore to the Father all that was lost in the first Adam. The pure hearted virgin (Mary) was the earth mother (dust) and God in the Holy Spirit was the Father part of the new God/man, the last Adam, Christ Jesus, Yeshua, Messiah.


All of the past history and preparation has brought us and this world to this moment in time August 29, 2020 when God is revealing the purpose and significance of the preparation of His many God/man Sons on earth.

God is restoring our tools and equipment to the same as His God/man Son, Christ Jesus. We, like Christ are Spirit beings born of God and human beings in this world. (Romans 8:9-17) (Hebrews 2:10).


Our equipment is restored and empowered by the reality of Christ in us by the Holy Spirit. We have direct intimate connection to the fullness of Father God in the Spirit. We are one with God in love beyond all understanding. (Colossians 1:26-27).

We have five Spirit senses just as we have five natural human senses. Our Spirit eyes and ears are opened to experience the knowing of all we need to know to do all God has for us.

We are fully equipped as joint heirs with Christ to relate fully to the throne of God in heaven. Our Spirit equipment is fully restored in Christ to function in direct face to face communication and impartation of all that our Father has in heaven.

Our Spirit being equipment comes together with our human being equipment in our redeemed mind, in our creative center referred to as our hearts. The heart of man is God’s creation center on earth.

Our mind is the man part of our being that relates to our life in the world. A human brain is part of our mind’s equipment. It is a magnificent piece of equipment that is greater than any computer in the world. It is the thinking ability of the human mind that can receive and assimilate or develop ideas from the Spirit and from the natural or physical.

Consider all the extremely complex modern technologies, electronics, telecommunication devices, huge artificial intelligence computers, medical procedures, medicines and much more that all come through human minds.

The human brain can calculate millions of bits of data just to provide the functions of the human body. Human senses are received through marvelous living organs. Our eyes and ears receive sight and sound and along with smell, taste, and feel or touch all come together in the brain and are instantly assimilated at one time.

The mind can orchestrate action immediately and transmit signals to physical body parts to make certain moves to come to the best result or position in accordance to the input from the senses. These simple things require millions of data bits instantly. The brain in every healthy child is a marvelous piece of equipment beyond imagination.


However, all of this is overshadowed by our redeemed and restored mind that is as the mind of Christ connected to the creative reality of God in heaven. Yes, by our Spirit the mind can receive images, understandings, and creative powers from heaven and assimilate them into existence in natural reality. DID YOU GET THAT?

Literally an idea or thought from Spirit God can flow in through our Spirit eyes and ears and be assimilated into our minds and then be projected in our imaging Spirit vision screen or sound speakers of our mental awareness. The ideas or thoughts are seeds planted in the creative portion of the human mind that can literally begin to change reality in the natural world.


How is it that our thoughts can change the world?

Our primary tool is the ability to decide and control our thoughts, to retain or reject thoughts.

The shaping of this world comes through the thoughts of mankind. Nothing relative to people and their cultures and civilizations is accomplished that is not first a thought in someone’s mind. From the evillest act to the most noble work all begin as a thought becoming an idea in the mind of someone.

Even things of earth from the smallest to the largest are subject to being changed by man in agreement with God.

From the spirit realm there are two sources of thought that subconsciously feed thoughts, ideas, or visions into the minds of human beings. Every thought that comes into the mind from the spirit realm is either from God or from Satan. Our management tool is what determines which we choose to plant into our hearts or said another way which we choose to believe.

From the natural realm spoken or written words and pictures are the primary source of thoughts that become what we receive and believe, or in other words that which we allow to be planted in our hearts.

WE CANNOT CHANGE OUR LIVES OR THE WORLD AROUND US BY TRYING HARD. We change our lives and the world around us by changing what we hear and see. Changing that which we receive and believe in our hearts is the way to change the world.

The wonderful heart of man will bring to pass whatever word, vision, idea, or thought that is believed or planted in it.

THE HUMAN MIND WILL BELIEVE WHATEVER IT HEARS AND/OR SEES REPEATEDLY, ESPECIALLY FROM A SOURCE DEEMED CREDIBLE. Even the craziest lie will become truth to the human mind if it is heard or seen repeatedly over time.


When God gave obedient mankind dominion over the natural world, He gave man creative authority to alter life and the natural world. In other words, God gave the elements the instruction to obey what mankind says and believes. This creative ability or subjection of the world was given in the trust of man to love and obey God in all matters.

The elements of earth are affected by the creative words or waves of instruction and actions of Christ in man. Even holy angels can become involved in restructuring the earth to the beliefs of man.

Equally, the elements must respond against evil words, thoughts, and actions by the devil in ungodly man. Demons can become involved in bringing forth the destructive works of killing, stealing, and destroying.


Spirit God gives a thought or idea to a human being that receives it into the heart. As the person speaks it out or writes or draws it, then it is in the world in image form. As he prays the idea or vision back to God, all the world begins to supernaturally come alive in the spirit realm to accomplish the vision from God. This is a work of the creative system of God in the Spirit realm.

A person anywhere on earth that knows nothing about the vision may be led of God to produce some material that will just happen to be needed in the vision. People may be led of God to learn a certain skill or invent a certain thing that will be needed in the vision. Everything begins to move in the world as God works all things together for the world to be changed according to His plan and purpose, His vision in man.

As the vision is shared into the world more and more human beings hear or see the vision and come into agreement with it and even more supernatural power is released to create the vision into the natural world. This is built into the system of God’s kingdom universal creation reality.

Major sources of natural words in the world today are mass education and mass media. Remember the human mind will eventually believe what it hears repeatedly especially from a respected source.

In love relationship with God in Christ, man has the authority to bring forth the kingdom of God on earth. We have the authority and the ability to bring forth the kingdom of heaven on earth now.

We change ourselves by what we choose to hear and see both naturally and spiritually.

We change the world by changing what the people hear and see which changes what they believe, which changes the world.

For more detail and scripture on this see Chapters 26 and 27 of the free download book, “Overcoming Life on A Small Planet.”

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Ron McGatlin 

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