(Note from Ron: Please consider prayerfully and carefully the deeper kingdom truth written here that begins to absolve the differences of thought that divides us and embraces the greater all-encompassing kingdom truth that leads to oneness with God and man and can help to unite all of God’s people.)


That which is in the mind of man affects the world.

Religion and politics contain systems of thought that are distributed into the world through voice either spoken or written. The spoken or written words become thoughts in the minds and hearts of human beings that shapes their lives. The lives of mankind in turn shape the world.

The origin of a spoken word is a thought. The ultimate beginning and the essence carried by the thought comes from a level of existence and life beyond the mind from the unseen spirit realm.

The spirit realm inspires or feeds the intent and the content of thought into the mind. The spirit is deeper and greater than the mind. The spirit realm has access to far greater realms of knowledge, wisdom, and power.

There are only two spiritual yeast-like inspirational opposite powers that set the core essence or the tone or color of all thought. These unseen powers are often referred to as positive and negative or light and darkness. Universal tension in mankind and the world sources from the apparent contention in these two opposing spiritual inspirational powers.

The entire world including all humanity is polarized by these two influencers of thought that affects all belief and actions of mankind which affects and changes the world.


Simply stated, one of the deeper divisive systems of thought that has separated the people of the church age is the belief that:

  1. God is the source of all things including the works that are called evil by mankind, and
  2. The devil is responsible for all that is called evil by mankind and God is only the source of that which is called good.

Perfect unity has been impossible because of this and other systems of thought that become conflicting doctrines of the church age.

In this kingdom age deeper revelation from God is dissolving these doctrinal differences. True unity of the people of God is possible in the freshly restored reality of the Spirit umbrella of the greater gospel of the kingdom now coming forth in the kingdom age.


In the ultimate core of the ultimate all of all is the Spirit monopole of all, the source of all that is seen and unseen, all that is said or unsaid.

ALL originates in the ONE. The ONE is the Spirit Father of all inspiration of the flow of all life and its substance of all knowledge, all wisdom, all power, and all other aspects of life.

Life is a flow that moves in tension of designed eternal purpose. The tension is between the ONENESS OF LOVE unto the glory of Father of all in all and the divisiveness of DISCONNECTION FROM LOVE. The opposite of love is not hate but the lack of connection to the experience of God’s love.

Disconnection from love is the source of all need or lack. Need or lack is the negative that begs the positive flow of life between God and man.

Mankind made in the image and likeness of God was made in the oneness of love with God. The choice to remain in that place of one with God in love was given to man to demonstrate man’s love and thereby establish the value of the flow of love from God and for God.

Without need or lack there would be no out flow or movement of mercy and grace, which is a flow of love.

Tension is pressure, and without pressure differential there is no flow or movement. Without plus and minus or positive and negative, there is no defined flow or movement of mercy and grace of manifested love. The negative charge in man calls for the positive charge in God to create the peace of oneness. The darkness in man requires the light of God to create oneness of God and man.

All physical life is alive in tension of constant motion of change moving toward the GLORY of FATHER LOVE. The glory of God on earth is made manifest in man becoming one with God in intimate love relationship.

The expression of the light of God’s glory flowing in and through Christ in many mature Sons of glory by the Holy Spirit is the kingdom of God on earth. It is Christ on earth in His many membered body establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.


Light is the presence or flow of love/life. Darkness is the absence of light or the absence of love/life. As it is in the spiritual realm, so it is in the natural realm.

In the core of all things, there is not good and bad. There is only love or the lack of love.

Where love is there is no bad or evil, just as where the light is there is no darkness.

Good and bad or “good and evil” is a human term relating to human understanding without the full light of God. It is a perspective of intellectually evaluating the outcome of a thing or situation in respect to what it does or does not do for the natural man.

Without the perspective of the full light of God, human beings are easily deceived by the spirit input of darkness feeding thoughts and concepts into our minds.

Satan, Lucifer, the devil and demons are created spirit beings who have chosen independence or separation from the love of God. They collectively are known as the powers of darkness.

The defeated powers of darkness are allowed to remain for the purpose of tension for testing or tribulation by lack and need, thus by the contrast proving the love of God and turning mankind toward God and His love. The powers of darkness will remain on earth until the light fills all mankind and subsequently the entire world.


The natural qualities of politics and religion are primarily human philosophies of attempted management or governance from the natural human perspective of good and bad from the minds of men formed without the full light of God.

Politicians and religionists, in search of good for themselves, their family, group, tribe, or nation often have their minds fed thoughts from the spirit realm without the full light of God.

The ONE and only source of LOVE in our world today is the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD. The love and life of God in Christ Jesus is flowed into the hearts and lives of His people by the Holy Spirit.

The lack of Holy Spirit Love in man always leads to human attempts to provide for the need and lack of the people beginning with themselves, their families, tribes, states, and nations.

This is seeking to do a good work, but without love it can only produce more lack and need. It may temporarily shift the level of lack and need from one group to another. However, the end result will always be more painful need and lack that can cause mankind to turn to God to receive the love of life from God by the Holy Spirit.


The kingdom of God is love flowing from God into the hearts and lives of all who will believe and come to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness above all else.

Alignment with God as source can flow through anyone or any system of governance that abides in God and His love and in whom God and His love abides through Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit.

The kingdom of God is not in competition with politics or religion or any other system IF that system is fully connected as one with God and His love.

There can be no life on earth free of lack and need that is not connected with God and His love. Love is the only answer to the needs of this life.


The good news in this moment is that many are experiencing the return of the fullness of Christ Jesus in their hearts and lives by the LOVE and POWER of Christ Jesus now exploding the love of God in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

This is the season of the presence of Christ in the Holy Spirit dissolving the evil of the lack of love with the fire of His love exploding into and out from our lives.

This is our Day of the Lord that changes all.

The increasing tribulation of darkness covering the earth will dissolve completely when its work is finished. Its work is that of painfully manifesting the results of the lack of LOVE connection with the heart of God in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit.

The tension and contention in this world will dissipate as a vapor in the sunshine when the light of LOVE is fully flowing into our hearts by the Spirit of Father God in Christ by the Holy Spirit.

The rule of the kingdom of God on earth is peace on earth and good will toward men. It is the full reality of King Jesus in mankind returning the kingdoms of this world to Father God. It is God abiding in and with man in the beauty of the innocence of holiness in the Garden of Eden way of life on earth as it is in heaven.

“…Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” Matthew 6:33.

 And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13.

“Love never fails…” 1 Corinthians 13:8.

“God is love.” 1 John 4:8.

“….and of His kingdom there will be no end.” Luke 1:33.

Ron McGatlin

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