Yuan says that the opposite of homosexuality is not heterosexuality, but holiness. He highlights that God calls us all ‘to be holy as He is holy.’ Everyone, because of fallen nature, has a temptation to sin. But everyone needs to continue to fight that temptation and work to answer the call to holiness.

airlift[LifeSiteNews.com] Dr. Christopher Yuan, a former drug addict who lived a promiscuous homosexual lifestyle, joins Jonathon Van Maren on [a recent] episode of The Van Maren Show to discuss his powerful journey and conversion and what the LGBT agenda is doing to society. (Image: via LifeSiteNews)

Yuan was raised in a ‘very traditional’ family with ‘Asian values,’ although he was not raised Christian. He first encountered pornography at age 9. He said this was the “first time that I recognized that I had these [homosexual] attractions.” Yuan officially “came out” in his late 20s while pursuing his doctorate in dentistry, much to the dismay of his parents. His mother told him to choose to be homosexual or choose the family, but he couldn’t have both.

“My mom even says news of my death would have been better than receiving that type of rejection,” he said.

Feeling as though this wasn’t a choice, rather a part of who he was, Yuan went back to school and immersed himself even deeper into his party lifestyle. He points out that it wasn’t same-sex attraction that pushed him into the party lifestyle, but a lack of God.

“If you’re not a Believer in Christ, you’re going to live it up and have fun,” Yuan states.

As he slid deeper and deeper into the party life, Yuan began selling drugs in order to maintain his own drug habit. He was expelled from school just 3 months before receiving his doctorate. Yuan then moved to Atlanta and sold and distributed drugs to dealers in “over a dozen states.”

During this time, Yuan’s parents had found Christianity. Yuan says his parents’ profound conversion gave them the ability to love their wayward homosexual son. His parents didn’t accept Yuan’s promiscuous lifestyle, but they prayed and prayed for him, soliciting the help of their entire church…

Continue reading Yuan’s story and watch his video interview with Jonathon Van Maren here.

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