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Praise Reports

Answered prayer for USA

Two weeks ago we joined with American intercessors to pray for a tsunami of prayer to gain momentum and bring positive change in the USA (1 Samuel 2:1). This week we praise God for Holy Spirit changes taking place. For an encouraging video, go to. On it you will see a number of Christian groups holding revival services at the site where George Floyd died in Minneapolis. They are seeing many people turn to God, and miracles are happening in a revival that is reportedly spreading to other USA cities. Could this be an early indication of the promised Great Awakening that we are praying for?

Praise: God for answered prayers that bring Holy Spirit changes to the nations. (2 Samuel 21:14b)

A room with a pew

Imagine being handed a key to an ancient church that is immersed in history and having the place to yourself for a whole weekend! This experience is now open to church campers or ‘champers’. Champing is a new trend in ‘spiritual tourism’ throughout the UK, where travellers have sleepovers in archaic buildings. First launched by the Churches Conservation Trust (CCT), which looks after over 300 redundant churches nationwide, it aims to offer a totally different visitor experience and also raise money to support the conservation of old places of worship. Champing churches are living time-capsules, with centuries of history to explore. Rugs are laid on stone floors and visitors sleep on mattresses. Portable lavatories and washbasins are available.

Praise: God for innovative ideas that raise interest in our Christian heritage while providing funds for their upkeep. (Romans 15:4)

Five-year-old raises over £1 million

Five-year-old disabled Tony Hudgell finished his fundraising challenge on 30 June and raised over £1 million for the hospital that saved his life. He challenged himself to walk every day of June on his prosthetic legs with the aid of two walking sticks, to raise money for the NHS. He made such strides with his walking that he exceeded his distance target of ten kilometres. Tony was an abused baby whose legs were seriously damaged before he was taken into care. His adoptive parents took him to Evelina London Children’s Hospital, resulting in his having both of his legs amputated in 2017. His mother said, ‘We are proud of him for doing so well with his walking, while helping to make a difference to the lives of other children who need the care of Evelina London.’

Praise: God for the thousands of people who have given so generously to Tony’s cause, and for the bravery and determination shown in his young life. (Psalm 71:6)

Praise Reports

House of prayer

There are many vital areas still needing prayer. The virus, the economic challenges, and fear do not take a holiday. Likewise the church, the ‘house of prayer’, cannot afford to ease up at this crucial time. We need to devote ourselves to pray with perseverance until we receive the answers and achieve the breakthroughs so desperately needed in all these areas. There has been an unprecedented outpouring of prayer in this nation and throughout the world. We cannot afford to slow down now. Please pray that the virus will be halted in its tracks and sent into reverse – ‘thus far and no further’ (Job 38:11); for our Government as it continues to grapple with huge decisions; for our health and social care services to cope well with the impact of the virus; and for the safety of police and all frontline emergency services, maintaining order and security.

Pray: for God’s people to continue to be the Gospel in action, re-building community locally and providing amazing acts of compassion and kindness. (Matthew 21:13a)

Lockdown peaks and troughs

‘Looks like everyone in the UK is breaking the lockdown rules, then?’ said a person living in France in late May. In June, UK social media were ablaze with images of packed beaches and street parties. While we follow the developments of the pandemic in the UK, many of our conversations have included judgmental comments about other countries. Now a full local lockdown has had to be imposed in Leicester because of increased coronavirus cases; non-essential shops and most schools have been closed again. The loosening of restrictions for pubs and restaurants will also not take place there. See

Pray: for lockdown rule-breaking to calm down as the nation begins to open up. (Proverbs 29:18)

Farming and the land

In March DEFRA. responding to the Godfray review, set out the next phase of its bovine TB strategy which will include cattle and badger vaccination and improved testing. The issues are complex. Straightforward preventative actions are still not being implemented by farmers owing to weariness and frustration. Pray for wisdom for government and opinion-formers. Pray for all farmers and animals affected. Pray that any spiritual issues and as yet unknown factors causing the disease to persist will be revealed and addressed (Exodus 16:26). Rain in June has greened up the fields and provided much-needed grazing, but predicted crop yields are still much lower than normal. This follows many turbulent months for farming due to the weather and Brexit. Give thanks to the Lord who ‘visits the earth and waters it’ (Psalm 65:9); pray that He will ‘crown the year with His goodness’ (Psalm 65:11).

Pray: for farmers to reach out to the One who ‘supplies seed to the sower’. (2 Corinthians 9:10)

Fundamental freedom of worship

Church leaders led by Pastor Ade Omooba continue their legal challenge of the lockdown restrictions on churches. The group has been stressing to the Government that churches, not civil authorities, have the legal and moral authority to make decisions over worship services. This challenge has already led to speeding up plans to allow churches to meet. A recent guidance document lists restrictions on activities like singing and baptisms. Nearly all the points made are listed as things for churches to consider, not rules to follow: so churches that emphasise the importance of singing may be able to do so, having considered how to avoid any risk. Nothing has changed yet: the Government must update coronavirus regulations in line with the guidance. If they do reflect the guidance, church leaders should be emboldened to open their churches and resume services in the way they see fit.

Pray: for regulations to loosen so that church leaders are allowed to make the decisions on how to resume services. (Proverbs 2:10)

Bishop reacts to PM’s economic recovery plan

The prime minister’s plan to spend £5 billion on rebuilding the economy after the coronavirus crisis has been met with scepticism by Rt Rev Martin Gorick, Bishop of Dudley. In a keynote speech in Dudley, Boris Johnson announced a new ‘opportunity guarantee’ to help the economy cope with the ‘aftershock’ of the coronavirus crisis. Bishop Martin said, ‘We need to pray not just for warm and expansive words, but we need to pray for cool calm thinking, planning and the real determination to deliver for the poorest communities, and especially for some of our young people.’ The Prime Minister acknowledged that it might seem premature to make a speech now about Britain after Covid, given events in Leicester, but said, ‘We cannot continue simply to be prisoners of this crisis. The country needs to be ready for what may be coming’.

Pray: for God to hold the government in His hands as they plan and project targets, rebuild all that’s broken and heal a damaged economy. (Psalm 18:35)

UK will honour Hong Kong passport promise

Dominic Raab says that China’s new laws (see world article 3 below), cementing its control over Hong Kong, are a serious violation of the 1997 agreement about Hong Kong’s future. Boris Johnson has said he will now make it possible for those with British National Overseas status to enter the UK, with limited leave to live and work and apply for British citizenship. The ‘new bespoke immigration route’ means an eligible Hong Kong resident could move to the UK without the current limits, and would be able to live and work in the UK for five years. After that they (and their dependents) could apply for settled status and eventual citizenship. China firmly opposes this and reserves the right to take corresponding measures. Australia is also considering offering a safe haven for Hongkongers.

Pray: for positive diplomacy to soften potential political tensions between the UK and China. (Psalm 46:9)

Pandemic vaccine trials

Professor Sarah Gilbert, the world-renowned expert leading Oxford University’s team devising a vaccine, told MPs that it would provide ‘a good duration of immunity for several years at least, and probably be better than naturally-acquired immunity.’ Asked for a timeline on the vaccine amid concerns of facing the winter without one, she said, ‘I hope we can improve on those timelines and come to the rescue.’ 8,000 Britons are in a major trial of the Oxford vaccine, and an experimental vaccine is being tested by a German partner. These trials showed encouraging early results, producing neutralising antibodies between 1.8 and 2.8 times greater than those of recovered patients. The key question is whether the vaccine will protect people from becoming infected, or simply make them less ill. It may also work less well in older people because their immune systems are weaker.

Pray: for scientists and technicians to find an effective vaccine for the world’s populations. (Proverbs 9:9)

Praise Reports

Germany: recovery and healing

The lockdown in most of Europe is gradually easing. Social distancing regulations remain in force, but there is no distance spiritually between us and our Father in heaven. We can continue to pray for Europe, and for Germany which assumes the presidency of the EU Council for six months from 1 July. Its government has announced a 130 billion Euro recovery package to strengthen and promote investment from businesses and municipalities. Please pray that in the coming economic challenges that there will be an attitude which serves and protects people’s lives rather than finances (Leviticus 25:35-37). Social unrest has intensified recently in Europe and globally. In times of crisis, social solidity comes under pressure and the divisions within society drive people apart.

Pray: for God to raise up peacemakers and bridge-builders to calm the tension-filled atmosphere by leading people with differing opinions to come together in unity. (Jeremiah 29:11)

France: Macron’s tribulations

In 2017 Emmanuel Macron won 66% of the vote to become France’s youngest-ever president. It was the first time in half a century that France had a president from outside its two main political parties. An incumbent’s first term in office usually defines his political identity and policy agenda. But three years into a five-year term, in trying to win support from a politically diverse electorate, Macron has failed to define his political agenda or his natural political base. With preparation for re-election in 2022 firmly on his mind, he faces a series of challenges. His LREM party took a thrashing in recent local elections, a clear rebuke for tying his potential next term to a robust environmental and social agenda. The crushing of LREM’s candidate in Paris’ mayoral race was particularly embarrassing for the party.

Pray: for France to enter a season of solving protests and pandemic-battered economy while putting people’s well-being ahead of political standing. (Ecclesiastes 3:3b)

Praise Reports

Intercessor Focus: Bibles translated and distributed

The Bible has been translated into more languages than any other book, yet the history of Bible translations is contentious and bloody. Many translators were burned at the stake. Today Islam is spreading, and in some countries Bibles are a rare commodity. Please pray for people groups without a Bible in their mother tongue. Pray for organisations like the Bible Society, Wycliffe, and many others translating and distributing God’s Word. May the translators have Holy Spirit discernment to accurately depict the original text into the various cultures and dialects. Pray for those publishing scriptures in print, audio, visual, braille, technical devices and various advanced layouts. May the distribution avenues they use be unobstructed. Pray also for God’s protection for Christians being persecuted for living by God’s word in hostile dangerous environments. May all believers have safe spaces in which to study, grow in their faith, and share God’s teaching.

Pray: for God’s message of love, grace and salvation to reach everyone in the language that they understand best. (Hebrews 4:12)

Zimbabwe: economic crisis, poverty

A shopper grumbled while returning a loaf of bread to a rack – the price had jumped by a third. Nearby a half-mile queue of cars waited at an empty petrol station hoping for a delivery. Zimbabwe has an economic crisis. Basic goods prices rise weekly as the value of the Zimbabwean dollar tumbles. Inflation was 785.6% in April, and poverty is deepening. UN aid agencies reported that 7.7 million people, half of the population, require food assistance. A loaf of bread went up 36% last month, and last week a 22-pound sack of cornmeal jumped 30%. Fuel soared by 152% recently; a similar rise in 2019 sparked national demonstrations and deaths. ‘Things cannot continue this way. These people should just admit they have failed,’ said a Harare resident, referring to President Mnangagwa’s government which took power pledging to revive the economy. Pray for food aid to reach the hungry.

Pray: for wise management to replace confusion, and dishonesty and peace to descend on a restless population. (James 3:17)

Hong Kong: security law passed

China has passed a controversial national security legislation for Hong Kong that will cover acts of ‘secession, subversion, terrorism and interference by foreign powers in the territory’s internal affairs’ while allowing mainland China’s intelligence agencies to establish themselves there. Critics say this will outlaw dissent and destroy the autonomy and freedoms promised in the Sino-GB agreement when Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997. The draft of the law was announced on the anniversary of this event, symbolically implying that China is in charge and its leaders will do whatever they deem necessary to protect Hong Kong. On 1 July police fired water cannon and tear gas while arresting 300+ people protesting in defiance of the sweeping legislation, and a ‘dissident’ was arrested at the airport before boarding a plane to the UK. Amnesty International warned, ‘China’s aim is to govern Hong Kong through fear from this point forward’.

Pray: for God to protect the individuals who have led and participated in Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests as they enter an era of ill-defined laws and a secret police state. (Proverbs 2:8,9)

Church-planting and discipleship movements

During the last 25 years thousands of new followers of Christ have been born among peoples who were historically starved of the gospel. These mass turnings to Christ are happening among Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist peoples through natural networks of family, household, and friendship. The gospel is introduced through a person with an abundance of natural links in the community, often called a ‘person of peace’. Discipleship is learnt in groups meeting to discuss the scriptures and seeking to obey Christ. Each person is taught to reproduce the discipleship process in their own networks. Living out the Kingdom by serving others is seen as important in glorifying God and in reducing hostility to the message. Praise God that many thousands of people are meeting Christ in Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist communities. Pray for church-planting initiatives around the world to be channels of grace.

Pray: for wise and peaceful interactions with older examples of the Christian faith, so that ‘Christ may be all in all’. (Ephesians 4:13)

USA: different warnings

A Venezuelan activist has warned Americans that torching and toppling historical statues could be dangerous. She noted that destructive behaviour toward significant figures such as George Washington, Christopher Columbus, and Abraham Lincoln, is an effort to destroy a national identity. When she was a teenager in Venezuela statues came down because Chavez didn’t want Venezuela’s history displayed. Then he changed the street names, school curriculum and some movies couldn’t be shown on TV. Meanwhile, the USA’s top infectious disease expert warned, ‘Over recent days we’ve seen a pandemic spike well beyond the worst previous ones. We’ve got to get that under control or we risk an even greater outbreak.’

Pray: for America’s past to be justly recalled, and the present to be wisely administered. (2 Corinthians 5:10)

Syria: oil contamination imperils lives

Oil pollution accumulates in the air, in the soil, and in people’s bodies. When it reaches a certain level, it causes illness or death. The Kurds of northeast Syria were valiant against IS, but today they face a potentially even more deadly scourge, putting the lives of four million local residents at risk. Syria’s contested crude oil is leaking from dilapidated pipelines and contaminating rivers and streams. When the rivers flood, as they did in April, they spread their poison over agricultural crops, just as thousands of rudimentary refineries belch their own toxic fumes into the air. Sporadic protests have resulted in makeshift refineries being shut down, only for them to pop up elsewhere. Locals in affected areas say that many dangerous illnesses caused by the pollution are multiplying. Residents requested anonymity, fearing retribution from authorities – a telling sign of how caustic the danger is.

Pray: for pharmacists, farmers, medics, researchers and journalists to make their complaints heard so that the ‘river of death’ is no longer ignored by authorities and oil moguls. (Proverbs 18:5)

Ethiopia: ethnic tensions simmer

Hundreds of thousands of protesters brought sweeping change to their government in 2018 blaring the music of Hachalu Hundessa, a popular activist singing for the liberation and empowerment of the largest ethnic group – the Oromo. Now 34-year old Hundessa has been gunned down in Addis Ababa, causing massive new protests. By 2 July over 80 were dead. The internet has been cut nationwide. The prime minister, praising the singer, called for calm. Authorities say suspects are in custody, but beyond that little is known about what happened. In a deeply fragmented nation of 105 million people, coronavirus has forced the postponement of August’s national elections. Ethiopians, already in heightened social tension and economic uncertainty, now have to wait until next year to express their grievances and preferences through normal political channels.

Pray: for a calm atmosphere to bring healing to the fractured society, and for peaceful dialogue to replace open tensions. (Proverbs 12:18)

Praise Reports
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