Pro-Life Legal Team to Fight Back after Planned Parenthood Wins $1.3M in Sting Videos Case

“This profoundly unjust verdict concludes a trial stacked from day one by a pro-abortion activist judge. Still, the testimony heard—including stunning admissions that Planned Parenthood’s baby parts buyer sold the beating hearts and fully intact heads of innocent children killed in potentially illegal abortions—has further exposed the truth about abortion industry brutality and greed.” -Marjorie Dannenfelser, President-Susan B. Anthony List

[] Last Friday represented a significant setback for the pro-life movement in America. A jury found David Daleiden and his allies guilty of a slew of state and federal crimes involving the Planned Parenthood sting videos and awarded the abortion behemoth at least $1.3 million in damages. On Monday, Harmeet Dhillon, one of Daleiden’s lawyers, told PJ Media that the “dream team” of First Amendment lawyers who argued the case would be mounting a formidable appeal—and that there are many reasons to think the historically liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals should reconsider the case. (Image: via PJ Media)

“This case is far from over,” Dhillon insisted. Daleiden “had a lot of defenses, he had a lot of witnesses we weren’t allowed to call, evidence we weren’t allowed to show the jury.”

“Among the most important things we’ll be appealing is the court barring us from putting on evidence to support many of our defenses, barring certain witnesses and barring key evidence,” the lawyer explained. “The jury only saw a very slanted and one-sided and blindered position. We should have gotten a different result.”

The case centered on the actions of Daleiden, who leads the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), and Sandra Merritt. The two posed as human tissue procurers for the fake company BioMax to reveal how Planned Parenthood profits off of selling the body parts of aborted human babies. After CMP released the sting videos, many states launched investigations, and the Department of Justice opened an investigation into Planned Parenthood in 2017…

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