I have called you by My name. You are My sons and I am your Father. I release into you, My people, the restored life that I breathed into you in the beginning. Welcome home to the place for which you were formed to remain by My side, in My heart, to fulfill the perfect vision and dream of My heart. You have not lived on earth in vain. You have fulfilled My desire and purpose for you, that you should abide with me in the fire of my love to carry it to the ends of creation. You are my Bride and My faithful Wife to rule and reign with Me in My eternal love. Your praise and your Joy fill My heart. I fully receive you back into the place of my eternal glory and peace. All creation shall see what I will now do in your heart and life poured out to create glorious reality upon earth as it is here in heaven. Finish the course in My joy and My strength of tender mercy and love upon you and all who are with you. You are my sons in whom I am well pleased.

Thank You, Father God, for our full redemption in Christ Jesus. Thank You for receiving us back into Your heart and eternal fire of Your glory. Awaken us fully, O Lord, that we may never again slumber and grow darkened apart from Your eternal fire of love and power. Truly, Father, we reckon ourselves crucified with Christ and now fully resurrected in the fullness of Your life in us through the living Christ Jesus by Your eternal Holy Spirit.

Father, just now I choose in my heart to renew my heart and bow deeply before you in turning from each and every thought or way in my life that has hindered this fullness of total oneness with You. I fall before Your mercy seat again in one final surrender of any and every thing that clung to me from the darkness of the passing world of mixture. I receive Your fresh healing and impartation of Your love and life abiding fully in me. Thank You, Father.

Father, Your love constrains me and fills my being with Your life. Now, Father, as I wait before You, take this body, this soul, this heart and make it Your abode on earth. Let the power of Your Spirit of Love have complete dominance to live as the pure holy Son, Christ Jesus, unhindered and unrestrained from fully expressing Your life into the world. Father God, let the fire of Your life and the power of heaven now release through me and all who ask you now to fully restore the kingdoms of this world to Your kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Father, grant us full measure to speak Your words, Your desires, and Your will into this earth. Father, speak through us Your creative power to change this world into the perfect manifestation of Your desire from Your heart. We humbly and with all respect and honor proclaim Your words and ways into this world.

In the name of the LORD, we proclaim the Day of the LORD upon earth. The cleansing of this world coming forth now. We decree the end of the rule of darkness in this world. We speak the coming of the glory fire of the presence of God touching and changing every part and portion of this world. We boldly proclaim the end of the false reign of the powers of darkness upon the people of this world. We decree cleansing of Planet Earth preparing the way for the fullness of the Kingdom of Heaven ruling in every facet of this world. We decree the release of the pure holy LOVE of God overtaking and filling the hearts and lives of every willing believer, every son and every God seeker on earth with the life and power of Christ Jesus abiding fully within. We speak the end of the rule of the enemy over multitudes and the removal from earth everything that the enemies of God have built. We proclaim the full restoration of Planet Earth to the plan and purpose of Almighty Jehovah God, Father and creator of all creation, and unto Christ Jesus, the ONE through whom and for whom all things were created. So be it in the power of heaven coming forth now in the mighty name of our Lord Savior and King, Christ Jesus, now and forever. Amen!  

And now abides these three faith, hope, and love, and the greatest of these is love.

Kept by His love,

Ron McGatlin

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