The all-out inconsolable divide of the age-old war for the hearts and minds of all human beings is now entering the time or season of its end.

The corrupt mindsets or belief systems of darkness that will not be rectified are inflamed against the glorious light and love of the kingdom of God that will not relent.

The mindset of the real kingdom of God on earth that will never relent is now arising on Planet Earth in direct opposition to the ruling mindset of humanistic darkness.


The great divide in America and the world is not democrats verses republicans. It is not all about Trump or “never Trump” or black people against white people. It is not even about socialism against capitalism or communism against free enterprise. These and more are all valid issues or active fronts of the great divide. However, they are not the primary issue.

All of the battles on many fronts are about ONE PREEMINENT ISSUE. This one preeminent issue is the core foundational underlying issue of GOD OR NO GOD.

The underlying issue is now becoming manifested in tangible visible natural reality. In practical reality it is fully surfaced in America in the elections for governmental leaders. Will the nations allow God to be a major factor in governance or will God not be allowed to guide the nations? This is the preeminent issue. All the other issues emanate from this one all important issue.

More definitively the issue is which kingdom will rule on Planet Earth, THE RULE OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH OR THE USURPED COUNTERFEIT KINGDOM OF DARKNESS.

The recent re-entrance of the kingdom of God reality being revealed and coming forth in the hearts and lives of people on earth is the cause of the uncovering of the darkness affecting the world. The kingdom of God coming forth on earth is a grave threat to the principality of Satan now ruling much of the world.

The kingdom of God is NOT the religions or religious church systems of the world. Revival is not the kingdom of God although it can be a step toward the real kingdom of God.

The kingdom of God is far greater than all of the kingdoms of this world. Everything in the created world terrestrial and celestial, physical and spiritual, seen and unseen, is a part of and subject to the kingdom of God.

Mankind, made in the image and likeness of God, and filled with the breath of God is given dominion over Planet Earth and all that is on it, in it, or around it. From the tiniest cell or microbe to the greatest ocean and the greatest mountains, all are the domain of the KING, the KING-domain, kingdom of God on earth, and all are given to mankind to manage, care for, and multiply according to the will and purposes of God working in and with man.


The usurped counterfeit false principality of Satan is completely defeated and completely subject to the kingdom of God. The devil’s only hope to continue his stolen rule on earth is to continue to blind mankind to the reality of the kingdom of God authority given to mankind. When the sons and daughters of God realize the authority, strength, wisdom, and power of Spirit Christ within them by the Holy Spirit of God, the rule of Satan is finished.


Multitudes of mind-diluting words involving extreme and passionate emotional issues that are fabricated from magnified grievances and outright false scenarios are constantly bombarding the minds of the people. The multitude of false words of darkness cause human beings to believe the cunningly devised lies of Satan. This switches the God-set polarization of the hearts and minds of the people.

Truth becomes foolish lies, evil becomes good, darkness become light and light becomes darkness in the minds and hearts of the repolarized people of the world. Actions then are birthed from the growing belief that the light of God is darkness and that the evil darkness of Satan is light. This causes disorder, chaos, death, and destruction in the world.

Even Christian religious minds are led from light to darkness through the constant broadcast of words of darkness posing as light. False words and images repeatedly entering the hearts of the people through broadcast media and educational systems has turned light to evil darkness and evil darkness to light in the hearts and minds of multitudes.


The heart “soil” of human beings will grow whatever word “seed” is planted in it and believed. The words of evil darkness that are heard repeatedly especially from a respected source automatically grows in them and becomes reality or truth to the mind of the people.

Mankind does not have control over whether a seed planted will grow or not. That process is a set universal law of the creation of God.

However, man does have a choice as to what seed is planted. Our place of control is to choose what word or seed is planted. What we see and hear will become what we believe if we allow it to remain in our heart.

We do also have a secondary weapon to enact or appropriate the work of Christ Jesus to uproot the growth of growing plants of the bad seed and to heal the soil of our hearts to grow the freshly planted seed of the kingdom of God in the good soil of our hearts.


Extreme and miraculous explosions of the glory of God breaking through the darkness with the pure holy love of the light of heaven’s kingdom reality must break forth now from the hearts and lives of God’s kingdom people.

Sudden love explosions in the hearts and lives of many sleeping believers must come forth now to awaken multitudes of believers to fall in love with God and blow the roof of their restrained lives with the shout of the righteousness, peace, and joy of the kingdom of light alive and well on Planet Earth.

Rock the Planet with the love explosion of the JOY of JESUS now. Turn the night into the brilliant light of the kingdom in the few hours that remain lest the midnight darkness consumes the nations.


You may have been a great Christian and even a leader in church and revival ministry or you may have been fallen away to the depths of depravity or raised in a deceptive false religion or an elite humanistic product of the American dream intellectualism or whatever else. Wherever we came through and whatever we came through, if we follow God in Christ the KINGDOM IS WHERE WE ARE GOING. ALL OF THAT PAST CAN NOW CHANGE TO BECOME THE ONE GREATEST OF ALL LIVES ON EARTH IN THE REALITY OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD NOW MANIFESTING IN THE REDEEMED HEARTS OF ALL WHO WILL HEAR AND BELIEVE THE GLORIOUS GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD:  THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM THAT JESUS AND HIS DISCIPLES ANNOUNCED AND DEMONSTRATED IN THE FIRST CENTURY.

Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Matthew 6:33.

Ron McGatlin

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