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Praise Reports

UK jet skiers save 100 people in Bahamas

Fourteen members of a British jet ski club drove through driving wind and rain to save the minister of agriculture, Michael Pintard. He had been making calls for help, knowing his family was in grave danger when flood waters from Hurricane Dorian shattered windows and blew through the door of their home in Freeport. ‘They did a phenomenal job, not just with us. They continued to go back in, over and over again’, said Mr Pintard. In total they saved about 100 people, including a pregnant woman and a baby, while the storm caused havoc around them.

Praise: God for this and many other dramatic rescues made by brave people risking their own lives, and pray for those who have lost so much. (Deuteronomy 33:26)

State trooper’s kindness

A New York state trooper, Chris Mahoney, at a petrol station, noticed a man carrying several heavy bags. Striking up a conversation, the trooper learned the man was homeless and carried all his belongings on his back. When Mahoney asked him when he’d last eaten, he learned the man had only had a doughnut. When he offered to buy the man a meal, another customer took a photo of his kindness, which went viral. Now, Mahoney encourages more people to do kind things for others. Jesus said we are to ‘love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind and to love your neighbour as yourself.’

Praise: God for the fruits of His Spirit that have the power to turn someone’s day around. (Galatians 5:22-23)

Praise Reports

A nationwide call to pray

On 30 August at Wembley, we prayed that in these days of national uncertainty, hostility and division, the church would stand in the opposite spirit of unity and humility, demonstrating the fruits of the Spirit in word and action, and in answer to our humility and obedience God’s fire would fall on the church and nation. God is calling us to persevere in prayer, standing on His Word and believing that despite what we see and hear, His purposes are being worked out. Whatever happens politically, it is time for the Good News to be preached, the broken-hearted healed, freedom for the captives, and release for those who are bound. A 61-day prayer call went out, focused on Isaiah 61; it is not too late for you to join in. To download its text, click here:

Pray: for the church to arise, commit to pray, fast and act upon Isaiah 61. (Isaiah 61:8,9)

Intercessor Focus: prorogation of Parliament

On 11 September Scotland’s highest civil court ruled that the advice given to the Queen by Boris Johnson was misleading and unlawful, believing that the reason for suspending parliament was to prevent or impede Parliament with regard to Brexit and allow the executive to pursue a policy of a no-deal Brexit without further scrutiny. Confusion and disarray is dominating the Brexit debate. Pray for God to turn the current chaos around and bring the politics of the UK back onto the paths of peace and purpose that He has prepared for the nation to move forward on. Pray for alienated politicians to unite, agree and act upon law-abiding truths, and for any flawed beliefs to vanish from agendas. Ask God to heal the painful wounds inflicted when political parties and relationships have been ripped apart, and pray for His wisdom, counsel and direction for everyone concerned.

Pray: for our politicians to enter a fresh phase of walking in obedience to God’s guidance. (Deut. 10:12b)

ICO investigating collection of personal data

The Information Commissioner’s Office is questioning the Government about whether the collection of personal data on its platform complies with data protection laws. This follows a report that Boris Johnson had ordered the website to be used as a platform for ‘targeted and personalised information’ which would feed into Brexit preparations. The privacy rights campaign group Big Brother Watch claims that the report raises questions about ‘the legitimacy, urgency and purpose of such personal tracking’. The website brings together all the government’s services, allowing people (for example) to file tax returns, pay for passports, or book driving tests.This development comes a day after the Advertising Standards Authority said that it was following up complaints about a Brexit-related government advertisement.

Pray: for the Government to show complete transparency and accountability in all situations. (Proverbs 21:3)

Harvest Festival and foodbanks

The arrival of the harvest has long been marked in Jewish and Christian worship. Harvest Festival is just one of the ways that the Christian tradition enriches the lives of children of all backgrounds as part of daily collective worship. It is a wonderful opportunity to help children and young people to think about how food reaches their plates, and to say thank you for all they have received, as well as giving to those in need. The majority of produce donated in churches will stock foodbanks; a recent survey shows that 60% of churches are involved in either running or supporting them – through volunteers, donations, and providing venues. The Trussell Trust’s latest figures show 1.6 million people receiving three-day emergency food from its foodbanks, a 19% increase on the previous year.

Pray: for abundant Harvest Festival donations and wise distribution to the most needy. (Exodus 23:16)

Four-storey block of flats destroyed

Flames rapidly spread and destroyed all four floors of wooden-framed homes in Worcester Park, London. 125 firefighters and 20 fire engines arrived in the early hours of 9 September and took five hours to control the blaze. The residents have lost everything, and most fled the fire in only the clothes they were wearing. Members of a nearby Baptist church were up since the early hours, providing help. They are now linking with the council to work out the best response they can offer after being deluged by donations from the local community. They are aiming to meet practical and spiritual needs in the situation. Pray for the residents who have to look at the shell of a building that used to be their home, and are left wondering what the future holds. See

Pray: for God to use the church to bring the hope of the gospel into the lives of all who were affected by the fire, along with the practical help they offer. (Job 11:18)

Urgent review on police safety

Solving crime, seeing justice done, and working within communities to improve their lives is what motivates people to become police officers. Officers should not have to face assault when they take the risks of standing up to criminals and protecting people. However, after recent serious attacks on police officers and a national increase in officer assaults, an urgent review has been commissioned. It will hear from officers about their experiences and gather all the available evidence and research. It will focus on officer safety training, equipment, deployment and operational planning, investigations into officer assaults, the care provided after an assault, the response from the criminal justice system, and the extent to which it is providing a sufficient deterrent. The findings of this review will be considered at an extraordinary chief constables’ council in November.

Pray: for training, teamwork and public support giving police confidence and protection. (Psalm 140:4)

Northern Ireland troubles continue

On 11 September a 33-year-old man was detained in the Strabane area for a mortar bomb found pointed at the police station. The improvised explosive device was positioned close to a family home, and the incident has been blamed on a dissident republican group, the New IRA. Within 48 hours of the bomb being discovered officers moved into the Creggan estate en masse, quickly locating a command-wire activated device built to kill a passing police patrol. Senior officers clearly knew what they were looking for and where it was placed – precise information that must have come from what they describe as a Covert Human Intelligence Source (CHIS). Many believe the New IRA, like all paramilitary gangs past and present, is filled to the brim with such informers.

Pray: for success and protection of security services infiltrated into terrorist gangs. (Proverbs 3:23)

Praise Reports

Russia: election results hit ruling party

After the elections on 8 September, the ruling party’s majority in Moscow has decreased dramatically (26 seats out of 45, down from 40). This follows two months of intense protest, denouncing the authorities’ decision to ban opposition and independent candidates from standing and calling for free and fair elections. The rallies gathered tens of thousands of people; thousands were detained by police, and several protesters have been sentenced to jail terms for ‘using violence against law enforcement’. Experts believe the backlash against Putin’s grip on power is getting stronger, and that protest voting will be strong in the 2021 elections which will determine the political future of Russia. Pray for a wave of truth, humility and justice to flow over the nation in the coming months and years.

Pray: for God to instil justice for the protesters facing corruption charges and jail. (Psalm 7:6b)

France: Macron ally corruption probe

The National Assembly president Richard Ferrand, a close ally of President Macron, was put under formal investigation in a financial impropriety case. In a statement on 12 September the assembly said that Ferrand, who denies any wrongdoing, would defend himself and was confident the case would be dropped. The previous day he was questioned at length by investigating judges. The situation is an embarrassment for Macron, and could bring renewed scrutiny to his promise to clean up French politics. Under French law, being put under formal investigation means there is ‘serious or consistent evidence’ that points to probable involvement in a crime. Ferrand was investigated for fraud before, and at that time he resigned as a minister. The latest probe relates, like the previous one, to his management of a health insurance company in Brittany.

Pray: that all relevant evidence will be made available, and that all inconsistencies in French politics will be honestly dealt with. (Psalm 45:4)

Praise Reports

Israel: pray for snap elections

Following April’s elections Benjamin Netanyahu failed to form a governing coalition, the first such failure in Israeli history. Snap elections will now be held on 17 September. The polls predict another election result that would make it impossible to form a government. Pray for a breakthrough, asking God to bring about His government for Israel. Claim the words of Isaiah 1:26 for these elections. Let the voters have Your mind, particularly as they weigh up Netanyahu’s plan to annexe 600 square miles of Palestinian territory. May the results bring a government through which You can be glorified, and may every stumbling stone to prevent a godly government be removed. The autumn feasts of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Succoth begin soon. Pray for Jews to be reconnected to their biblical roots and see the King of Israel, their Messiah and Lord.

Pray: for God’s blessings to drench His people. (Zechariah 10:1)

Hurricane Dorian’s aftermath

In the Bahamas 70,000 are homeless, a carpet of debris covers the ground, 2,500 are missing, hundreds of body bags and coolers to store human remains have been delivered. The smell of death and garbage is everywhere as ships delivering supplies become lifeboats for thousands who have lost everything but their lives. Pray for all those experiencing unimaginable suffering, needing food and clean water. Bahamians claim Christianity, though nominalism is rampant. May renewed faith in Jesus wash over these islands, bringing beauty from ashes, gladness from mourning, and praise out of despair (Isaiah 61:3). Dorian had weakened somewhat by the time it hit the eastern coast of Florida, and then moved north to Canada where 65-foot waves and 100 mph winds pounded the coast near Halifax, home to Canada’s Atlantic fleet. Canada’s military was mobilised to deliver aid and help with evacuations. Pray for God’s provision for the homeless and His peace for those in mourning. See

Pray: for God’s wisdom and power to be released through all who are delivering physical aid, healthcare and counselling. Ask Him for miracles. (1 Corinthians 4:20)

Benny Hinn and the prosperity gospel

Benny Hinn says he is done with the prosperity gospel. Since the 1980s, he has taught that God rewards active faith with health and wealth. But on 2 September, during his weekly broadcast,  he told his studio audience and those watching online, ‘I am correcting my own theology and you all need to know it. The blessings of God are not for sale; miracles are not for sale; and prosperity is not for sale.’ Hinn said he now believes ‘give-to-get theology’ is offensive to God. He specifically repudiated the practice of asking for ‘seed money’, where evangelists tell people that God will bless them if they give a specific amount. He himself has done this numerous times, promising God will give material blessings in exchange for a gift of $1,000. He said he would not do it any more. Many are praying he will be true to his word.

Pray: for God to cause leaders everywhere where prosperity gospel is preached to see, hear and understand Benny Hinn’s repentance and allow God to change their hearts also. (Matthew 6:13)

India: illegal conversions bill being prepared

According to Indian news outlets the nationalist ruling party is preparing a bill which would make all conversion, not just forced conversions, illegal in all of India’s 29 states. The bill will be presented at the next session of parliament. One Indian Christian leader said that the proposal of a national law that prevents religious conversion sounds like a Hindu Rastra. This is similar to Hitler’s Aryan Reich, calling for the protection of Hindu people and culture and emphasising that political and economic systems should be based on native thought, not concepts borrowed from the West. With media reporting this proposal, radicals are becoming more aggressive. Eight Indian states have already enacted anti-conversion laws, under the heading of ‘freedom of religion’, which in practice serve as a justification for violence against Christians and other non-Hindus. Pray for a thriving Indian society, including journalists, religious figures, government and non-governmental organisations to work for tolerance and goodwill towards all people.

Pray: for Narendra Modi’s BJP-led government to relax its stand on Hindu Rastra themes, and for Christianity to wash over the nation. (Deuteronomy 6:14)

Nigeria: kidnapped Christians alive?

More than a month after a video which implied that kidnapped Christian teenager Leah Sharibu had been killed, a presidential spokesman, citing intelligence from security agencies, released a statement stating that the government is negotiating with terrorists for the release of Leah and other captives. He said that lines of communication remain open with Boko Haram kidnappers, now called the Islamic State in West Africa Province (ISWAP), to secure their release. The government understands how difficult these times are for the family and friends of the kidnapped girls, and is pursuing many options to ensure their safe return. However, the administration does not encourage payment of ransom to secure the release of captives. For this reason, he said, the government has not rushed to yield to the demands of the terrorist group. However, many no longer believe that the government is genuinely working to free the captives.

Pray: for the release of Leah and all the others abducted in recent years. (Nehemiah 9:19a)

Uganda: homeless because of faith

The seventh and youngest child of Lezia Nakayiza, a widow, didn’t know that his family was keeping their Christianity a secret. The 8-year-old boy didn’t realise that telling his Muslim relatives how much he enjoyed a church choir would cause them to attack his family. ‘I could not share my faith with the brothers of my husband as well as the relatives who are radical Muslims’, said Nakayiza. ‘In June my son told one of the relatives of the wonderful choir at church, and that we have been attending the church since March. This was the beginning of our persecution.’ A Christian neighbour told her that the relatives were planning to punish her for leaving Islam, so when she saw many people approaching her house with weapons and shouts of ‘Away with this infidel’, she and her children escaped through the back door. The family is now living at an undisclosed location that is not sustainable.

Pray: for this family and the thousands of others persecuted and driven from their communities because of their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives. (Psalm 23:4)

Turkey: nuclear weapons

In an unprecedented move, President Erdogan has declared his desire to obtain nuclear weapons, flouting Turkey’s obligations as a signatory of the Non-Proliferation Treaty. In a speech he praised the advancement of Turkey’s defence industry, and then said, ‘It is all fine and well, yet some countries have missiles with nuclear warheads, not one or two. But I don’t have missiles with nuclear heads. This I cannot accept.’ This statement reflects his mistrust in the nuclear umbrella of NATO, to which his country belongs. It also suggests that he does not regard the American B61 tactical nuclear weapons deployed at an air base in southern Turkey, as part of NATO’s nuclear programme, as a significant deterrent. Erdogan’s crucial remark, ‘We are currently working on it’, suggests Turkey is engaged in activities to acquire a nuclear capability.

Pray: for Turkey to resist ignoring laws that prevent nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles. (Isaiah 10:1a)

Praise Reports
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