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Iran, China and Russia Join Forces

December 9 2019
As we come to a close of the year 2019, many developments are taking place in the middle east. And I want to renew the call to watch and pray. We are living in some of the most prophetic times in human history. Two days after Christmas this year, on December 27/19 the three nations of Iran, China and Russia are openly joining forces in a time of war games. The games are scheduled to take place — on land, sea, and air — in the Straits of Hormuz and the Indian Ocean. These war games are no doubt designed to send a message to the US President and Israel.

Russian SU-35 jet fighters

But even now today December 9/19 as Israel air force was on a mission to stop Iranian military expansion in Syria, Israel’s air force bombers encountered Russian jet fighters blocking their way and stopping their attack on Iranian weapons being brought into Syria. It is becoming very clear Russia is now ready to take a much more aggressive role in the Israel-Iran conflict. Iran has been continually making threats to Israel of reprisal attacks, and threatening to inflict grave consequences, and we are seeing their great confidence looks like their Russian backing moves this into the realm of the super powers. Even now as Israel is in a time of disarray, with no government being established in almost one year and with what appears to be a third round of elections coming up in on March 3 2020.

Pray for Israel’s Government

begin quote:

Blue and White Chairman MK Benny Gantz said at the opening of a Blue and White faction meeting Monday afternoon that another election campaign could still be prevented.

Gantz called on Netanyahu, “I repeat today what I told you and your representatives from the first day of the negotiations – if you give up on immunity, we can be partners to the beginning of a discourse. You already dragged us to the elections twice because of immunity, cemented the basic lines of the bloc because of immunity, and even now you think that more elections will allow you a majority that will allow you immunity.”

“I urge you to pledge with your own voice that you do not ask for immunity,” Gantz added, “Come to the citizens of Israel to inform them, before you drag them into another election campaign, what your intentions really are. I urge you to do so today so that we can negotiate directly, without the immunity bloc. On the establishment of a unity government. we will find the way. We will save the people of Israel from these elections, stop engaging the politicians ourselves, and return to work for the citizens of the State of Israel.”

end quote:      full story here

Both sides in this stalemate must humble themselves and do what is best for the nation in this critical hour. With several very serious charges against our current prime minister B. Netanyahu it seems best that he form a unity government and take a step back from being PM till his name is cleared of wrong doing. Even though I am still watching and asking everyone to discern if the prophetic words concerning Netanyahu’s time as prime minister are over and now Israel will face  her greatest crisis in her history.

Putting all the political wranglings aside, it is critical we pray for Israel’s leaders. That the Lord would impart wisdom and help our leaders walk in God’s perfect wisdom for the hour.

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