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By Ron McGatlin

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A tall thin man stands alone atop a dark rock mountain peak that pierces into clouds of darkness. Nothing in his hands or pockets. No satchel at his side. Without tool or weapon he stands alone in barren windswept darkness. He sees not a trace or flicker of light or hope. Only darkness greets his eyes from every direction. There is no one to stand by His side. No sound to stir his senses.

Only the thoughts in his soul and breath in his nostrils bear witness to his existence. He stands empty waiting hoping for the light to come taking him to heaven.

This is the ending of a life of climbing the mountain of natural human knowledge and “success” in seeking a good life without the Spirit of God, with only a hope of heaven and a wasted life on earth. A life sustained as a game of gain, of being number one, with pleasure of self and thrill of achievement and sport as its daily sustenance. An always very busy life with so many things to do but never enough time to truly get to know the reality of God in him and His purpose for his brief life on earth.

There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death. Proverbs 14:12.

He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it. Matthew 10:39.

For whoever finds Me finds life, and obtains favor…. Proverbs 8:35.

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Matthew 6:33.

Ron McGatlin

It is clear that, as the madness spreads and the church just wrings its hands, it is time for the eagles to leave the turkey-yard.  You know who you are, you who are an eagle.  There’s a fire inside you that you can’t put out.  You are ruined for ‘Church-As-Usual-Incorporated.’

For too long you’ve been told to be a good little birdie.  “Don’t ruffle any feathers!” But you just can’t stomach the stale kernels they toss to you.  You must have fresh meat.  All around you, the turkeys peck at the ground.  But all you can see are the clouds and the sky, where you know you belong.

You long to be home, where the glory is.  Your place is alongside the heroes of faith that changed the course of nations.  “Survival-mode” teaching sickens you.  The idea that tepid happiness is the goal enrages you.

You made the mistake of looking at old youtube.com videos.  You saw Oral Roberts.  You saw Kathryn Kuhlman.  You saw Smith Wigglesworth.  You jumped up and screamed, “But, where are the miracles today!?”

(check out my blog, The Price of God’s Miracle Working Power:  https://wp.me/p1vrzp-53e   )

You made the mistake of listening to old preaching tapes, where you heard men and women preaching holy fire!  They didn’t do monologues. They didn’t do stand-up comedy. They pulled the pin out of Bible verses, and flung them like a grenade to explode into the souls of their audience.  You heard people sobbing at the altars.  You heard them linger until something real and lasting transformed them.

Then something really painful happened to you…you looked at your generation. You saw the national cancer of wickedness.  You saw the insane brainwashing.  You saw the limp-wristed tactics of the church.

You became like David as he stared at the paralyzed army of Israel, cowering before a defiant Goliath.


So, now that you realize that the ‘SOMEBODY’ IS YOU, it is too late for you. The die is cast.  You’ve gone too far to turn back.  You now know too much.  You feel like you should leave before you hurt someone…

You remember the verse, “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles.” (Isaiah 40:31).

Prayer is your escape from the prison yard of compromise and mediocrity. We’re not talking about the ‘gobble-gobble prayers’ you heard in the yard—we’re talking about falling before God and waiting upon Him until you come forth as pure gold.

What are we talking about?  We are talking about prayer that heaven can’t resist, and hell can’t stand. The kind of prayer that breaks the grip of ancient demonic strongholds.  Prayer that causes students begin to weep on campus, even though they do not know why.  Prayer that fills people with the Holy Spirit. Prayer that removes fear, and installs unshakable courage to tell a generation the genuine Good News: the mighty Gospel—which is the unapologetic, undeniable, unstoppable power of God!

Eagles dare while turkeys stare!

Eagles are born out of prayer. They spring forth from the hand of God, fully convinced of their destiny and their goal.  Let mistaken millennials protest against the AR-15.  You take hold of John 17:15, “My prayer is not that you take them out of the world, but that you protect them from the evil one.”  That is your battle cry!  You don’t want out.  You know the Lord Jesus will keep you from the evil one! You are ready to soar into any nest of evil and destroy the works of the devil.

Where eagles gather, power is present.  Where eagles gather, the deep purposes of Almighty God are revealed.  Where eagles gather, there’s no self-pity, no encounter sessions, and no hiding in your ‘safe-space.’  When turkeys are transformed into eagles, they are equipped, they are ignited, and they are fitted for war.

Eagles must have a challenge.  They yearn for a cause that will summon up all of their strength, talent, and time.  They want something they can easily imagine doing for the rest of their lives.

It’s time for you to fly out of the turkey yard, and never look back!

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Listen!! You Can Hear God Singing To You!

By Rosaleen Hager

We are entering into a new dimension in God. Things will not remain the same.

Our Father God is re-ordering the structure of life as we have known it.

In the past, we would hear and understand a new message from the Lord from time to time. He would give us an exciting glimpse into a revelation of His Word and into His purposes. These occurrences were so refreshing and so welcome.

They were definitely the Water of Life that was flowing out of the Throne of God

However, those moments have made us thirsty for more and more of Him.

This was the plan, of course. Our Father has been expanding our capacity to receive. He has been enlarging us to receive more of His leading in many areas of our lives. His desire is for us to be totally and completely filled with the Holy Spirit. There is actually a lot more room inside us that can be expanded in order to hold more of God than we can ever imagine. Evidently, there is no limit to how far we can go in God. As Smith Wigglesworth said, “I am a thousand times bigger on the inside than I am on the outside.”

The purpose of this plan is to prepare us for the days ahead. In His goodness and wisdom, our Father is making us stronger for the days ahead. And, more wise and more attentive to His leading than we have ever been. There will be more and more “voices” that will try to gain our attention as we walk on this new pathway.

They will try to cause confusion and will try to echo and mock the voice of our Father. This will not be successful. The truth is that the enemy knows that he is losing the battle, and his voice is becoming more and more shrill and rasping.

It sounds like a crow instead of a nightingale.

We will become more and more attentive to the quality of the voice that is speaking. “The sheep hear His voice and the voice of another they will not follow.”

We are being led out of the valley and are now traveling on the pathway up to the high mountain of God. This pathway is narrow and steep. Without the voice of the Shepherd we would be lost. When David was a shepherd boy, he would sing to the sheep. Many of the Psalms that we read were sung to the sheep, and as they went they would be following David and listening to his voice. The Heavenly Father would give the songs to David and David would sing them back to Him.

He did this his whole life. This is one of the reasons why he was a “man after God’s own heart”.

Even after David had slain Goliath, even after he had been the victor of battle after battle, even after he had been so obviously blessed and rescued many times by God himself, even after God had made him the King of Israel, David was still seen by some as nothing but a shepherd boy. However, he has always been a King in God the Father’s eyes.

During the beginning of the outpouring of God in the Charismatic Renewal in the late 1960’s and 1970’s, praise and worship was made the high point of the meetings. There was an outpouring of new songs that did not need a hymnal. These were simple and almost all of them were scripture verses. While singing these songs, everyone was “washed by the water of the word”. That made them easy to remember and they also had an impact on the spirit man. This was, at that time, a new and powerful feature in Christian meetings. One of the ushers in a meeting near the California beach had an encounter with a man who was dressed in unusual clothing. He had been standing and watching the praise and worship for a while. He was obviously overjoyed at what he observed. At some point, he turned and spoke. This is what the usher reported, “The man said that he had been waiting for this for a long, long time.

Then, I asked, “Who are you?”

His answer was, “I am David.”

These encounters are going to begin to increase as we bring more and more of heaven to earth.

“Do not fear little flock, it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”

You will have a lot of heavenly assistance. You will have the help of David, who is considered a King in the heavenly realm. He will be standing next to you and he will be singing with you the whole time. Everyone will have an exceedingly beautiful singing voice. These will be songs of joy. The Joy of the Lord will be your strength. You will all be considered one of David’s Mighty Men of Valor for this

soon coming victory. The time is now upon us and is quickly coming to pass.

You will also be seen as King Jesus Mighty Men of Valor, of course. He is the one on the White Horse. There will be other battle commanders from scripture whom you will recognize. They will recognize you and they will all call you by name.

Just imagine hearing your name called out and turning to see Joshua. You will be a shepherd boy in your humility, but, you have always been a King in God the Father’s eyes.

And especially, the Commander, Jesus, the KING of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

He has been waiting for this day for a long (earthly) time. Every commander of every army would love to have his commanding officer be the one who conquered death, hell and the grave. And, who sings while crushing the enemy under his feet.

We serve a “Singing God”. He is singing over you more and more. His great love for you is shining forth in this day and hour. He is getting you prepared and strengthened for the Grand Finale. Sing back to Him. Sing to Him in your heavenly language. Praise stills the enemy and the avenger. He is the Great God that said, “Send Judah first”. “Send the praise and worship singers into the battle first.”

THIS TIME…. ALL will be praising and ALL will be Kings.

Pray this Prayer:

Oh Father, I ask today that you would expand my capacity to receive more of you than ever before.

I desire to become more like Jesus than ever before.
I desire to be what you planned for me to become.
I desire to be what Jesus died for me to become.
I desire to be bigger on the inside than on the outside.
I desire to be as full as possible in the filling of the Holy Spirit.
I desire to be cleansed and free of darkness and full of the light of holiness.
I desire to set the captive free, to bring sight to the blind, and preach the acceptable year of the Lord.

And, to bring the good news and the power of the Holy Spirit to the lost and hurting in this world. I will praise you and love you forever with all of my heart, soul, and spirit. O Lord, empower me to fulfill my destiny.

Zephaniah 3:17 (AMP)
“The Lord your God is in the midst of you, a Mighty One, a Savior (Who saves)!
He will rejoice over you with joy; He will rest (in silent satisfaction) and in His love
He will be silent and make no mention(of past sins, or even recall them);
He will exult over you with singing.”

Rosaleen Hager

4. News Headlines

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Popular Online Home Schooling Resource Quietly Promotes LGBT Lifestyle to Children Jun 20, 2019
As LGBT activists flood American society with their sexualized agenda, Christian activists are warning that parents who home school their children need to be aware that LGBT material has already found its way into popular online instructional videos. 06-19-2019 …

Lebanon: hostility grows towards Syrian refugees Jun 20, 2019
Lebanon (MNN) – The Lebanese government continues to increase pressures on Syrian refugees to return to Syria. Attempts to send Syrians home include raids on refugee camps, arrests at checkpoints, and restricting refugees to temporary settlements. Another…

President Trump’s Pick to Replace Nikki Haley at UN Vows to Fight Anti-Israel Bias Jun 20, 2019 “Without US leadership, our partners and allies would be vulnerable to bad actors at the UN.This is particularly true in the case of Israel, which is the subject of unrelenting bias and hostility in UN venues. The United States will never accept such bias. If…

California Lawmakers Trying to Force Pastors to Embrace LGBTQ Ideology Jun 20, 2019
Assembly Concurrent Resolution 99 calls on “counselors, pastors, religious workers, educators” and institutions with “great moral influence” to stop perpetuating the idea that something is wrong with LGBT identities or sexual behavior. Andrea…

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For the first time in 20 years, we are going back to Nakuru, Kenya for a Gospel Crusade! On August 8-11, our team will be working with pastors, leaders, and volunteers as Evangelist Daniel Kolenda preaches the Gospel for the four-day crusade. Many times, people are…

More than 50,000 attend Pentecost events in Germany Jun 14, 2019
HAMBURG, GERMANY (ANS) — More than 50,000 attended Pentecost gatherings throughout Germany. Baptisms, festivals, evangelistic events, youth gatherings, open air activities, and barbeques were held. At least 20 big events were held in open air locations, with music,…

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