A chosen generation of God’s people are crossing a line into the crystal clear pristine revelation and experience of oneness with God. The greater fullness of becoming as one with His personal presence is with us and within us now.

There is a supremely significant step ahead.

The fullness of the living reality of God’s plan and purpose for mankind and Planet Earth is now one small step ahead. However, that step takes us across a line of a type of death experience into a brand new life. It is a line between life as we have known it and a life that is no longer us that lives but Christ living in us.

Beyond the line of fiery devastation is the fullness of the resurrection life of Christ abiding in His sanctified Body. A Body of faithful chosen ones connected through abiding in Christ and by Christ fully formed within by the Holy Spirit. (Galatians 4:19).


Leadership must be first in taking the major step into the furnace of purification. Stepping across the line into fullness is like being passed through a fine filter that completely removes even the tiniest speck of impurity. It is the absolute end or death of tainted interpretations of the pure holy revelation and impartation of the life of Spirit Christ abiding within. It is the final step into fully and totally abiding in Christ. It is the end of mixtures of religious humanistic thinking mixed in with the pure holy revealed word and way of God.

In this age, the Gospel of the Kingdom is being revealed to apostolic and prophetic leadership. The intent and purpose of this revealing is to bring forth the full reality of God and His kingdom of righteousness, peace, and joy to the glory of God. However, the tainting misconceptions of religious and secular thinking mixed in with the pure revelation is thwarting the true wisdom and power of the glorious fullness of the kingdom of God on earth.


God in His mercy has restrained the enemy from total destruction of many leaders infected with mixture. However, there has increasingly been more pure holy revelation that exposes deeper levels of mixture. Therefore more leaders are found to be in need of more moral and spiritual purification.

Often it is difficult for leaders to recognize their need and discern the mixture within themselves. Usually as long as things seem to be working well enough and there are no huge problems with the ministry or family, there is no incentive to search for a better or different way.

The way things are may have been working well enough in the past. However, in the presence of greater kingdom revelation coming forth, the ways of the past may begin to malfunction and grave difficulties begin to arise. Unreasonable opposition and adversity may seem to come from everywhere. Rejections, accusations, misunderstandings, persecutions, betrayals, painful breakups, and more may cause severe wounding and much distress.

The severe wounds of painful rejection and loss are not for physical death but for the death of the remaining impure needs and beliefs that cause leaders to contaminate the pure holy revelation of the gospel of the kingdom with religious and secular thinking.

Beyond the wounds for the death of these impurities is the resurrection life of Christ coming forth within the leaders to present the pure holy reality of the gospel of the kingdom without hesitation or reservation. Complete freedom from the demands of social or cultural belief systems allows the fullness of the kingdom to be fully demonstrated and imparted into the governance of the world.


The painful suffering is a major factor in our transformation to LOVE. The pain of suffering which seems as unjust and undeserved violence against us is really a gateway into pure holy unconditional love abiding in us and flowing through us.

I know this may sound very strange and even crazy to some readers. In our good average Christian natural life, we may even find some difficulty at times to even really love those who are our brothers and sisters in the church or our extended families. We may say that it is hard to love some of them. But when it comes to our serious enemies or rivals such as political or business competitors and the ungodly people around us, we may feel that we really cannot love some of them. What about the person who killed your mate or your children or stole your business or money by fraud. One might think, surely I could never really love that person.

Yes, there are just and right, strong and fierce actions to be taken to stop or prevent anyone or anything from killing or harming others. There are righteous actions to be taken to stop or prevent evil harm to ourselves and others. However, after an evil deed is done and prevention is no longer a possibility, love will forgive the evil done to us and heal our lives and those around us.

Through all of this, unconditional love of Christ in us is ever present and underlying all of our actions and responses. Yes, God in Christ in us loves and desires the redemption and restoration of every living soul. The painful ordeals of life when forgiven by an act of our will by the pure love within us releases an unreasonable flood of love rushing into our hearts. Yes, a flood of pure holy love that consumes our entire life and changes everything comes through the forgiveness of the most painful ordeals of our lives.

However, if when the pain comes, we resent it, we will begin to hate the person or source of the painful ordeal, and bitterness is formed within us. Death then begins to fill our lives and all around us is affected. Wars and evil strife are released into the world, and the kingdom of darkness rules on earth.

Christ in us is indeed the hope of the glory of God on earth. (Colossians 1:27).


GOD IS LOVE. God is the power and substance of the resurrection life of fullness. Love flowing from God is the power and wisdom, and everything that is needed or desired to bring forth the reality of the fullness of the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Love, the love of God, produces righteousness, peace, and joy in this life now in this world. The love and life of God in Christ flows into our lives by the Holy Spirit.

Without the work of the Holy Spirit, there is no kingdom of God on earth and no hope of the glory of God filling the hearts of man to flow out into the world. The glory of God on earth and in our lives is the pure holy love of God Almighty.

There is no resurrection life of love until after there is a death experience.

Losing all we have gained on our own is the key to gaining all God has for us now in this life and in the life to come.

Pursue Love. It never fails,
And His kingdom never ends.

Ron McGatlin

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