Dr. Mehmet Oz was recently interviewed on Fox & Friends about the drug combination that is very promising as a treatment for Coronavirus. (Screengrab image: via Fox News)

Aimee Herd : Mar 23, 2020  Fox News

Noting the efficacy of the results in the report, Oz said, “Well, I read the study, I was stunned, literally my jaw dropped, I didn’t know it was possible … I got in touch with this doctor, he’s a very well respected French doctor … in France, some cities are moving forward without the March trials. However, as a physician, and in America, we feel very strongly about randomized trials … we crafted a study that would replicate what he did, but a true, randomized trial … we’re going to do a test with these two drugs—a malaria drug and this Z-pack basically…”

Dr. Oz went on to state, “…This is a game-changer. Because if you can take a combination of two already-existing pills, repurpose them to use for the American public, to shorten the time you’re infectious, and hopefully reduce complications, this becomes more like the flu than coronavirus.”

But Oz cautioned on one aspect of using the drug combination, that could become a problem, “At Columbia, we have brave folks that are funding the trial … major centers are going to be doing this trial … we have one big challenge, everybody; the US government has to procure enough of these pills … so, if we’re gonna start using them, and it’s already happening, let’s start making this snowball grow.”

Watch Oz’s video interview on Fox & Friends, by clicking here.

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