We are staying temporarily in a small tiny house in an RV Park in Vallecito Valley awaiting our next assignment from Father.  Unfortunately we had some unwanted visitors during the night. In the darkness we could hear them.  In the light of day Roger went to put on his hearing aids and one was missing from the table where he’d laid them at bedtime.  The battery from the aid was laying on the floor.  They are expensive hearing instruments and our temptation was to panic over this loss.  We contacted the management of the park and of course, the story is a bit bizarre, so they really didn’t believe our story.  We pleaded and they had the owner from Utah call us.  He had difficulty believing our story as well, but did agree to send his maintenance man, Rick, over from Utah to see if he could find the aid.
When Rick arrived he told Roger that he’d prayed on the 4 hour trip over and asked the Lord, “Father, if this hearing aid is under this tiny house, please let me find it.”  We all rejoiced together and Rick set out to go under the house and see if he could locate the nest of the critter where we hoped he’d stashed his steal!  Please know that this instrument is about the size of a quarter and finding it would be truly a miracle.
Rick came with a dogged determination to find the aid.  He looked in one spot.  Nothing found.  He then went to the back of the tiny house and found a door to the water heater closet.  He opened the door and there to his amazement was the tiny little aid.  He came back to our front door and when Roger opened the door, Rick held out his hand and said, “Does it look like this?”
You can just imagine how much we all rejoiced and praised the Lord!  Rick had literally found the proverbial needle in a haystack and knew that he’d just been  used as God’s instrument in a miracle!
We rejoiced all evening long and late into the night.  Who was this miracle for Lord?  Was it for Rick?  Was it for the owner and management of the park?  Was it for us?  You be the judge!


In August our lease expired and Father instructed us not to sign another year’s lease.  Ugh!  Not really what we wanted to hear as we new another move was imminent.  However, He said that He had a new assignment for us. Now the question was, would we accept His new assignment or just ignore His new direction!  No brainer here!  So we began to pack up and when moving day came we put things in storage and secured a temporary place to stay while we await His new assignment.  This isn’t an easy choice but we have learned in our journey with Him that things are not always as we would choose, nor are they necessarily easy.  We have also learned that when we go through times of difficulty and discomfort that if we continue to follow His lead THROUGH the transition, that there are glorious times ahead and an upgrade to new levels in  our relationship with Him.  Romans 8:28.
We covet your prayers during this time.  It is difficult and uncomfortable.  Some days we are successful and our joy remains.  Other days are just plain hard.  Those are the days we need your prayer support the most.
Please note below our new contact information while we are in this transition period.  We would love to hear from you.

Roger & Gerri Taylor

After experiencing years of marital and family problems, depression, success and burnout several times in ministry, Roger and Gerri became aware of their deep need for intimacy and an encounter with the Father’s healing love. Soon, they received a personal experience of God’s unconditional love in such a way that it began to transform their relationships at home, with God, and with others.

Immersed in the Father’s love, they began to minister out of their life experiences with transparency and a spirit of brokenness. The Taylor’s have served the Lord for 35 years in ministry all the while walking in the School of the Holy Spirit.

In addition, Roger and Gerri have studied Elijah House Ministry materials by John and Paula Sandford, graduated the Imparting the Father’s Love School of Ministry directed by the late Jack Frost, and mentored with Alfred H. Ells, founder of Leaders That Last Ministries™, Mesa, AZ and Arthur Burk of Plumbline Ministries and Sapphire Leadership Group, Anaheim, CA. Many others in the Body of Christ have impacted the Taylors’ lives over the years and helped them pursue their passion of receiving and giving away the Father’s love and living in relational Christianity.

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