A great door of life on earth is beginning to open. It is opening on the hinge of God’s love in the hearts of man. It is opening to the glorious reality of the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

God’s love in man is the pivotal point of the history of the kingdom of God on Planet Earth. The door to the fullness of the kingdom of God on earth is opening before us. The pure holy love of God in His people is cleansing our lives and our world as the King of glory is entering the world through the now opening door.


Evil is becoming more evil in the chaos of the fiery fray of the worldwide assault of evil. Evil is now destroying itself in its confusion of insane fear of God and His kingdom. Driven mad with fear, a roaring sea of wild demon-infested humans are driven to kill, steal and destroy everything and everyone that is of God on earth.

Evil is destroying evil in a panic of desperate fear caused by the arising light of the kingdom of God and the awakening sound of the shout of glory in the purified people of God. The evil violence of the outer darkness is destroying the more cunning and divisive evil that is covertly mixed with the good in mankind. Good mixed with evil is not godly.

Like Gideon with his small army, a small army of purified obedient children of God will break their burning lamps of oil sending forth a burst of light with a great shout that sends the huge armies of the enemy into even greater confusion, and evil will destroy evil. (Judges 7:19-22).

Gideon’s small army stood in place as the Lord caused each man in the enemy armies to turn his sword against his companion.


A remnant of godly believers are now being purified in the love, power, and wisdom of God. They are being called to arise and reclaim the land for the kingdom of God. In the brokenness of the loss of their tainted lives of mixture, the light of the pure love of God is bursting out of their glory filled unrestrained lives with a loud trumpet blast and shout of the glory of God defeating the enemy and taking back the land.

Partaking of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil has led to darkness and death. Humanism values man’s intelligence above God and His leadership. For generations the children of the western world have been trained to value human intelligence above trusting in and following the leadership and guidance of Almighty God.

The great showdown of the ages is between the rule of God’s love and the rule of evil satanic humanism.

It is impossible to make reasonable sense of current world events without considering the great spiritual showdown of the ages taking place in the heavens and on earth. The ongoing war of the ages between the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness for the rule of the world is coming to a showdown.

The kingdom of God has begun to arise in recent times. The revelation of the real gospel of the kingdom of God coming forth on earth as it is in heaven has begun to be widely proclaimed for the first time since Christ Jesus and His disciples introduced it to the world over two millennia ago.

The false kingdom of darkness that has dominated the world since the fall of Adam is now being greatly threatened. The victory won in Christ Jesus is now coming alive in many people who are beginning to spiritually sense the potential of the kingdom of light within them changing the world.


This spiritual war is first a battle for the minds and hearts of people. That which rules in the minds and hearts of mankind rules the world. If the light and life of Christ fills the minds and hearts of the people, the kingdom of God will rule the world. If the darkness of antichrist fills the minds and hearts of the people, the kingdom of darkness will rule the world.

The love, power, and wisdom of God is imparted and established into the world through redeemed mankind in whom Christ fully dwells by the Holy Spirit. The awesome leadership and super-natural heavenly strength coming forth in the world means the end of the false rule of the evil darkness that has burdened the entire world for millennia. Christ is coming forth in His people to save and rule in the world as the kingdom of God. This is the enemy’s worst nightmare.

In this day the ruling kingdom of darkness is waging an all-out offensive to stop the advance of the light and life of Christ Jesus and destroy the kingdom of God from the earth.

With great cunning and deception, the enemy has enslaved millions into a vicious army of enraged people bent on the removal of Christ by the elimination of all of God’s people from Planet Earth. Education and media are primary tools among many others used to capture and mold the minds and hearts of the people. They are not out to destroy just the religious lukewarm Christians. Their primary target is to convert or kill any and all who carry the life of Christ Jesus and the light of the kingdom of God.


One of the greatest moves of God of all history is before us now. Be prepared to release the fire of God in a shout of victory and glory. Break open the container of the fire and light of the glory of God within you. Blast your trumpet with a shout of the victory of the army of the Lord! Only believe, and all things are possible to the people of God who believe. Faith grows in the presence of God in the time of desperate need and darkness.

Rejoice with a shout and watch the evil and foolishness in high places self-destruct. Know that the enemy is rushing to his own end.

The greater the darkness, the greater the light will come forth to bring forth the real kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

God is now releasing a people without fear, full of faith, that will not relent until the kingdom of God reigns and the glory of God fills the earth.


There is no reason to hold back and no reason to procrastinate or look for some future event. Biblical history is being made now. This is our day of the Lord. Arise and shout for the glory of God is upon you.

Love never fails and
His kingdom never ends.

Ron McGatlin


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