Who Are The Fruit Givers?

By Clay Sikes

As we truly begin to enter Kingdom life, certain signs, patterns, and principles emerge. Our heart sings within with a permanent inner buzz (peace, righteousness, and joy) throughout our existence – a buzz that cannot happen in any other form.

When we reach this stage of destiny, the exact place of our appointment, several unique events unfurl. First and foremost, other individuals that we are connected to begin appearing. We begin ‘to see’ the connection for its spiritual value, not simply its value in the natural.

Connections eventually produce a network causing individual parts to become much stronger (as a result of the connection). Combinations (the right people, right place, right time) create powerful results. God-appointed connections create synergies much beyond normal. As each member fulfills its individual role, while working within the whole, true functionality breathes life and accomplishment at a whole new level – the Kingdom is showing signs of life, real functionality amidst the systems of men.

Finding the exact works prepared beforehand for us to attend (Ephesians 2:10) is a journey. Life as we knew it must die; as there can be little (old) left for new life to begin. The new wine of Kingdom life must flow into a new wine skin, hence the old must die. What of this death you ask? Only what circumstances can reveal – you think you are dead, yet circumstances arise that tell a different story; yet another part of the old man must die. When there is nothing left, or almost nothing, something new comes alive – a life without care, concern, worry, doubt, or fear: A life where God has all things covered! You live content. God allows you to see His goodness in the land of the living. How great He is!

The outside (circumstances) once determined the inside (how we felt), yet now it is the opposite – we see good in all things. We see God in all things, as even evil must turn and run when He (in us) arrives. We accept that nothing shall by any means harm us, and even deeper we delve into the meaning of His authority – In our death we are given His power; the power to speak into circumstances with authority and power (Luke 10:19).

What is this awesome scepter we’ve been handed – the power to move a mountain, deter a storm, speak life where sure death is occurring? What is being released into the overcomers, those with a crown on their head, who will stand as pillars in the Holy of Holies?

Who are they, the overcomers, the first-fruits company; the ones who love not their own life unto death? The ones who are dead yet live; those whose surrender is so complete that He is their all? Who are these people? Why are they here, these people from another place? They are a type and a shadow of what’s to come, the Body (without spot or wrinkle) taking its rightful place in preparation for the Head. Their presence makes you aware of His presence; men and women who need say little, yet much is expressed by their simple presence.

How will you know when you’ve met one of these? Destiny rings in your heart; His purpose becomes paramount. No longer is second best acceptable – these people, without really trying, release an insatiable thirst to find ‘exactly’ God’s primary purpose: nothing else will ever do. You will know them by the fruit they bear in your life: they are givers, both direct and indirect, and what they sow brings change; for the most part, extraordinary change – linking your past to your future.

These men and women are few in number, but their numbers are growing and multiplying with an extraordinary ability to produce after their own kind. These men and women are God’s gift, His treasure given to His people, so that those who touch it, become it. Arthur Burt was that for my generation, and his gift was passed on to us. It is now our turn to give our treasured deposits to the generations coming behind us. Selah!

Clay  Sikes

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