“We cry out for Brazil, for the families, for the end of corruption, for the afflicted hearts, our country belongs to Jesus Christ. To Him all honor, glory, power and majesty. As it says in Psalm 33: ‘Happy is the nation whose God is the Lord.'” -Estevam Hernandes, president of the March

Will Maule : Jun 28, 2019  Christian Headlines

(Brazil) — [ChristianHeadlines.com] Some three million Christians turned out for an enormous “March for Jesus” in the Brazilian city of São Paulo last week. (Image credit: Marcha Para Jesus/via Evangelical Focus)

President Jair Bolsonaro was in attendance at the vast religious gathering, which was held to give people an opportunity to pray and worship the Lord in the public square.

Every year, the March adopts a spiritual theme; this year, the theme was “The Rescuer,” based out of 1 Timothy 2:5-6

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