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100 persecuted Christians rescued since March

On 31 May 2006 Dwura, an Iraqi Christian housewife, saw her brother-in-law gunned down by terrorists who asked him for his identity card and when they saw that he was a Christian he was shot in the head and chest. ‘From then onwards we lived in fear’, she said. The family stayed in the plains of Nineveh, where Christians have lived for nearly two millennia. But things got worse and they fled for their lives with tens of thousands of other Christians. Now families can return but their homes are destroyed, there is nothing there. Dwura and her husband wanted to start a new life where they could live freely as Christians. With visas from the Australian government and financial help from Barnabas Fund, they flew to Australia a few days ago. Over 100 similar air tickets have been issued since March.

Praise: God for Australia’s generosity to desperate Middle Eastern Christians. (Luke 6:38)

Algeria: massive Church growth

The world’s largest Arab country (95% Muslim), once home to the Phoenicians, Romans, Ottomans, and French is now home to a growing number of Christians, despite significant persecution. Believers face intolerable pressures from family and neighbours militating against any open expression of Christianity, along with anti-conversion and blasphemy laws. Yet in God’s economy, as much as Satan attempts to squeeze the church, the faster it grows. In 2008 there were 10,000 Christians – by 2015, it was 380,000. It could now be approaching 500,000. A healthy portion of the growth is attributed to Christian satellite programming into North African countries. Joshua Project, tracking church growth, confirms that there are now 600,000+ professing Algerian Christians. So many are coming to Christ that there are regular baptism services for 60 to 100 new believers and one church has already planted 14 daughter churches.

Praise: God for the increase that is being propelled by the Holy Spirit. (Jeremiah 32:17)

Praise Reports

12 July: prayers and declarations for the nation

We have seen our government face issues beyond their ability to solve; and our nation making decisions now for future seasons of world views and spiritual alignments. Satan has a plan, but God is positioning His Church to become, once again, the powerhouse it was in earlier days when it changed the lives of multitudes and brought radical spiritual change to people groups. This is the time when God is calling His people to step into the fullness of who He made us to be. There is an opportunity for an awakening to come to transform society and bring salvation to the unsaved. On Saturday 12 July you are invited to take a few minutes every hour on the hour to stand, wherever you are, and intercede with others across the UK, declaring in unity, God’s Plans and Purposes for the UK. For the declarations click ‘More’; for more info

Pray: for the church to arise and enter into our God-given authority in the place of prayer, releasing Kingdom purposes.(2 Chronicles 6:41)

Report on countries persecuting Christians

The Bishop of Truro was asked to examine and report on global Christian persecution and the UK’s response. The report revealed, ‘Christianity is by far the most widely persecuted religion’ and ‘We have a sense of misguided political correctness making us blind to this issue. It recommends the UK Foreign Office seeks a Security Council resolution urging all Middle East and North African governments to protect Christians, and allow UN observers to monitor the necessary security measures. Lord Ahmad said the UK has previously raised the profile and acted on the rising tide of global Christian persecution with some success and will now consider the findings and recommendations of this report to see how they may enhance tackling Christian persecution even more. He added, ‘The report highlights the shocking impunity with which discriminatory laws, fear and violence are used by state and non-state antagonists to discriminate appallingly against Christians in countries across the world.’

Pray: for God to establish religious freedom in diverse societies which are facing wars and political change. (Isaiah 35:3)

UK / US diplomacy

A leaked email to the press from the UK’s ambassador in Washington described the White House as ‘uniquely dysfunctional and divided under Trump’. The UK government began an inquiry while President Trump verbally attacked Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch and Theresa May. Next, Sir Kim was disinvited to Washington’s diplomatic functions even though Teresa May said she had full faith in him. Sir Kim has now resigned, saying, ‘The current situation makes it impossible for me to carry out my role.’ Many believe the diplomatic telegrams were leaked to British media by sympathisers of Donald Trump who wanted to embarrass the ambassador. Many expect the White House to take credit for Sir Kim’s resignation, implying that the British do what the US wants them to do. It reinforces the feeling that ‘other ambassadors need to be careful with what they say – if it’s leaked, they won’t get their government’s support.’ Liam Fox said the leak was unprofessional, unethical, unpatriotic and whoever did it had maliciously ‘undermined the defence and security relationship with the US’

Pray: for God to establish His new ambassador with a network of diplomats to ease tensions and establish Kingdom purposes in cross Atlantic relationships. (Matthew 6:10)

Euthanasia once again debated and discussed

In January 2017 Noel Conway, supported by Dignity in Dying, challenged the Suicide Act in the courts. The application was dismissed in October and went to appeal in May 2018 and was dismissed.The Divisional Court ruling was upheld in June 2018. On 27 November 2018, the Supreme Court declined to hear a further appeal, bringing the case to an end. Mr Conway went to the press on 4July telling the BBC that Assisted Dying laws are ‘not fit for purpose’. He raised the issue of assisted dying again in the public arena on the day that assisted dying legislation was once again the theme of a parliamentary debate. Many advocates of legalised euthanasia are waiting for a new Parliament, hoping it would be more receptive to legal change, actioned by more persuasive campaigners on the ground. See

Pray: for God to direct parliament in all decisions around euthanasia and strengthen the healthcare professionals standing against unethical and unnecessary actions. (Psalm 118:17)

Northern Ireland: abortion bill

Parliament has backed an amendment that could force abortion on Northern Ireland (NI) after Labour’s Stella Creasy put forward the amendment as part of a Commons debate aimed at keeping NI running in spite of a devolved government. NI’s abortion law has saved 100,000 lives and many believe it is entirely inappropriate for Westminster to force abortion liberalisation on NI in the absence of Stormont. (MPs have been known to put forward amendments to further their own campaigns in the process). Putting forward an amendment does not mean it will change NI’s abortion law. However, if devolution is not restored by the 21 October the amendment could be passed to the Speaker, John Bercow, to choose if it goes forward; and then it would be down to Commons votes. The DUP reacted angrily to the decision.

Pray: pray for pro-life MPs to speak up and be heard in future debates on Abortion Law. (Matthew 19:14)

‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ in libraries

On Saturday 27 July, ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ is scheduled from 2.30 to 3.30pm, at Wembley Library, in Brent Civic Centre,Wembley. It will be promoting homosexuality, and the Brent Council website says it is for children as young as 5. The council advertises the event as, ‘Panto/drag queen Mama G debuts in Brent Libraries for the launch of the Summer Reading Challenge with a Space Chase Pride story time which celebrates both achievements in space exploration and the LGBTQ+ angle to tie in with Pride festivities nationwide. Enjoy fun, laugh out loud heart-warming stories, with lots of participation, about being who you are. For children aged 5 to 11.’

Pray: for there to be a Christian witness at the event. (Jeremiah 6:16a)

Largest firms ‘fail to disclose emissions’

New UK rules require big companies to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions. 12% of businesses have cut greenhouse gas emissions enough to keep global warming below two degrees and only 20 of 160 big emitters are reducing emissions fast enough to meet the Paris agreement. Meanwhile globally a quarter of the highest-emitting publicly-listed companies have actually failed to even report their greenhouse gas emissions and nearly half do not properly consider the risks from the climate crisis in decision-making. The wealthy are causing climate change. It is over three years since the Paris agreement and although the corporate sector is improving its climate planning and performance, it is not fast enough. Barely 12% of companies in oil, gas, steel, aluminium, utilities, car manufacturing and air transport plan to reduce emissions at the rate required to keep global warming below 2C.

Pray: for wealthy businesses to acknowledge the acceleration they bring to climate change. (Job 19:4)

Praise Reports

Brexit’s effect on Europe

Brexit will affect not just the UK but the whole of Europe. The Brexit reality is not just an economic problem but part of larger cultural and social forces sweeping across Europe. The impact of Brexit on the EU will result in social and economic changes to the Union and also longer term political and institutional shifts. The extent of these effects remain speculative until the precise terms of UK’s post-Brexit relationship with the EU becomes clear. With the EU’s policies on freedom of movement and the economic benefits and drawbacks which the UK and the EU provide each other with, there will be a clear impact with consequences for both institutions.

Pray: for God to give the leaders making decisions on both sides much wisdom and forbearance, and a spirit of peacemaking will prevail before, and more importantly after Brexit. (Mark 8:36)

Germany: no ground troops in Syria

The US is hoping Europe will help in the IS fight, putting pressuring Britain, France and now Germany. Germany has so far deployed surveillance aircraft and other non-combat military support. Chancellor Angela Merkel faced cross-party pressure to reject the US request for German soldiers to serve in Syria. US special Syria representative told German media that Washington wanted Berlin boots on the ground in the north of Syria. The mandate for Germany’s participation in Syria runs out on 31 October, meaning that parliament would be called on to decide what to do beyond that date. The German government spokesman, Steffen Seibert said: ‘When I say that the government intends to continue with its ongoing measures in the framework of the anti-IS coalition, then that means no ground troops. For years Germany has been making a significant and internationally acknowledged contribution to fighting IS.’

Pray: for Germany and all European countries considering future military pledges. (Isaiah 30:21)

Praise Reports

Mongolia: corruption and Christianity

In March Parliament made it possible for judges, prosecutors and others to be fired by the National Security Council. Since then the head of the Supreme Court, the director and deputy director of the anti-corruption agency, and the chief prosecutor and his deputy have all been sacked. Last week, 17 judges were removed from their posts. However there are still more corruption allegations swirling around dozens of members of Parliament. Eventhe president is implicated in a scandal from his time as head of the Transport Ministry. Mongolia as a Christian mission field is full of promise. From the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, the gospel is gaining momentum and reaching across rural areas. Churches welcome missionaries wanting to evangelise while meeting practical needs. Mongolian officials have expressed their desire for ‘foreign experts’ to help with pressing social problems, provide training for information technology and giving young people a safe environment. See

Pray: for Christians to be given positions of authority and inject corrupt structures with integrity and honesty. (Psalm 45:4)

Mali: entire Christian village massacred

Between 100 – 135 people were slaughtered by heavily-armed Islamist extremists in a mainly-Christian village in the Mopti region of central Mali. Barnabas Fund described it as the ‘worst Mali massacre since 1946’. The jihadists encircled the isolated village of ethnic Dogon people at night and set fire to ‘everything’ in a ‘well-targeted attack’. All the victims were shot dead or burnt to death; some were charred beyond recognition, making it difficult to identify them. They set fire to all who ran and all who did not dare to go out. Only a few men escaped the gunfire. A survivor said, `About 50 heavily armed men arrived on motorbikes and pickups, surrounded the village and then killed anyone who tried to escape. No-one was spared – women, children and elderly.’ Since 2018 many Christians have been killed, abducted or forced to flee, with churches ransacked in an attempt to establish sharia law.

Pray: for God’s powerful protection over isolated Christian villages coming under attack. (Psalm 20:1)

Mexico: children sold at US border

Women in Tijuana shelters fear their children will be kidnapped after seeing groups of men approaching mothers and offering to purchase their children to expedite their asylum process. When children are accompanied by adults crossing the border, current US law stipulates that they are held in custody temporarily, then released with parents or guardians with whom they arrived while they wait for their asylum cases to be processed. Authorities are investigating claims of women being asked to sell their children for $350 (£280) each. Border authorities are aware that migrants crossing the border are using children that are not related to in order to more easily enter the U.S. Tijuana, known for its nightlife and shopping, is in Baja California State, and has no way of keeping track of migrant children, according to the pastor of Agape Mission shelter in south Tijuana.

Pray: for tighter security and better systems to monitor unaccompanied minors. (Deuteronomy 23:14a)

Hong Kong: migrants join protests

Demonstrations in Hong Kong have drawn in the youth, parents, first-time protesters and the church, while migrant workers have quietly and consistently participated since the beginning. Migrants distrust the Chinese justice system. In June a Chinese trawler rammed into a Filipino fishing vessel in the South China Sea (called the West Philippine Sea in the Philippines), over which China has claimed dominion. The Filipino boat’s 22-man crew ended up in the water, fearing for their lives, for hours as their vessel sank. They were ultimately rescued by Vietnamese sailors. Chinese officials downplayed the incident as an accident. Onlookers call it one of many dangerous disagreements where China has used its strength to strong-arm neighbouring nations, displaying unwanted authoritarian actions. One migrant said, ‘The moment you make your opposition to certain government policies known, you are treated like a threat to state security, and can be jailed for years.’

Pray: for God to protect the human rights of migrants and all who are struggling under China’s dictatorial rule. (Psalm 5:11)

China: religious minorities suppressed

Eager to suppress religions, authorities in Xingyang city shattered numerous Christian and folk religion places of worship and there is also a systematic plan to eliminate the faith and customs of Hui Muslims by removing all Islam-related symbols from buildings. China is also separating Muslim children from their families, faith and language. Hundreds of thousands of adults are being detained in giant camps while a rapid, large-scale campaign to build boarding schools is under way. The BBC has comprehensive evidence about what is happening to children. In one township alone over 400 children have lost both parents to internment in camps or prison. The children are removed from their cultural and religious roots and being ‘educated’ by the Communist Party. ‘I don’t know who is looking after them,’ one mother says, showing a picture of her daughters, ‘there is no contact at all.’ Another mother, wipes away tears. ‘I heard that my children are in an orphanage.’ See

Pray: for the Lord to guide an international outcry as these events are publicised in the media. (Psalm 12:5)

Turkey / Cyprus: crisis over oil-drilling ships

Another war between the Greek Cypriots and Turkey is looking likely amid rising tensions over drilling rights in the Eastern Mediterranean that is drawing in regional stakeholders Egypt, Israel and Greece. Turkey’s Foreign Minister warned the Greek Cypriots ‘you can’t take the slightest step in the Eastern Mediterranean. If you dare, you will receive the appropriate response.’ He was alluding to Turkey’s 1974 military intervention on the island that has left it divided between the internationally recognised Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus recognised solely by Ankara. Turkey’s second drill ship, Yavuz, arrived off the Karpas Peninsula on 9 July. The area was ‘licensed’ by the Turkish Cypriots to the state-owned Turkish Petroleum company, even though under international law they are not authorised to do so. Cyprus called the escalation of drilling ‘Turkey’s repeated violations of Cyprus’s sovereign rights based on the UN Law of the Sea.’ The EU and Russia are calling for restraint and respect of Cyprus’s sovereignty.

Pray: for Eastern Mediterranean peace as new reserves of oil and natural gas are licenced for drilling. (Psalm 35:19,20)

Iran: crisis over oil tankers

Five armed Iranian boats tried to seize a British oil tanker in the Persian Gulf on 10 July. The British Heritage tanker was in international waters when it was approached by Iranian Revolutionary Guard boats and ordered to change course towards nearby Iranian territorial waters. A US aircraft was overhead and video recorded the incident. The UK’s Royal Navy frigate HMS Montrose was escorting the tanker from the rear. It trained its deck 30mm guns, designed to drive off small boats, on the Iranians while giving verbal warnings to back away, which they did. The UK’s Ministry of Defence said ‘We are concerned by this action and continue to urge the Iranian authorities to de-escalate the situation in the region.’ The incident is yet another flashpoint in a series of maritime episodes involving Iran that have the makings of a political storm. Iran denies all charges. The US is working to strengthen maritime security in the region.

Pray: for God to cause tensions to ease, for international communities to provide shipping lanes security. (Psalm 35:1-3a)

Praise Reports
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