In God’s original creation of Man there was absolutely no conflict in Adam’s natural mind and spiritual reality. Adam’s original intellect and natural mind did not need to be redeemed or purified. His mind was unhindered by sin or separation from Spirit God.

His undamaged spirit, soul and body caused Adam to have a perfectly clear mind, a God centered will, and peaceful emotions untouched by need, lack, greed or fear of any kind. He was able to name all the animals and remember all their names and to do his job of overseeing God’s perfect order in the Garden because he had a perfect and powerful mind that had not been dulled by sin.

There was no separation of secular and spiritual or natural and supernatural, no separation of “church and state” or God and government. It was a perfect order of God ruling and reigning through man. It was the kingdom of God on earth. It was love from God working in man keeping perfect order on earth as it is in heaven.

All descendants of Adam fell when he fell. All human beings no longer had the perfect undamaged mind perfectly connected with Spirit God.

Jesus came as the first man on earth that was not under the linage of Adam. He was a new linage of Father God with the only perfect undamaged and uncluttered mind with a direct connection with Father God. Jesus, had all the qualities of the first Adam and could fully function in the Spirit realm and the natural realm. As a natural man He accurately re-presented the Father by the Holy Spirit.

Jesus grew up as a natural man except with a perfect undamaged mind. At His baptism the Holy Spirit descended like a dove and remained on Jesus. He did no mighty works before the Holy Spirit came upon Him and remained. After being permanently indwell with the Holy Spirit He still had a perfect powerful natural mind but also had the empowerment of God dwelling within Him by the Holy Spirit.

Jesus was a natural man like Adam except with a mind without the death results of Adam’s sin. With His perfect sinless mind, will and emotions Jesus lived a perfect sinless life. After the Holy Spirit came upon Him, He was empowered to do the mighty works that He did before becoming the perfect blood sacrifice for the salvation of all who believe.


Partaking of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil was off limits because it would cause death. Partaking of the tree of life would cause life.

Man was not designed to function apart from God. The day Adam ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge he shifted from depending on God to looking unto his own knowledge to figure things out. Jesus has come to redeem us and restore us to life from the tree of life. In John 15, Jesus is the tree and we are the branches. As a branch fully connected into the tree of life we bear the fruit of the life of God.

We are made alive in Christ as we receive His Spirit to abide with us and in us. As spirit beings we are instantly transformed. However, our human natural minds MUST be renewed to fully experience the life of Christ flowing into and through us to do the works of God on earth. The same works that Jesus did and even greater works. (John 14:12).

God’s original purpose for mankind is to tend or care for or rule in the garden of the natural presentation or creation on Planet Earth. The work of the last Adam, Christ Jesus, was and is to redeem man and work in and with man to restore the heavenly garden reality of heaven on earth.

All opposition to the full plan of redemption of man and the restoration of the garden was defeated through the finished work of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ Jesus.

Man’s part in the natural manifestation of the redemption and restoration work is to believe. Faith means believing and trusting. It is by faith that the love, power and wisdom of God flowing from Spirit Christ in and through man by the Holy Spirit that the works of Christ Jesus are manifested into the natural world.

Ron McGatlin

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