Question? A week ago the Democratic Governors, Mayors were going to jail people for opening their businesses because of the Corona Virus? They were keeping their states in lockdown to “protect the people”

Yet these same Governors, and Mayors are allowing “peaceful” protest with masks or no masks, social distancing or not, but churches that had more than 10 people they were going to arrest?

Churches that wanted to have prayer meetings in person were threatened and harassed by these same Governors?

What happened to the pandemic? What happened to social distancing?

Are those people rioting in the streets, breaking windows, burning building, stealing and looting are they at least wearing masks and gloves?

Are they being quarantined for 14 day? I see many of the peaceful protestors having their masks on, but many are not? What happened to concern for “starting more virus hot spots?

Why the hypocrisy of these Democratic Governors? Again, I am a registered Independant. So it is not political in me asking these questions?

There is a much deeper question and concern as Christians and people of this nation we must ask? What is going on in our nation right now is not an accident.

We need spiritual discernment and wisdom from God to discern what is at work here and we need his grace and love to overcome the darkness that is being released in this nation.

What happens to a nation that forsakes God? What happens to a nation that turns to evil instead of God? What happens when you remove all the boundaries of Gods law to a nation?

What happens is Satan works through people to remove the boundaries of a civil society to make it lawless, and lawlessness begins to reign in the cities because it reigns in the hearts of those who forsake and hate God.

This pandemic was a time for us to repent as the people of God and as a nation. 2nd Chronicles 7:14 was Gods way to us. But how many heard that call? How many ministers mocked this call to repent? How many tempted the Lord, by saying God is not allowing this?

It is not to late to repent. It is not to late to turn and repent around church of the living God? It is not to late for our nation to repent. How much more do we need to see to see our true spiritual condition in this nation?

The Gospel message begins with one word REPENT! The Gospel of the Kingdom message ends with the SAME WORD REPENT. Revelation 3:19. Will we heed it?

God is control and His pure holy love is going to destroy all evil and wickedness and Jesus is here to destroy the works of the devil. Every single one of them and He will do it through His overcoming people.

Let us not let this day come upon us unaware. Things will never be the same. God has changed things. The time for the full manifestion of Gods kingdom to be revealed on the earth is now upon us.

Let us get prepared, positioned so we can be propelled as an overcoming company of full grown sons and daughters of God ready to release His Kingdom on earth as it is heaven. The time has come!

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What we are witnessing is deliberate. It is attack not just on the rule of law, but on life as we have known it to be in this nation.

I have been warning and warning, we are never going back to where we were before this pandemic stopped everything. I have been warning more was coming.

I didn’t know what the more was, but I know darkness is accelerating to bring utter chaos to this nation. In 2009 David Wilkerson received a warning from the Lord.

He saw fires throughout the USA. God told him that almost every single major cities in the USA would be on fire burning. He saw the only way order would be restored was by the US military.

He saw major looting of stores and destroying of businesses and national monuments. Many mocked him for the prophecy because He said God was releasing his judgments upon this nations.

Major Christian ministries attacked him, ridiculed him, but look now what do you see? Did God speak to him? Did God warn him to warn us? Did we shut down his prophetic voice? Did we say this will never happen in America?

He had a word with the vision and prophetic words God gave him, that the church and this nation needed to repent? Did we? Have we turned to God? Will we now?

What are we praying for the rioters to stop? That is good, but what about the spiritual condition of our hearts before God?

What about the Luke warm Christianity who say they are rich and in need of nothing? What about Gods people that lost their first love for Jesus?

Judgement begins in the House of the Lord. Read Isaiah chapter 1 and see how God viewed his people and the nation? He says “come now let us reason together, though you sins may be as scarlet I will make them white as snow.

He said, “if you be willing and obedient you shall eat the good of the land.

What does God see? What is Gods view of His church tonight? Did we go back to business as usual? Are our hearts set to go back to life as it was 60 days ago or more?

Read Isaiah 1 and let the Holy Spirit speak to us and maybe a real and genuine repentance can come starting with us His people.

Henry Joseph Falcone
Flame of Fire Ministries

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