These are precious days of transition. The life that was, is being dissolved to form a far greater life of a whole new order.

The example of the crawling caterpillar being transformed in a cocoon into a much more glorious flying butterfly is not lost in grasping the work of God today.

The great metamorphose transformation is taking place in this season of isolation, in lock down, shelter in place, quarantine, social distancing, or whatever you want to call it.

This is a season of soaring life in the Spirit – a time of leaving the limited earth bound life and entering into the glory filled unlimited life of beautiful righteousness, total peace, and bountiful joy in the Spirit – a life of our Spirit-being becoming supreme above our physical or natural life. (Romans 14:17).

We will never go back to the old life. The apocalyptic, cataclysmic events on earth will continue to come in waves until we, the people of God, are all transformed into the Spirit life reality of Christ in us, and we in Him. We are becoming as one Spirit, mind, and body with God, in Christ by the Holy Spirit. (1 Corinthians 6;17) (Ephesians 5:30-32) (1 Corinthians 2:16).


There is no life behind us. A great and mighty people of God are being formed. There is a Garden of Eden ahead of us.

The fires of devouring the old life are with us before and aft in this season of being transformed. In our time of becoming one with God and separated from our past life, we are each to be transformed and enter into the Garden-of-Eden Spirit lifestyle.

The alarm has been sounding for decades and is yet sounding in the Holy Mountain of God. A Spirit people are being formed. For the first and only time in all of history a people of God are being formed that abide in perfect oneness with God – a people that will not tolerate the ways of the fallen sinful world. The LOVE empowered people of God will generate the world order of Christ Jesus, Yeshua. The groaning creation awaits the manifestation of the mature people of God. (Romans 18-22).

The intervention of God is now upon us on earth. Yes, the days will be shortened and seasons of recovery will allow the newly formed Spirit people to be refreshed and breathe in the life and empowerment of God before the next wave comes to further press the remaining fallen ways of mankind. (Mark 13:19-20).

Each wave rolls in as devastation and glory at the same time. Empowerment of God to righteousness and destruction of sin and all that lifts itself against God. In the end only the righteous of God will remain to receive the earth transformed as the Garden of Eden.


It will not be fruitful to pray against the waves of apocalyptic cataclysmic devastation coming upon the nations without first praying true and full repentance among the people. The people and nations of God must turn to God and become sheep of His pasture or face the manifesting glory of Christ as goat people in goat nations apart from God. (2 Chronicles 7:13-14) (Matthew 32-35, 41).

Please understand that this is an all-in situation. The glory land of God is before us and nothing behind us. There is no middle ground and no grey area. We must arise and turn from our past ways of religiously trying to make God only a part of our lives, while still honoring our fallen ways of self-rule, independent godless humanism, empty elitism, and intellectualism without Spirit God.


Dear friends, God is offering us today great joy beyond our imagination: righteousness, peace, and joy is His plan for us. (Matthew 6:33) (Romans 14:17).

The glory of God cannot exist in our house of mixture. In our passing current religious conditions, we simply cannot see how deceived and misled we really are. Our hearts are planted with half-truths and deceiving lies. No, I am not talking about the other political party, or the substance addicts, or the humanist one-world extremist, or the poor souls trapped in deviant sexual addictions. Certainly these entrapped people are grossly deceived.

However, God is speaking first to the Christians and those who name the name of God in whatever religious language they speak it. We, for the most part, are blinded and have no idea that we are deceived with cunningly devised half-truths that prevent us from connecting with and becoming one with God and His true ways, plans, and purposes. (Revelation 3:17-19) (2 Corinthians 4:4).

The religious church and our life of the past is rapidly passing away. If we continue to hold on to our past life and ways, we will not survive in the apocalyptic cataclysmic waves of this “day of the Lord.”


This is the great “day of the Lord” of the many “days of the Lord” written about in the New and Old Testaments of the Bible. In all of the many “days of the Lord” in scripture, there are both devastation and purification involved in changing a nation or people. (Isaiah 2:5-21).

The great system of deception is referred to in scripture as Babylon. The system of Babylon is very much active in the everyday lives and religions of the world. For decades the cry to “Come out of Babylon” has been trumpeting into the world. Dire warnings of the destruction have mostly gone unheeded. The increasing adversity such as “nine eleven” have failed to slow the systems of Babylon across the world. (Revelation 18).

The Babylonian system has infected the entire world including the many brands of Christian religion and secular humanism.


The answer is the same for every religious or secular person. No matter what religious or secular system the people are under, all must come out the same way. God will not fix our existing systems. We cannot patch in some improved or better ways to shore up or improve our existing religious or secular systems. There is only one system of all life and governance that is big enough to contain and overshadow all aspects of the way of God on earth. It is the real kingdom of God from heaven. (Mark 2:21-22).

Yes, there are parts and pieces of the real kingdom of God in many religious and secular systems. This makes a dangerous deceptive mixture as the partial truth causes the people to believe the whole including the false and follow the system as if it were from God. The system itself becomes revered by many followers as if it was a god. Until the religious and secular systems of mixture are no longer esteemed and accepted as the way and truth of God, we cannot truly see and move into the fullness of the real kingdom of God. (2 Corinthians 6:16-18).

There is one God.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is the one true God of all. There is one rightful governance of Planet Earth and all creation, the KINGDOM OF GOD – KINGDOM OF HEAVEN.


Our past life is over when we truly receive the pure revelation of the kingdom of God. We begin to see and experience a whole new reality of the GLORY of God in the LOVE of God consuming our entire lives. Only the experience of His glory and love can cause us to see the reality of the life of the glory of God that will cause us to willingly turn and run toward God with our whole life.

Experiencing God’s great love and glory will make us more than willing to lay at His feet all that we have and all that we are so that we can receive all that He has for us now in this life. (Mark 10:28-30) (Matthew 6:33) .

THE WAY OUT IS THE WAY IN. The way of entering into the life that natural eyes have not seen that God has prepared for those who LOVE HIM is the way out of the suffering of the waves of devastation. (1 Corinthians 2:9).

TURN AND RUN TO THE ALTAR OF GOD. Take all that you have, all that you are, and all that you have believed, to the altar and give it to God. LAY IT ALL AT HIS FEET. EMPTY YOURSELF ON THE ALTAR OF GOD. ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU DO NOT REALLY KNOW WHAT IS TRUE AND WHAT IS NOT, MUCH LIKE A NEW BORN CHILD. ASK GOD TO GIVE BACK TO YOU ONLY THAT WHICH IS OF HIM. God will quickly give you back that which is His kingdom truth and you will never see again that which is not of Him.

This is like a TOTAL RESET to your life. It is going back to zero and allowing Spirit God almighty to install His real up-to-date operating system and programs from heaven. Trust God in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit to live in your being where you once lived.

The written word of God will become more alive than ever and confirm what is of God, though you may have to go back to the older Greek or Hebrew text to see it clearly in some instances.

You and your past way of life, no matter how good or bad it was, is gone and the life of Christ Jesus now lives in your body, soul, and Spirit. You are not your own. You have been bought with a price. You are the temple of God, the place on earth where He abides. This is being crucified with Christ and becoming the resurrected life of Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit. (1 Corinthians 3:16, 6:19-20).


The waves of devastation and glory are destroying the pride and loftiness of man and replacing it with the GLORY of God. The works of darkness are being used to drive us to the light of His glory. The love and glory of God is the light drawing those who will come to the light out of the great darkness that is upon the earth. (Isaiah 2:11-22) (Matthew 4:16) (Isaiah 60:1-2).

The great glory is the coming of Christ like lightning filling the sky. In a recent vision from the Lord, I saw the glory of Christ come across the world as a cloud of living light with power coming upon the worshiping people of the nations. (Matthew 24:21, 27). Matthew 24:30b: ….they will see the Son of Man coming on (or in) the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

Nothing can stand that lifts itself against His coming. This is not like a man in a human body standing with a microphone speaking to a group of people. No one will miss this glorious manifestation of the Lord. Many who resist may just be gone while all who come to Him are made alive in glory beyond our understanding.

All of everything will be completely overcome by His glorious presence on earth. Everyone alive will know God in Christ Jesus in His glory upon all the earth. The people will need no one to teach them. No one will need to be told about God in Christ. (1 John 2:26-27).

Everything will be under the glory of God, and nothing that is not of God can exist in the golden cloud of Christ Jesus in the glory and power of God.

Christ Jesus will be fully manifested in the people of God in great glory that rebuilds the old ruins of the world into the kingdom of God on earth as in heaven. Mortality will put on immortality and death will no longer reign on earth. And so shall we ever be with the Lord. (Romans 8:18-19) (Isaiah 61:4) (1 Corinthians 15:53-54).

Now hear this! If you are not blown away by all of this, you may be when you grasp that we can now today experience all of this life of glory in the kingdom of God in the Spirit within us! Truly the kingdom of God is within us by the Holy Spirit. (Luke 17:20-21).

Love never fails and His kingdom never ends. All Hail King Jesus!

Ron McGatlin

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