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Father God is Spirit that created all natural or physical earth and all that is on it or in it. He also created heaven, spirit beings, and all of creation. Spirit God has all knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and power. Spirit God is sovereign over all creation. Spirit God is love and rules by righteous order in all creation.

Spirit God made man in His own image and likeness and gave mankind dominion of all life on Planet Earth to rule and reign with Him. Spirit God breathed His Spirit life into Adam giving him of His Spirit life. Thus making man a Spirit being in an earthly body. Adam fell in disobedience breaking the bond with Father God and loosing dominion on earth to Satan, a fallen powerful angel from heaven cast down to earth. (Genesis chapters 1-3).

(Scripture reference for the rest of this article is the New Testament especially the four gospels.)

God became man in Christ Jesus, Yeshua Messiah, to redeem and reinstate mankind back into His original state. Jesus defeated Satan and took back dominion for mankind on earth. Spirit Christ came to earth born of a virgin as human being, endured the cross and defeated Satan at the resurrection and ascended back to the Father in Heaven. He returned to earth in the Holy Spirit to abide in mankind to reestablish the fullness of the dominion of mankind on earth as it was designed to be from the beginning, the kingdom of God.


King means sovereign or monarch, “dom” is the root of dome, domain, and dominion. Thus kingdom means sovereign rule of a territory or domain.

The kingdom of God as Christ Jesus proclaimed and demonstrated it on earth is the sovereign ruler/dominion of God or of heaven on earth.

The power to reign with love and righteous order is in Christ Jesus. Christ is in His people by the Holy Spirit to rule and reign on earth. The power and love that brings righteousness, peace and joy on earth is in the Holy Spirit.

The kingdom of God is now on earth in Christ Jesus, Yeshua Messiah, by the Holy Spirit of Christ within those in whom the Holy Spirit dwells. The full creative love and power of God is within His people to flow out to redeem the world and transform it back to the Garden of Eden original plan and purpose of God.

Christ in you is the hope (positive expectation) of glory from heaven on earth. (Colossians 1:27).

As fallen human beings redeemed by Christ Jesus and filled with His life by the Holy Spirit, we still have a choice to believe and cooperate with and appropriate the work of Christ Jesus now on earth. Jesus has defeated the devil, and the only right Satan has to attack and harm mankind is the right given to him by mankind. We still are given dominion, and through our beliefs, words, and actions we can release the enemy powers of darkness of Satan to do great harm to mankind and the whole world. Or we can bind Satan and His demons and destroy His work in the world by releasing and appropriating the finished work of Christ Jesus thus restoring the kingdom of God rule on earth as it is in heaven.

Satan working through evil spirits or demons works to blind the minds of human beings to the reality of the potential of the kingdom of God now available to mankind on earth. Working through religious spirits posing as angels of light, he has had great success is suppressing the reality of the kingdom through misinterpreting scripture and establishing doctrines of demons in many church systems that block the mind to the truth of the present kingdom of God potential. Satan causes the people to believe that they cannot have the kingdom now but must wait for a future further work of Jesus.


Christ Jesus has already defeated the devil. It is us, mankind, who must enact our dominion rights to appropriate the finished work of Jesus into the world by our acceptance and alignment with His work in us by the Holy Spirit. All the love and power of Father God and Christ Jesus from heaven is now available within us by the Holy Spirit to rule and reign with Him on earth.


How is it that in the greatest country in the world such gross blindness is affecting so many people? Why is there such deep divisions and differences of interpretations by so many Americans?

On the surface we could blame the very different views perpetrated by mass media, public education, entertainment, religious denominational teachings, and many other sources of data being fed into the minds and hearts of the population. Certainly these things are the vehicles delivering a barrage of both foolish fantasy, devious lies, and mind-bending twisted news.

While at the same time another stream of power and love of the reality of the kingdom of God is flowing into the land.

The deeper real question is, why is it that a large percentage of men and women from all walks of life cannot discern the truth from the foolishness and lies? The fact is that there is a tremendous lack of insight and discernment in the minds and hearts of much of the population including many Christians. A large percentage of the people are deceived by the barrage of smoke and mirrors of the deceptive globalist ideology and other deceptive belief systems seeking to destroy the emerging kingdom of God reality coming forth on earth.

The counterfeit fake kingdom one world government is a major part of the kingdom of darkness seeking to enslave and dominate the entire world. This is the enemy’s counterfeit for the true kingdom of God ruling the world with love, righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.


The devils smoke and mirrors cunning deception has so traumatized many believers against the Spirit-to-Spirit communion that opens the way to seeing and hearing clearly the magnificent heavenly Spirit connection with Father God that they fear the manifest presence of our Heavenly Father in the Holy Spirit. One of the devil’s effective tricks is to mimic the real manifestations of the Holy Spirit in a person and then cause them to do some blatantly evil work. Thus reinforcing the fear of the manifest presence and works of Spirit God. When the real love and mighty power of the presence of God come before them, they run away in fear. In other words Satan creates counterfeit spiritual works that look like the real and then uncovers them to cause people to turn away from the real. This enables him to continue killing, stealing, and destroying from the people of God.


Love is arising creating humble godly men and women who give their lives to caring for and bringing forth the kingdom of God in the hearts and lives of others. Supernatural power demonstrations in the atmosphere of the loving care of Spirit God can soon wipe away the resistance and melts the hearts of the people.

This is the work of restoration of true communion with Sprit God in the Holy Spirit without reservation or hesitation.

This is truly falling in love with God and becoming one with Him in all that we are and all that we do.

Our hearts are melted together with Him now and forever.

The supernatural creative power is then free to flow through us as it was in Christ Jesus in His natural body on earth. We become the much multiplied Body of Christ in which He fully dwells to do the mighty works of establishing the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

Christ Jesus said, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.” “Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand.”

Ron McGatlin

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