Speaking to Charisma earlier this year, Byrd opened up about his past, revealing years of sexual and physical abuse at the hands of a close family member, which set the trajectory for his life. But a few years ago, he chose to walk away from his gay lifestyle when a woman approached him in a night club and began praying over him. She told Byrd there is “a light inside of you” and “God has a purpose and a plan for you.”

Tré Goins-Phillips : Nov 6, 2019  Faithwire.com

[Faithwire.com] A video of Freedom March co-founder and worship leader Edward Byrd belting out a beloved hymn in the US Capitol late last week is going viral on social media. (Image credit: Jim Domen-Facebook screengrab /via Faithwire)

At press time, the clip of Byrd, who once identified as gay but has since chosen a different path, had more than 1.5 million views and over 60,000 shares. Standing alongside his fellow Changed Movement members last Wednesday, Byrd’s voice echoed throughout the Capitol Rotunda as he sang “Nothing But the Blood of Jesus,” a hymn penned by 19th-century preacher Robert Lowry.

“I have a personal relationship with that song,” Byrd told Faithwire. “When I first came out of the lifestyle of homosexuality, and things really became hard for me, as far as transitioning out of my old life and into my new life, the Lord spoke very clearly to me, ‘There’s power in the blood of Jesus.'”

The Changed Movement is a faith-based advocacy organization offering support to those who once identified themselves as members of the LGBTQ community but have since abandoned the lifestyle to pursue faith in Jesus…

Continue reading and make sure you watch the video of Byrd singing in the Rotunda by clicking here.

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